Daily Mail says fear your fridge – ‘the most dangerous appliance of all’

Is the Daily Mail trying to scare us to death?


From the newspaper that brought you ‘Poison in the kitchen…How tap water could damage your brain, blind or even kill you’:

“You can’t switch them off. They’re packed with inflammable insulation that can give off toxic gas. Meet the most dangerous appliance of all…

Could your fridge burn your house down?

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So yells the Daily Mailwhich presumably starts with the headlines, then goes looking for supporting material.

It could be argued that an electric fireplace is a more ‘dangerous appliance’ than a fridge. Or a gas cooker.

In fact, the Mail can’t seem to make up its mind. 

On June 14 the paper revealed ‘How your washing machine or dishwasher could set your house on fire’.

A month earlier, it was dishwashers again: ‘Do you have a danger dishwasher? Hundreds of thousands of fire risk appliances’.

In October it was ovens:

Is there a killer in your kitchen? Ovens linked to the gassing of ten people. Fridges and tumble dryers blamed for house fires.’

In 2010 the paper reported on

‘Killers in your kitchen: Gender-bending packaging, exploding floor cleaners and toasters more deadly than sharks‘.

In 2013 the Mail said ‘Millions of death-trap appliances are sitting in homes‘, while in 2014 it revealed, er, ‘Millions of dangerous electrical devices are lurking in homes‘.

Don’t you just hate it when electrical devices ‘lurk’?

Meanwhile, the Mail’s worthless health pages have warned that too much sleep can kill you, and asked important questions about sausages.

On and on it goes. As the Mail might put it,

Is the Daily Mail trying to scare us to death?

There may well be a problem with fridges bursting into flames, and journalism can be an essential tool in protecting people from dangerous products.

But this does not require that a newspaper try to frighten people or treat them like idiots.

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25 Responses to “Daily Mail says fear your fridge – ‘the most dangerous appliance of all’”

  1. Selohesra

    Good grief – you really do have an issue with Daily Mail. If you don’t like it then don’t read it (I don’t read it) – but I don’t see any problem with warning people that electrical equipment can be dangerous and that it is a sensible precaution to maintain it in good condition.

  2. georgied

    My fridge gave me cancer but thankfully three months later it cured it. Do you want to see photos of my fridge frolicking in a bikini, showing off it’s new beach body after it’s recent split from the dish washer?

  3. D Ash

    OMG! The very air we breathe can kill us! The fleas on my cat can kill me! The spider hiding in my bunch of bananas can kill me! My wife could snap unexpectedly and kill me! My PC could grow arms and hands which could grab hold of my neck and kill me! The water which is essential for my very life could get into my lungs and kill me! Wait . . . . back up one! Really?
    Okay, Life itself most definitely will kill me, so I guess I’ll wait for that. ho hum

  4. Cole

    Most sentient people have an issue with the Mail. It’s both vicious and ludicrous. And it has a 100 year history of nasty reaction, including enthusiasm for the Blackshirts and Nazis.

  5. /O43 |_|K19!!

    The left won’t stop complaining about the Daily Mail until they get the power to censor non bien pensant points of view in the media.

  6. /O43 |_|K19!!

    The Daily Mail withdrew support for National Socialism when its inherent evil became clear (long before the war). Lefties still keep coming out for hard left figures, like Corbyn, even after the millions of deaths caused by disastrous communist regimes in the 20th century are common knowledge.

  7. tomsans

    I know my fridge is trying to kill me, every month I more something and stumble upon one of it’s bioweapon facility trying to breed anthrax out of leftovers and an old block of cheese.

  8. plainsman844

    While Rothermere removed his support for Oswald Mosley’s blackshirts by ’35, he remained an admirer of both Hitler and Mussolini – he met and corresponded with Hitler, even congratulating him on his annexation of Czechoslovakia. Not that this has anything really to do with the fumbling right-wing crankery the Mail spews these days.

  9. plainsman844

    Or the Daily FAIL as it’s known to anyone in England with an IQ larger than their shoe size.

  10. Lynn Sarah Davy

    Oh I hate the Daily mail and its readership , why dont you just fuck off under a rock and die the lot of ya

  11. Lacombe57 .

    Let me guess…the Daily Mail is owned by Rupert Murdoch?

  12. Cole

    Oh come on. I don’t like Corbyn, but you can’t seriously suggest he’s some later day Stalin. A bit like saying Farage is a latter day Hitler (which he isn’t).

    And there is clear continuity in the Mail’s attacks on Jewish immigration in the 1930s and the endless anti-immigrant bile it promotes today – with the same family in charge.

