Greenpeace is rebranding the Brexit bus outside Parliament

The bus is being covered in voters' messages to the new government

Image: GreenpeaceUK

Remember Boris Johnson’s Brexit bus?

Once the EU referendum campaign ended it disappeared from sight pretty quickly, along with the Brexiters’ promise of an extra £350m a week for the NHS.

But now, Greenpeace has commandeered the bus and today they’ve parked it outside parliament, and are covering it in voters’ questions for the new government.

In an email to supporters, Greenpeace said that ‘the EU referendum campaign was full of exaggerations and lies, and that battle bus symbolizes the worst of them. That’s why activists have rebranded it with thousands of messages – from both Leave and Remain voters – spelling out ‘Time for Truth’. Because now, more than ever, truth is what we need going forward.’

Questions pasted on to the bus so far include:

“What is your plan for human rights in a written constitution for the UK?”

“I voted leave. My greatest concern for our island is to protect what little natural habitat we have left. I hope the government will not let the country down on this issue.”

“When I was young raw sewage and industrial effluent were being poured into our rivers. Now the rivers are clean enough to bring fish to our cities. Are you going to keep our rivers, landscapes and atmosphere clean, or are you going to go backwards?”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is in Brussels today, so will sadly not be able to pay a visit to the bus for old times’ sake.

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