Corbyn and McDonnell attack greed and exploitation in campaign blitz

Corbyn campaign unveils series of policy proposals to protect workers' rights


It should be mandatory for all companies with over 250 employees to bargain with recognised trade unions over pay and conditions, Jeremy Corbyn has written in today’s Observer.

In a policy-packed op-ed, Corbyn also pledged that as Labour leader he would:

  • work to end zero-hour contracts
  • reverse the privatisation of the care sector
  • revise company law and the takeover code to prevent BHS-type disasters
  • create a national investment back in every region of the country.

As well as criticising the exploitative practices of BHS and of zero-hour employers like Sports Direct, Corbyn also attacked Byron, the burger chain that lured its workers into an immigration sting earlier this month.

In his approach to migrant workers, Corbyn is setting himself apart from his rival Owen Smith, who says that there has been excessive immigration in parts of Britain, putting downward pressure on wages.

In contrast, Corbyn is calling for cooperation and collective bargaining to protect both local and migrant workers, citing the case of the Fawley oil refinery:

“Unionised workers on £125 per day saw workers brought in from Italy and Bulgaria on just £48. Last week, impending industrial action won backdated pay parity for their co-workers. By working together through their union, the workforce stopped established workers being undercut and migrant workers being exploited.”

Corbyn and his shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, have been on a campaigning blitz over the weekend, both in northern and southern cities, emphasising their workers’ rights platform.

In this morning’s Mirror, McDonnell backed the introduction of a ‘Philip Green law’, which would prevent corporate executives from simultaneously taking out large loans and paying themselves hefty dividends.

‘It will block companies being treated as debt cash cows,’ he said. ‘But most of all it will protect employees and their pensions.’

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