Corbyn calls for Parliament to reconvene

Tory leadership conspicuously silent in the face of thousands of job losses


Jeremy Corbyn has joined the chorus of Labour Party MPs calling for Parliament to reconvene to debate the crisis facing the British steel industry.

In a letter to David Cameron, he requested that the Speaker ‘recall Parliament at the earliest opportunity’ and that the PM convene a meeting of all relevant parties to discuss the range of possible solutions.

In his statement, Corbyn said:

“Steelworkers and their families will be desperately worried about the uncertainty. The Government is in disarray over what action to take. Ministers must act now to protect the steel industry, which is at the heart of manufacturing in Britain and vital to its future.

It is essential that the Government intervenes to maintain steel production in Port Talbot, both for the workforce and the wider economy, if necessary by taking a public stake in the industry.”

A number of other Labour MPs have voiced support for an emergency sitting:

However, the Conservative leadership remains conspicuously absent, not having sent a member of the cabinet to the talks in Mumbai. Particularly furious criticsm has been direct at Business Secretary Sajid Javid, who flew to Australia as the Mumbai talks got underway.

The Welsh Assembly has already been recalled, and will sit on Monday.

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3 Responses to “Corbyn calls for Parliament to reconvene”

  1. David Davies

    Anna Soubry has offered all kinds of assistance, apart from any practical help. Her uninterrupted blether on the Toady programme did not even reveal a Plan A.

  2. Carey Ostrer

    Thank you for posting this – its important! Though clearly Sajid Javid doesn’t think so – or does – which is why he avoided the conference -( not sure what conference you didn’t say) . Would have liked more coverage of this issue.

  3. Jimmy Glesga

    Plan A should be nationalisation of the steelworks with no compensation to the owners who have made billions. Plan B should be A.

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