Jeremy Corbyn calls on PM to oppose TTIP and makes case for EU membership

Labour leader says voting Remain on June 23 will protect workers' rights


Jeremy Corbyn today argued the EU has extended workers’ rights in Britain and backed a vote to Remain on June 23.

The Labour Party leader also called on David Cameron to oppose TTIP over its threats to the rights of workers and consumers.

Corbyn said:

‘A few weeks ago the French President, Francois Hollande, said he would veto the deal as it stands, and to become law any deal would have to be ratified by each member state.

So today we give this pledge, as it stands, we too would reject TTIP – and veto it in government.’

He added:

‘And there is a challenge to the Prime Minister: if it’s not good enough for France, it’s not good enough for Britain either.

David Cameron, make clear now that if Britain votes to remain this month you will block any TTIP trade treaty that threatens our public services, our consumer and employment rights and that hands over power to giant corporations to override democratically elected governments.’

You can read more about Jeremy Corbyn’s case for voting Remain here.

Germany’s vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), also came out against TTIP this week, saying: ‘The SPD will not to be part of a bad deal, I will never approve an agreement that retains [the right for the companies to appeal to] non-transparent private commercial courts. […]

‘If the Americans hold fast to this position, we don’t need the free trade treaty. And TTIP will fail.’


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2 Responses to “Jeremy Corbyn calls on PM to oppose TTIP and makes case for EU membership”

  1. Jimmy Glesga

    Corbyn knows TTIP will arrive he is just posturing to the 3 pound mob that joined

  2. Alex

    No Jimmy, he isn’t. He realises, quite rightly, that, if we leave the EU, the Tories will sign us up to TTIP. In the UK, trade deals can be signed without a parliamentary debate or vote. TTIP has to be ratified by every single country within the EU, and countries like Greece and France have refused to sign it. Yes, their governments could be voted out of office at some point, but the EU makes it far harder for insidious trade deals like this to pass. If we leave the EU, the Tories will turn Britain back to Oliver Twist’s era.

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