Theresa May just blamed the falling pound on the media

PM says coverage of her Brexit remarks sunk the pound


Yesterday Theresa May gave an interview stressing that Britain would leave the EU and not ‘keep bits of membership’. Today the pound fell to its lowest level since October.

But as Jeremy Corbyn reportedly plans to take a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book in attacking the media, May has beaten him to it. When asked today about her remarks causing the fall in the pound, May replied:

“I’m tempted to say that the people who are getting it wrong are those who print things saying I am talking about a hard Brexit [and that] it’s absolutely inevitable there’s a hard Brexit.”

Might not the lack of clarity about the Prime Minister’s Brexit policy stem from her own wishy washy statements on the matter? It’s a bit much to refuse to answer a question like ‘do you want Britain to stay in the single market?’ for six months and then complain about being misrepresented.

It’s more then enough to expect everyone else, including the press, to collude in her patriotic fantasy world where pluck and a can-do attitude might bend the will of 27 governments in your favour.

On Sunday May said:

“We are leaving. We are coming out. We are not going to be a member of the EU any longer.”

Sterling is down a cent today, trading at 1.21 dollars and 1.15 euros. The pound has fallen 18 per cent against the dollar and ten per cent against the euro since the EU referendum result.

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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3 Responses to “Theresa May just blamed the falling pound on the media”

  1. Anon

    Yes, she said that she is leaving the EU – 17.4million voted for that.

    She wants to come to a new and workable relationship with the EU – and would like to have access to the EEA. The EFTA countries do so, why can’t the UK.

    Adam Barnett wants to have his media cake and eat it too – one minute the media are all post-truth propagandists that have brought about a Leave vote, the next the media are entirely principled and truthfully reporting what Theresa May has actually said; which they haven’t – they have made up their own story.

  2. Craig Mackay

    Wonderful! If you don’t get the coverage you want blame the media. Unfortunately all you have to do these days is listen to her speech and what she actually said. It is true that she rowed back claiming that she had been misrepresented but you should have no doubt what she actually said and most importantly what the underlying message is. The latest interview with Theresa May made it clear that she does not expect to be able to pick and mix in our new relationship with the EU and essentially hard Brexit is what we are going to get. It is increasingly clear that she actually has no plan at all about negotiating with the EU. She also has produced almost no new initiatives in the six months since she became Prime Minister. Lofty speeches claiming that the Tories will become the party of social justice are exposed as extraordinary examples of disinformation. Despite so much evidence that many parts of the NHS are in crisis no new cash is promised. She actually doesn’t have any ideas at all and these wonderful new clothes that she and Tories are claiming are in fact completely invisible. The Empress is naked!

    If you want to feel thoroughly depressed you might like to look at: Or indeed if you happen to be leader of the opposition you might be delighted to read how many potential targets there are in the government’s so-called policies!

  3. Iynne

    Speeches like that will make the market rumble! And this is just the beginning!

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