Say what you like about Jeremy Corbyn, he’s no homophobe

Since when does Guido Fawkes care so much about LGBTQ equality?


When Guido Fawkes, the Sun and the Express club together to defend LGBTQ rights, it’s best to be suspicious.

Yesterday, they all carried stories about Jeremy Corbyn’s comments at a Labour event celebrating LGBT History Month, when he misspoke and suggested that people ‘choose’ to be gay or lesbian.

Without question, it was an embarrassing gaffe and his team very quickly walked it back, pointing out that ‘Jeremy clearly doesn’t believe that being gay is a choice.’

And it is clear. Corbyn’s voting record on LGBTQ rights is impeccable. He voted in favour of equalising the age of consent, yes to equal adoption rights, yes to civil partnerships, yes to same-sex marriage (unlike more than 100 Tories) and yes to the Equality Act. And in Wednesday’s speech, he spoke about how, as a councillor in the 1970s, he defended a gay community centre in Islington from National Front fascists.

Where were the right-wing press when all of that was going on? Where was the condemnation of the Tories who stood in the way of equality at every turn?

Like everyone else, the Labour leader has plenty of room to improve on LGBTQ rights. But if the right-wing press really want to advance the cause of equality they should focus on the serious threats facing communities in Britain, the US and around the world, rather than an unfortunate 30-second video clip of a long-time ally.

Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin is editor of Left Foot Forward. Follow her on Twitter

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