Ian Duncan Smith says Blair ‘milked’ 9/11. Did he see Cameron’s speech?

IDS opens his barn door mouth with his eyes shut


Ian Duncan Smith, who as work and pensions secretary has no sympathy whatever for his fellow creatures, has plenty to spare for himself.

Speaking at a fringe event at Tory conference, he effectively blamed Al-Qaeda for his lacklustre start as Conservative party leader in 2001:

“The day before I got elected the twin towers were struck. […]

So first of all we got no lift on my announcement. It had to be buried the following day, hardly anybody was paying attention.

Boo hoo for IDS.

He went on to say:

“And Blair, of course, which maybe you can argue, he milked that for all that was worth.

It was impossible for weeks or months to get anywhere near any domestic debate.”

One wonders whether he saw his own party leader’s speech yesterday. Here’s David Cameron tearing into Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, for remarks he made about 9/11 on Iranian propaganda station Press TV:

“He thinks the death of Osama bin Laden was a ‘tragedy’.

No. A tragedy is nearly 3,000 people murdered one morning in New York.

A tragedy is the mums and dads who never came home from work that day.

A tragedy is people jumping from the towers after the planes hit.”

Want some cereal with that milk, Ian?


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11 Responses to “Ian Duncan Smith says Blair ‘milked’ 9/11. Did he see Cameron’s speech?”

  1. robertcp

    I don’t agree with Corby saying that Bin Laden being killed was a tragedy but he also said that 9/11 was a tragedy. Regarding IDS, he is even more contemptible than Blair.

  2. robertcp

    9/11 actually ruined Blair’s reputation in the long term. If it had not happened, Iraq would not have been invaded and Blair would be remembered as the man who won three elections.

  3. mightymark

    Both Corbyn – on OBL – and Duncan Smith – on 9/11 and Blair – are wrong. Cameron shot at an open goal – IDS’s comment was contemptible – as usual.

  4. Jon Jones.

    When Corbyn made his comment he made it as someone who opposes the death penalty and things he should been tried and brought to justice. I don’t believe he is a fan of bin Laden in anyway. His comments have been chopped down, taken out of context and twisted.

  5. Nick

    there are many worldwide who wanted to see Bin Laden alive so we could put a face to his name as all he ever was was just a name just as we see today and since 2001 just names branded around in the middle east all getting killed and bombed along with innocent people and then a new group form and yet another terrorist name to go after and so on

    It does not add up to many people with millions killed and with none of the terrorists left alive to stand any sort of trial

    with this logic you could go on to kill everyone in the middle east over time and just blame it all on names of people that no one will ever see alive

    a bit odd this when all that needed to have taken place was to get rid of 1 person Bin Laden the ring leader ? And the same with Saddam Hussein one person? And Muammar Gaddafi one person

    That’s 3 people but what we have today is far worse hundreds of terrorists groups spring up involving millions of innocent people being killed with millions more refuges and involving the Russians and air strikes
    from the usa as always badly targeted killing more innocent people

    It does not add up in my book and the whole thing needs to be looked at again if this utter madness is going to stop

    Corbyn will add calm to the situation but in 5 years’ time there may not be a middle east left and if you get on the wrong side of Russia no world left

  6. robertcp

    I agree.

  7. thill

    “Bin Laden’s death was a tragedy” – David Cameron. A quote from his rant against Corbyn.

  8. Cole

    Corbyn is an idiot for saying it. On too many occasions he has said things that sound like he’s sympathetic to terrorists – and has to spend time spinning explanations. Hamas, Hizbollah, IRA etc.


    The death penalty is not an issue. OBL was a soldier and leader. Then he was killed. No one gets or should get special treatment.

  10. robertcp

    To be fair, he has made these comments over 30 years when he never thought he would be a party leader.

  11. Chris Kitcher

    The big problem is that most people only listen to sound bites and are incapable of listening to the full reasoning or what the speaker is saying. Corbyn did not say it was a tragedy that he was executed but that it was a tragedy he was not tried before a properly constituted court of law. ( and by this I don’t mean one of the shams to justice seen in Guantanamo Bay)

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