Brexit leaders are ‘toxic’ and ‘cretins’ – and that’s what they say about each other

As Left Remainers are unifying, here's a quick tour of Brexit fratricide


The Leave campaign is run by ‘cretins’ who are ‘treating the public as fools’.

Don’t take our word for it. That’s just what they’ve said about each other.

As the Remain camp looks increasingly unified, (especially in on its Left flank), here’s a reminder of recent fratricide among the Brexiters:

Nigel Farage has called the leaders of Vote Leave, the official Leave campaign, ‘cretins’ who are more interested in Tory politics than Brexit.

Asked if he and its leaders Matthew Elliott and Dominic Cummings want the same outcome, Farage replied: ‘Do they? I think they’re a bit more worried about who succeeds Cameron in No 10.’

Vote Leave say Nigel Farage is ‘toxic’ and ‘puts voters off’. Farage told the Guardian Vote Leave are briefing against him ‘every day’, adding: ‘It’s crackers to think that you can win a referendum campaign with Boris and the likes of the cabinet. You can’t.’

Pro-Brexit MP Sarah Wollaston says the Leave campaign was making ‘misleading’ and ‘outlandish claims’, accusing it of ‘cynical distortion’.

She adds: ‘the Leave campaign clearly does not have an extra £350m per week to promise the NHS and they should stop treating the public as fools.’

Leave.EU funder Arron Banks has called Vote Leave director Dominic Cummings ‘a liability and a danger to both Leave campaigns’.

Banks also funds UKIP and recently said families losing thousands of pounds a year is a ‘price worth paying’ for Brexit.

Pro-Brexit novelist Dreda Say Mitchell says Nigel Farage lacks ‘a basic level of empathy and respect’. When debating alongside him recently she was appalled by his comments on immigration and diversity.

Mitchell wrote later she had wanted to ‘swap chairs around so I could enjoy more congenial company’.

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