  13. Giles Farthing

    what a lovely nice person you must be

  14. Giles Farthing

    i was thinking more Marx

  15. Giles Farthing

    Well I for one am glad i live in a country where people have the right to write inane rubbish about fridges, something the left would no doubt like to ban. but answer me this, who is the bigger idiot? A journalist writing a non story about fridges to fill column inches or a lefty fool who reads a paper they hate just to pick on something and shout LOOK LOOK they said a thing about some stuff they are evil! and of all the stuff the mail writes, that’s what you find most objectionable. I think you should seek some mental health advice

  16. Alex Mawgan

    I’ve been reading LFF for a few months now, pretty interesting stuff generally, but am I right in thinking this “Media Watch” is just some chap reading the Daily Mail each day and then complaining about it? I hope it’s an unpaid intern or volunteer, I wouldn’t want someone’s money going towards such a vain hate-project. There seems to be an assumption that all Daily Mail readers are idiots who just need to be shown how silly they are being and they will suddenly convert to the Guardian – well I’d suggest that in fact they know it’s not the Encyclopaedia Britannica they’re reading, and they’re pretty happy with that. Live and let live 🙂

  17. Ron Noname

    I have owned an appliance repair business for approx 35 years.
    Early on I found that the most dangerous thing about any appliance is the owner immediately putting the owner’s manual either in the trash or in a drawer to be forgotten and NEVER READ.
    In all those years in the business, I have never ever been attacked by an appliance.

    These same idiots are the ones who call about a problem and, when I get there, the appliance is functioning perfectly and they still ask, “Butt, can you fix it?” LMFAO

  18. Jon Jones.

    I hate the Mail and still read it everyday (online). But then I read almost all the papers daily (draw the line at the Expess/Sun) even uncluding some of the US papers.The weird thing is as a complete atheist I find one of the most balanced and sensationalist papers I read is the Christian Science Monitor. Go figure?

  19. Jon Jones.

    Nope. The Daily Mail and General Trust usually called the Daily Mail Group.

  20. Jon Jones.

    Nothing to do with being left or right. It’s just a bad newspaper. A nasty tabloid pretending to be a serious read.

  21. Jon Jones.

    Nothing to do with being left or right. It’s just a bad newspaper. A nasty tabloid pretending to be a serious read.

  22. Alex Mawgan

    I had a free edition of the CSM on my kindle a while back and I thought it was good, too. I don’t have the cash for subscriptions though, I just go for BBC, Garudian, Guido and LFF and a couple of other easiy-loadable sites on the basic internet I normally get on the kindle. Ican’t usually comment here because live in Peru and take what I can get on 3G, but I’m back in Europe and flaunting my stuff for a month or two!
    As long as you know where the rag you’re reading’s allegiances lie, and surely everybody does, you’re OK. I’m sure this Media Watch could be closed down without any effect on anything, or put the effort into discerning how many of Polly Toynbee’s articles are churned out from the villa in Tuscany… Hipocrasy lives nearby…

  23. Jon Jones.

    To be fair mate, in the UK there is a massive imbalance in the left/right press so I can’t be too hard on LFF. Call me naive but I want the press to just report the news – not make it. I genuinely believe the rightwing press is out of control.

    The Mailonline is both the Uk’s and the worlds most read online paper and it’s nothing more than a Tory mouthpiece. In the 18 months leading up to the election it was all pro-UKIP anti-Europe, anti-migration (although it seems happy with the 3 million UK citizens that migrate each year)

    But as soon as the election started to gear up proper it did nothing but attack UKIP. Their job was done, they had stirred up enough rightwing hate so it was back to backing the Tories.

    A read a piece yesterday on the Mail about the crisis in Calais and the best rated comment was “Just bomb the camp” I mean come-on WTF?

    Anyway sorry, a bit of rant but my point was LFF are in the minority so for them to shout louder is not so unforgivable.

  24. Alex Mawgan

    Rant away, it’s good for the soul. I couldn’t agree more about newspapers reporting rather than making news, and true about the imbalance towards the right in the paper press at the moment. I still find it weird how much the Sun loves George Osborne now – I think they (and the the Times and probably Sky News too) just flagrantly change their allegiance as the mood in the country changes, rather than actually setting the agenda.
    Who was it who said, “I do like The Sun, but remember you should never look directly at it.”
    Thanks for not jumping on my misspelling of hypocrisy – I haven’t talked about P.T. for a while and I’m getting rusty…

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