What’s Theresa May doing in the House of Lords?

Theresa May watches Lords debate Article 50

Image: House of Lords

In a strange move, the prime minister visited the House of Lords today, to listen to the first speeches of the Article 50 debate.

Theresa May quickly attracted the attention of peers and journalists as she sat on the steps of the throne, with a small group of other MPs. While she is entitled to do so, it’s extremely unusual for the prime minister to attend the upper house for a debate on government legislation.

Indeed, former speaker of the House of Lords, Janet Royall said she has ‘never known the PM to be present’ and the House of Lords Twitter account confirmed that it was a first.

According to the Telegraph’s Christopher Hope ‘the MPs will be hoping that they can be a visible reminder to the unelected peers of the will of the people after the country voted  to leave the EU.’ To us, that sounds like a pretty pathetic attempt at intimidation.

Doesn’t the Prime Minister have a country to run?

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