PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn says scrap corporate tax cuts to fund social care

Labour leader calls for 'bold' action from Theresa May


Jeremy Corbyn told Theresa May to ‘get a grip’ on social care at today’s PMQs, saying corporate tax cuts should be scrapped to fund the service.

The Labour Party leader said £4.6 billion was cut from the social care budget in the last parliament, while ‘billions seem to be available for tax giveaways to corporations’.

The Prime Minister argued the government’s Better Care Fund was proving ‘more money’ for social care, and blamed Labour councils for some of the problems.

Corbyn replied: ‘This government has cut social care, and she knows it, and she well knows the effect of that’. He said government plans to let local authorities raise council tax to fund social care will hurt poorer areas and benefit wealthier ones.

He said:

“Why doesn’t she do something really bold? Cancel the corporation tax cut, and put the money into social care instead.”

The Tories are cutting corporation tax to 19 per cent in April and 17 per cent by 2020. The total spent on social care was lower in 2015/16 than it was in 2005/6 in real terms.

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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