Times apologises for saying Oliver Sacks was related to chief rabbi in obituary

Newspaper admits the two were not related


It seems the Sacks appeal of its subject was too much for the Times, after it said in its obituary of neurologist Oliver Sacks that his ‘large extended family‘ included ‘the former chief rabbi, Lord Sacks’.

Today, the paper admitted there was no familial connection between the scientist and author, who died on Saturday, and the former chief rabbi of Britain:

“We incorrectly referred to the former chief rabbi, Lord Sacks, as being part of the extended family of Oliver Sacks (Obituary, Aug 31). The two were not related.

Times correction September 2, Sacks

One wonders on what the Times’s erroneous assertion was based. Surely not the mere fact that both men were English Jews named Sacks…?

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