Why no MediaWatch this week? A quick update

Our reporter has been unwell, but we'll be back next week


Readers may be wondering why there haven’t been any MediaWatch posts this week. We wanted to keep you informed, so here’s a quick note to do just that.

Sadly our reporter has been very unwell this week, leaving his media-watching powers diminished beyond capacity.

Fortunately, he’s on the mend, and things should be back to normal from Monday.

Those of you signed up to our weekly round-up email may feel a mysterious void in your lives tomorrow morning, since we can’t send our usual Saturday email when there’s nothing to round-up.

We apologise for this and for leaving the right-wing media unwatched for a whole five days (imagine the trouble they could get up to!).

That said, we’re pleased to have solicited a recent correction from the Telegraph after its erroneous claims about social mobility in the UK, and look forward to scrutinising the press with a withering glare next week.

Thanks for reading.

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