Half of Conservative Party voters say they will vote Brexit

Latest poll reminds us Labour voters are not the only challenge for Remain


Much has been said about how Labour voters could ‘make the difference’ in the EU referendum.

But the latest polling from YouGov is a reminder that Conservative Party voters are a real challenge for the Remain team.

When asked on Sunday and Monday, in a poll of 2,000 adults, half (50 per cent) of the Tory voters who took part said they would vote to leave the European Union on June 23.

That’s compared to 39 per cent for Remain, with only 10 per cent ‘don’t knows’.

In the same poll, 61 per cent of Labour voters said they would vote Remain, against 26 per cent for Leaving and 11 per cent ‘don’t knows’.

Despite fears of Labour voters failing to turnout, 72 per cent said they were ‘absolutely certain to vote’, with another ten per cent on the next rung down on a ten-point scale of certainty. Tory voters were at 78 per cent, but had very similar results as you go down the scale.

Pledges to turnout were around ten per cent higher for Liberal Democrat and UKIP voters, at 84 and 87 per cent respectively for ‘absolutely certain’.

YouGov June 6

Today’s polling, commissioned by the¬†Times, also shows a one per cent lead for Remain, with 43 per cent to Leave’s 42, suggesting the apparent surge for Brexit in recent polls could be exaggerated.

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