Does the London mayoral race give Labour reasons to be cheerful?

Polling suggests Sadiq Kahn MP could trounce Zac Goldsmith to become London mayor


After what by any standards has been a shambolic week for the Labour Party, the contest for mayor of London might just provide some solace for the party.

Ahead of what is likely to be the electoral contest that determines Jeremy Corbyn’s immediate future in May, polling conducted by YouGov for LBC Radio has given Sadiq Kahn an increased lead in the race for City Hall.

According to the survey of over 1,100 voters in the Capital, 31 per cent plan to vote for Khan, up from 26 per cent in November. Conservative candidate, Zac Goldsmith remains steady on 24 per cent with all other candidates trailing on a collective 13 per cent of the vote.

The figures show that most of the increased lead that Sadiq Khan now enjoys is as a result of those switching to him from either not voting at all or not knowing who they would vote for.

Those polled were asked also who they would support in a straight head to head contest between Khan and Goldsmith. Khan came out on top with 55 per cent compared to Goldsmith on 45 per cent.

The findings show also that housing remains the issue Londoners feel should be the top priority for the next mayor, with 61 per cent citing this. This is compared 46 per cent for transport and 35 per cent for policing.

Ed Jacobs is a contributing editor to Left Foot Forward

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