Unions demand action over 3,000 Lloyds redundancies post-Brexit

Government must protect jobs and listen to workers during Brexit talks


Unions have slammed Lloyds bank over plans to sack 3,000 employees, with the TUC calling on the government to protect jobs post-Brexit.

Lloyds announced a rise in planned job losses from 9,000 to 12,000 today, despite pre-tax profits of £2.5 billion so far this year, blaming the move on low interest rates since the EU referendum.

Frances O’Grady,TUC General Secretary, said:

‘The government needs to act now to secure jobs and investment before thousands of working people pay the price of Brexit with the loss of their job.

The government must assure businesses that where the Brexit vote is leading to urgent challenges that put jobs at risk, they will step in to help.’

She added that ministers must work with trade unions and employers on the Brexit negotiations to stop jobs moving abroad.

The plans were also attacked by Accord and Unite, unions representing Lloyds Banking Group workers.

Ged Nichols, General Secretary of Accord, said ‘loyal, dedicated and customer-focussed employees’ are ‘still reeling from recent job losses’:

‘They will be bewildered by today’s news and wonder what has happened that is so catastrophic that these further job cuts and branch closures are necessary.

Interest rates may be lower for longer, but why are job losses higher and faster?’

National Officer for Unite Rob MacGregor added:

‘This announcement is very bad news for workers and their families, and more widely it is a further body blow to the UK economy.

Unite will not tolerate enforced redundancies and will hold Lloyds to the commitments they have given.’

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