Scotland has greater confidence in Tory leader than Labour leader

The divide is wafer thin, but the Scottish Conservatives could become the official party of opposition


Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, is enjoying a clear personal lead over Labour’s leader, Kezia Dugdale, according to a new poll.

The figures produced by YouGov for the Times finds that 37 per cent believe Ms Davidson is doing well as Scottish Conservative Leader, compared to just 24 per cent who say the same about Kezia Dugdale’s leadership of Scottish Labour.

Asked who they think would make the better leader of the official Opposition in Scotland, 33 per cent said Davidson compared to just 18 per cent who said Dugdale.

SNP Leader and Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon however has 60 per cent of Scottish voters agreeing that she is doing well as First Minister.

Voters were also asked how they planned to case their votes in May.

On the constituency section of the vote, the results are:

SNP                50 per cent

Labour             21 per cent

Conservative   18 per cent

Lib Dem          5 per cent

Green              3 per cent

UKIP               2 per cent

Asked how they would vote in the regional list section of the ballot, the results showed:

SNP                45 per cent

Labour             19 per cent

Conservative   18 per cent

Lib Dem          5 per cent

Green              8 per cent

UKIP               3 per cent

Others             2 per cent

According to the Scotland Votes website, replicated at the election uniformly, such results would see (with changes from 2011 in brackets):

SNP                71 seats (+2)

Labour             23 seats (-14)

Conservative   24 seats (+9)

Lib Dems         3 seats (-2)

Green              8 seats (+6)

UKIP               0 seats (no change)

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5 Responses to “Scotland has greater confidence in Tory leader than Labour leader”

  1. James Kemp

    WFT? Sorry my maths must be bad let’s see all the pools there say Labour has more % than the tories but magically they are going to get more votes. Who wrote this and did anybody even bother to check it?

    It’s junk like this that’s GOLD to tories and show we’re not together so please can stories be checked not just a few very dodgy pools of what 1000 people.Who will tell you anything to get rid of you, I know i do..! Haven’t we had enought of bad pooling and make a story about it. If you have proof of your conjecture then publish it because this is just junk!

  2. Richard MacKinnon

    Two Pools from Pooland came to my house today. They wanted to put a telephone pool up in my garden. Unfortunately I was out as I had gone for a swim at the local poll.

  3. Ross Armour

    Worrying times for Scottish Labour, but the reality that people need to realize is that Dugdale has moved the party further to the left than the SNP and the Labour Party elsewhere. Hopefully that will appeal to enough voters to keep the Scottish Conservatives in third place

  4. uglyfatbloke

    There is the possibility that the institutionalised nepotism, corruption, arrogance and sheer blinding incompetence that has characterised the upper echelons of the party in Scotland – compounded by a dismal and rather obvious talent famine may just have swayed Scottish voters to think ‘Gawd, anything is better than this. ‘ Things is, CLPs in Scotland – like anywhere else – are chock-full of perfectly able people but they can’t get past the raft of vested interests and self-sustaining dead wood. It’s not the SNP or the Scottish tories are any good, it’s just that our MSPs are seriously crap.

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