Cameron’s approval nosedive continues as Twitter calls for his resignation

For the first time, the Prime Minister's net approval rating is lower than Jeremy Corbyn's

David Cameron’s approval ratings had nosedived even before he admitted (on his fifth attempt) to previously owning shares in his late father’s offshore firm, Blairmore Holdings.

A YouGov poll, published today, shows that Cameron’s approval rating is at its lowest point since 2013. Just 34 per cent of people believe that he is doing well as Prime Minister, while 58 per cent feel he is doing badly. For the first time, his net approval rating (-24) is worse than Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s (-22).

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Additionally, just 23 per cent of people trust Cameron to deal with issues of tax avoidance, against 39 per cent who would trust Corbyn and 25 per cent who would trust Boris Johnson.

Fieldwork for the poll was conducted after details of the Panama Papers were published but before the PM admitted to his holdings in Blairmore, which is likely to have further eroded public trust.

However, the steepest drop is among UKIP and Conservative voters, suggesting that Cameron’s declining approval may be the result of his stance on Europe, rather than tax evasion.

Tens of thousands of people on Twitter are calling on the Prime Minister to step down, under the hashtag #ResignCameron. Senior Labour MPs have accused him of hypocrisy, while some backbenchers have supported calls for his resignation.

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6 Responses to “Cameron’s approval nosedive continues as Twitter calls for his resignation”

  1. Gail Yule

    He should resign straight away. Hypocrisy beyond belief. No prime minister should benefit while telling everyone else that its morally wrong if not illegal. Perhaps it should be made illegal but then mps would not benefit from this.

  2. Pat. Flynn


  3. Pam Walker


  4. Howard Cooley

    David Cameron won’t resign he like all of his government colleagues are to arrogant and see us as being there to be dictated to. They forget who put them in power in the first place. Government by the people for the people. Give me a break there was more democracy in the old USSR and present day Russia.

  5. Clifford Brown

    It’s not a question of stepping down as Prime Minister ! He has committed gross misconduct in High Office ! He should be tried and sent to Prison. If as a country we let this go then the next elite scrounger will feel he has a green light to do the same! This is the 21 st century the world has changed its no longer acceptable for Toffs from Eton to put their hand in the till unchallenged !

  6. Gavin Stevens

    The problem is that his popularity is still pretty much on a par with Corbyn’s.
    He’s had so much going wrong for him recently in such a short space of time; the u turn on the budget, the ongoing EU battle, the steel industry, and now Panama papers etc. It is without doubt the roughest period of his time as Prime Minister, yet it has taken all of these events together to pull him down to the level that Corbyn is at.
    I really worry that once these storms subside, his ratings will recover back above Corbyn again. And we’ve got a long time for him to recover before the next election. It will take bigger, more drastic events to topple Cameron and the tories.

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