Public mood on refugees hardens in wake of Paris attacks

Poll shows 49 per cent of adults believe the UK should take in either fewer or no refugees from Syria, up from 27 per cent last month


The public’s attitudes to the refugee crisis have hardened considerably in the wake of the atrocities in Paris.

Amid suggestions that some of the terrorists involved entered the EU posing as a refugees, polling by YouGov for The Times carried out on Monday and Tuesday of this week has found that 49 per cent of adults believe the UK should take in either fewer or no refugees from Syria.

This is up from the 27 per cent who said the same at the end of last month.

Asked if they would or would not support the RAF carrying out air strikes on ISIS in Syria, 58 per cent indicated support, with 22 per cent against the idea and 19 per cent unsure.

42 per cent indicated support for Britain and the USA sending ground troops into Syria to tackle ISIS, with 37 per cent against the idea and 21 per cent who did not know.

The polling finds also that 64 per cent believe that Britain and other Western countries need to do more to combat ISIS, with 47 per cent believing that the security services need more powers to tackle the threat posed to the UK by ISIS.

Jeremy Corbyn’s comments over recent days effectively ruling out support for intervention in Syria and opposing the Police’s shoot to kill policy have also, it seems, dented his credibility.

52 per cent of those questioned argued that he was doing badly as leader, 2 percentage points more than those who said the same in October.

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8 Responses to “Public mood on refugees hardens in wake of Paris attacks”

  1. Peter1619

    Personally I’m waiting for JC to extend the customary invitation to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi to come to the House in order start a dialogue to ‘promote understanding.’


    Peter, Do not be surprised by what the looney left do.

  3. Esmee Phillips

    Only 49%? What’s wrong with thee people?

    Needs a supplementary question: ‘And you wouldn’t mind them moving into your street, would you?’

  4. Esmee Phillips

    Chcken Little McGibbon: the Moozleems are coming, the Moozleems are coming!

  5. Sid

    No more immigration

  6. Wobbly chops

    It’s difficult, because the women blowing up have no beards so hard to tell who is bad . Best not to risk it.

  7. Plantfennel2015

    That is an amusing play on the commenters name, Ms Phillips. Part of the newer, kinder politics, I assume.

  8. Plantfennel2015

    I think they are all going to stay at Yvette Cooper’s place.

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