Top 3 love letters to Theresa May in today’s Daily Mail

Bashing immigrants makes you 'magnificent' apparently


Poor old George Osborne. He must be wishing for the days when he was the Daily Mail’s St George.

Today’s paper sees the chancellor upstaged as belle of the Tory ball; cast aside like a jilted lover in favour of the May Queen, home secretary Theresa May.

Other papers have pointed out that May’s immigration speech was a pack of lies. Despite this, she receives gushing coverage in the Mail, usually a tough audience for a Cameronite.

In no particular order then, here are the top 3 love letters to Theresa May from the Daily Mail:


1. ‘Magnificent Mrs May shows PM the way’

Theresa May 1

An editorial in the Mail, bearing the headline above, begins:

“As an analysis of the drawbacks of mass immigration, Theresa May’s conference speech was little short of magnificent.

Indeed, this was perhaps the bravest attempt by a mainstream politician to confront the issue – ranked voters’ number one concern – since the bien-pensant Left pulled down the curtain on open debate decades ago.”

Who knew ‘open debate’ on immigration was so rare? Not anyone reading the Daily Mail.

It goes on: ‘After years of arguing these very points in print’, [would these be the points blocked by the bien-pensant Left?] ‘– and being attacked for it by the BBC – this paper salutes Mrs May for finding the courage to voice the thoughts of the vast, disenfranchised majority.’

But just how much courage does it take to say these things if they are indeed ‘the thoughts of the vast majority’?

This leads us on to…


2. ‘Woman with guts to tell the truth’

Mail 7 10 15

As has been said elsewhere, on the strain on wages, taking British jobs and financial benefits and costs, May was not telling the truth.

How much ‘guts’ does it take to tell people what they want to hear?

‘Woman with guts to lie and pander to prejudice’ more like.

The Mail adds that ‘while her assessment of the problem is impossible to fault’, her solutions don’t go far enough. Proving, as I said yesterday, that there is always room to move further Rightwards.

All pretty horrible. But don’t worry…


3. She wears nice clothes, like a supermodel

Theresa May

From the Mail: 

“Anyone who has leopard-print heels and thigh-high latex boots in their wardrobe could never be called a fashion wallflower.

Her style has even been likened to that of supermodel and style icon, 22-year-old Cara Delevingne. […]

The perennially chic politician offset her dress – a red version of which was worn by supermodel Tyra Banks this summer – with black block-heeled pumps and a red, beige and white handbag.”

Tune in next week for another edition of Britain’s Next Prime Minister, when Mother Theresa will be modelling her newest look, anti-immigrant chic, (brownshirt optional).


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