Meet the UKIPs: Paul Nuttall’s band of merry spokespeople

Who are Nuttall's dream team, and will they 'put the Great back in Britain'?


Paul Nuttall has put together a new dream team of spokespersons (all called ‘spokesmen’ on UKIP’s website – take that, political correctness!) to take on the task of winning working class votes.

As you might expect with UKIP, they’re a colourful bunch. Let’s meet the UKIPs:

– David Sprason is a former Tory councillor who was sacked from Leicester City Council’s cabinet in 2013 for watching porn films on a council laptop.

A letter by a council IT technician from 2007 about finding a DVD called ‘She Likes it Rough’ on Sprason’s work computer was leaked to the Leicester Mercury. The Tories gave Sprason a ticking off for defending his behaviour in the media and he defected to UKIP soon after.

Step forward UKIP’s new Welfare and Social Care spokesman!

Nuttall praised Sprason’s ‘experience in leading the social care department of his local authority.’ Self-care more like. Best keep an eye on his computer.

Margot Parker MEP has warned of the danger of sexual assault from migrants, saying of the Cologne attacks:

“This is what happens when you open the door to countries and cultures that treat women as second class citizens.”

She’s also argued ‘There is no more persecuted, and yet more disregarded minority in the world than Christians,’ pointing to ISIS attacks in the Middle East (overlooking their non-Christian victims).

Parker wants to build bridges between UKIP and her fellow Catholics, telling the Catholic Herald that ‘UKIP and the Catholic Church have so much in common.’

Meet UKIP’s new Women and Equalities Spokeswoman! 

Nuttall calls Parker ‘the ideal personality to cut through the politically correct waffle’. Waffles of the world, unite!

– Andrew Charalambous is a private landlord who received £826,395 of housing benefit in a single tax year – making him one of the biggest gobblers of the benefit in the country.

He was outed by a Freedom of Information request by the GMB union in April 2015, when he was UKIP’s Housing Spokesman. Charalambous has admitted many of his tenants are migrants – despite his having called migrants a ‘massive factor in the overcrowding of social housing’.

Step forward UKIP’s new Work and Pensions Spokesman!

Nuttall cooed: ‘His track record in his previous brief, Housing, shows how he can not only get under the skin of the brief, but he can also take expert opinion in the field with him.’

Haven’t we had enough of experts? Especially ones who pocket £800 grand from the taxpayer?

– Jane Collins MEP is in hot water, with three MPs suing her for defamation after she allegedly implied in a 2014 UKIP conference speech that they covered up sexual abuse in Rotherham.

It followed her 2014 Tweet suggesting a local Christian charity leader (who backed a Labour candidate in a by-election) was himself a paedophile – for which Collins apologised, saying she was ‘a bit hot-headed sometimes’.

When the MPs’ libel case loomed in May 2016, Collins sought refuge in… EU laws, claiming they granted her immunity from prosecution.

After the European Parliament ruled against her, the MPs called for speedy justice, noting ‘the absurd irony of a UKIP Euro MP trying to claim immunity from the European Parliament to avoid facing justice in the British courts.’

Collins has also defended UKIP MEP Godfrey ‘bongo bongo land’ Bloom, telling the Guardian in 2014:

“There isn’t anywhere called ‘bongo bongo land’ anyway. Bongo bongos are a set of drums.”

Step forward UKIPs new Home Affairs Spokeswoman!

Nuttall says Collins ‘is exceptionally determined, strong willed and committed to improving the country’. Hopefully she won’t be too busy in court.

With a crack team like this, it can’t be long before Nuttall ‘puts the Great back in Britain’.

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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