BAME workers are a third more likely to be underemployed

TUC describes underemployment as 'a waste of talent'


More than 15 per cent of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) workers are unemployed in the UK, compared to 11.5 per cent of white workers, according to a new report from the TUC.

The research shows that if the rate were equalised, 110,000 BAME workers would be lifted out of underemployment.

Commenting on the report, launched today, TUC general secretary Frances O’ Grady said:

“Underemployment is a major problem in the UK, and it only gets worse if you’re black, Asian, or part of any ethnic minority. This is not only wrong, but a massive waste of talent too.

“We know this is part of a much bigger story. BAME workers are more likely to be unemployed, paid less, and aren’t getting enough of the top jobs.

“Employers and the government cannot afford to ignore these problems. They must now take real action to tackle underemployment and pay discrimination.”

The report will form part of the TUC’s submission to the government’s McGregor-Smith Review on ‘developing black and ethnic minority talent’. The submission’s recommendations will include:

•    publishing ethnic monitoring reports on underemployment, hiring, firing, promotion, and training;
•    using standardised, anonymous job application forms for new hires;
•    establishing clear, written procedures for dealing with discrimination at work;
•    advertising opportunities for training, extra hours, and development such as deputising and secondments to all staff.

Another report published last week by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that overall, unemployment among black people is double that among white people and that BME people are less likely to occupy senior professional positions.

Additionally, despite increasing educational attainment among BME people, those with degrees still earn 23.1 per cent less than their white counterparts and are more than twice as likely to be unemployed.

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4 Responses to “BAME workers are a third more likely to be underemployed”

  1. Himself

    Surely that is why they (BAME) people come here. They had zero work where they were and are happy to scrape a living here.

    Don’t the liberals tell us that they (BAME) are here to do the work that we don’t want to do?

    If they (BAME) did any other work then they would be in direct competition with the rest of us, which, of course, is not what they (BAME) are here to do, according to the liberals.

    Heaven forbid that they (BAME) would import their poverty and low wages thus pushing down the standard of living for all of us, which they don’t, according to the liberals.

  2. John

    From the 2011 census, 87% of people in the UK were White. So 13% were everything else. Of the rest, well more than half were from non-british White.

    Most of those this report refer to were likely born here. BAME people who reside here likely came here WITH a job or to study. Well over 75% of people who immigrate to the UK have a job, are here to study or are joining their family.

    But of course, non of this fits with your narrative. Heaven forfend they came here to work, with a job already in place, to have a better life than where they were living. After all; free markets and globalisation distribute wealth evenly and doesn’t need any sort of regulation.

  3. Himself

    And therein lies the problem.

    Eventually, the “only here to do the jobs we don’t want to do” migrants settle down and produce babies who don’t want to do the jobs others don’t want to do.

    It’s a cycle that can’t be broken by the LibLabCon.

    “They are here to help pay your pension.”

    And who will pay for their pensions?

    “Oh then we will have to increase the population again.”

    The never ending circle of population increase requiring another population increase to pay for the last increase until eventually every thing breaks.

    Do try and think beyond the next general election.

    Maybe the laws of thermodynamics don’t apply to the left.

  4. Imran Khan

    Once again a nothing ” report ” which, like the latest one from the EHRC, is now taken as gospel fact. There is no BME or BAME community. Is there anything about this that anyone doesn’t understand? I have nothing in common with an unemployed Somali with six children who will always be on benefits other than religion. Sikhs have the highest proportion of home owners of any ethnic group in the country and the highest self employment rate.

    The children and grandchildren of East African Asians have done better than most other groups including the white working class as have some Indian groups. Proportionately young African Caribbean men commit more crimes and, accordingly, are a disproportionately large part of the prison population.

    Lastly it really would be a good thing if the writers of these articles would engage in a dialogue with those of us who post here in the main critically.

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