Left Foot Forward is looking for a new managing editor

Applications close on February 1 2016


Left Foot Forward is taking on a new managing editor to manage the site and lead the editorial team. Could that be you?

The successful applicant will join us at an incredibly exciting time, not only in the current political cycle but for the site as we look to consolidate our readership to a regular quarter of a million readers per month.

This is a permanent, full-time position. Applications close on February 1 2016. 

For more details please visit the job’s page here.

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5 Responses to “Left Foot Forward is looking for a new managing editor”

  1. Brad JJ

    Find someone who understands ways and means (which exist) of advancing comments from a mere listing after the article into other formats such as two columns, pro and con comments, short comments at top, hierarchies based upon upvotes and/or moderators.

    Democratic potential of the internet has not advanced over last ten years.

    Commissioned articles on LFW are kind of boring. They are often exercises in expressing the most human ideals one can come up with. How about becoming a bit tougher, a bit more real?

    The liberal middle class and liberalism are both in a condition of irreversible decline. They are following the industrial working class into the marginalia. They are no longer centre stage. So, what scope for action is there? Single issues? Bourgeois Nimbies and post-occupy anarchists hugging each other as they stop fracking?

    Why has democracy gone stale? Why are politicians so boring? Why does no one on the left want to talk about processes of wealth creation or investment?

    You need someone who can shake the tree. And for God’s sake not a post-ideology PC puritan filled with idealistic crap.

  2. damon

    The first thing a new editor should do is to promise not to take articles like this from sometime Left Foot Forward contributor Edward Siddons.

    ”We should look to the gender of the Cologne attackers – not their race”

  3. Asteri

    Thats the Neo-Con, faux-left enabled by the sabotaging, cultural-Marxist, SJWs for you. More mass immigration and misandry is the solution to all of our problems.

  4. Jacko

    I want to hear what Jill Rutter has to say about the migrant attacks on German women in Cologne.

  5. damon

    I think it would sound quite a bit like Laurie Penny’s piece here:

    ”After Cologne, we can’t let the bigots steal feminism.”

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