POLL: Was John McDonnell right to reject George Osborne’s fiscal charter?

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First the shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the Labour Party would vote in favour of chancellor George Osborne’s so-called fiscal charter (the charter would legally prevent governments from spending more than they bring in in tax revenue when the economy is growing). And then, yesterday, McDonnell appeared to do a complete U-turn. Labour will now oppose Osborne’s charter.

And so our question to you is: should this have been Labour’s position all along? Is Labour right to oppose the chancellor’s fiscal charter?

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55 Responses to “POLL: Was John McDonnell right to reject George Osborne’s fiscal charter?”

  1. Walter Wiltshire

    Left wing and Fascist, are you sure you are using the right label here?

  2. Walter Wiltshire

    Sorry mate you are just an idiot. I just cannot be asked to converse with you.

  3. Walter Wiltshire

    Trotsky AND Fascist that’s got to be a new political first. Ignorant Twat !

  4. Alex Mason

    I just can’t seem to tell the difference anymore – what is parody and what is leftardness.

  5. Walter Wiltshire

    Tory Big Business Economics-
    Big Business buys cheap Steel from China, cheap because they use slave labour have no human rights or health and safety. Big business saves £5M.
    Whole communities in Britain destroyed by the closing down of our Steel Industry, thousands made redundant and will be on the dole, possibly for years. The cost to the British Taxpayer £50M Cost to the Steel Workers and their Community – Incalculable.

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