New survey of Labour councillors puts Yvette Cooper in the lead

Labour researchers rubbish YouGov claim that Jeremy Corbyn is set to win the leadership contest


Last night’s YouGov poll put Jeremy Corbyn in the lead in the race for Labour leader. It drew on a survey of Labour members, affiliated union members, and £3 registered supporters.

To add to the polling mix, the following represents data from a survey of 294 Labour councillors in key marginal seats carried out between Thursday 16 July and Monday 20 July 2015 by Labour History Research Unit, Anglia Ruskin University lecturer Richard Carr.

The previous June LHRU polling indicated below can be found here. Plugging in only these councillor results, the leadership and deputy leadership contests would proceed as follows:

Leadership contest

Round One – Liz Kendall is eliminated with 13.95 per cent of the vote

Candidate Vote Percentage % Change in First Preferences from June 2015 LHRU polling
Andy BURNHAM 91 30.95% -4.75
Yvette COOPER 88 29.93% -0.17
Jeremy CORBYN 74 25.17% 6.27
Liz KENDALL 41 13.95% -1.35


Round Two – Jeremy Corbyn is eliminated with 25.77 per cent of the vote

Candidate Vote Percentage
Andy BURNHAM 102 35.05%
Yvette COOPER 114 39.18%
Jeremy CORBYN 75 25.77%


Round Three – Yvette Cooper becomes Labour Leader with 52.1 per cent of the vote

Candidate Vote Percentage
Andy BURNHAM 137 47.90%
Yvette COOPER 149 52.10%


Deputy leadership contest

Round One – Ben Bradshaw is eliminated with 9.59 per cent of the vote

Candidate Vote Percentage % Change from June 2015 LHRU polling
Ben BRADSHAW 28 9.59% -3.09
Stella CREASY 45 15.41% 2.69
Angela EAGLE 33 11.30% 3.8
Caroline FLINT 63 21.58% -5.52
Tom WATSON 123 42.12% 1.42


Round Two – Angela Eagle is eliminated with 12.89 per cent of the vote

Candidate Vote Percentage
Stella CREASY 49 17.07%
Angela EAGLE 37 12.89%
Caroline FLINT 72 25.09%
Tom WATSON 129 44.95%


Round Three – Stella Creasy is eliminated with 20.91 per cent of the vote

Candidate Vote Percentage
Stella CREASY 60 20.91%
Caroline FLINT 84 29.27%
Tom WATSON 143 49.83%


Round Four – Tom Watson becomes Labour Deputy Leader with 61.62 per cent of the vote

Candidate Vote Percentage
Caroline FLINT 104 38.38%
Tom WATSON 167 61.62%

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24 Responses to “New survey of Labour councillors puts Yvette Cooper in the lead”

  1. Foullaini

    Straw. Clutching.

  2. hatfinch

    I’m looking forward to Falconer et al decrying this result as undemocratic on the basis that “the person who came second ended up winning” or whatever claptrap he tried to put about during the No2AV campaign.

  3. BenSoffa

    No one ‘becomes leader’ on this sample. Even if it was fully reflective of all 6,500 councillors (and not just those in the most marginal seats) they make up less than 3% of the electorate.

    I don’t doubt it’s informative as to the views of councillors in marginal seats, but it is totally wrong to present this sub-sample as being reflective of the views of all those who will vote.

  4. johnmclarke

    This headline is completely misleading. You should revise it. It reflects very badly on the author and Left Foot Forward. It’s clearly a survey of councillors and not comparable to the extensive survey carried out by YouGov.

  5. Benjamin Mackie

    And which poll is more credible in terms of scope and size of sample? That was a rhetorical question.

  6. David Lindsay

    The usual suspects on Twitter want Jeremy Corbyn to drop out because, “He has made his point.” Well, Liz Kendall has failed to make her point. It is she, if anyone, who ought to drop out.

    I hear from someone who was at yesterday’s meeting of the Labour National Executive Committee that the most common age of new party members is 18. They were born in the year that Tony Blair became Prime Minister, and they cannot have had any meaningful political consciousness before David Cameron and George Osborne entered Downing Street. Who are the dinosaurs now?

    It was a wonder to behold the live, televised nervous breakdown of John McTernan, Allegra Stratton and whoever was presenting Newsnight (it is now hard to tell, and impossible to care). In all fairness, that same programme included a miraculous report on how Corbyn and the newspaper for which he writes had been right all along about Ukraine. Not those words, but very much that story.

    If Corbyn did become the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, then might the paper that carried his weekly column, and the Parliamentary Correspondent of which is a member not merely of the Press Gallery but even of the very Lobby, finally hope to be less than entirely ignored by, for example, newspaper previews on late night news programmes?

    Its unique coverage of trade union campaigns, of the peace movement and of otherwise neglected parts of the world, as well as of aspects of British history, might then intrude on the consciousness of something approaching the mainstream. Dare to dream.

    In what many of us strongly suspect to have been a radio edit, 15 certificate version of his words, Max Shanly has indicated that, under Corbyn, a number of Labour Party staffers would be given their cards. As soon as Tom Watson is Deputy Leader, at least one of them will in any case have all the time in the world in which to polish his MBE.

    Still hoping against hope that Andy Burnham will pull something out, I leave you with the thought of certain apparatchiki, who have never worked outside politics, being forced to hawk their thin CVs and their unattractive personalities door to door as the nights drew in and the temperature dropped. I for one would have a very, very, very Merry Christmas this year. And next year. And the year after that.

  7. DblEntry

    “the following represents data from a survey of 294 Labour councillors in key marginal seats”

    …i.e. grown-ups rather than the party membership especially the post 2010 upstarts. Hardly representative.

  8. Catherine Rowen

    Not exclusive. I saw this from another post. If only the Labour Councillors were to vote then Yvette Cooper is guaranteed success. But it’s not only Labour Councillors who WILL be voting, is it?

  9. Iain Fletcher

    “survey of 294 Labour councillors in key marginal seats”

    Need I say more? For a website that talks about evidence based policy, that’s pretty shabby.

  10. Iain Fletcher

    Is it possible for the right of the party to make a comment about why they should lead without resorting to ad hominem attacks?

    And yet the left are supposed to be the childish ones?

  11. Lewis Mughal

    Terrible headline.

  12. Matty

    I see the headline has changed in the last hour or so. It was something like “New Survey Bursts Corbyn Bubble”- hence some of the older comments here may look a little odd

  13. Sean Garrity

    Fortunately the result will not be up to a few councillors in marginal seats but will be one vote per member as it should be
    To date Corbyn is the only candidate prepared to stand by his beliefs which in modern political times is pretty unique
    The debacle of The Welfare Bill abstentions by the other candidates have not been received well in the real world away from their Westminster bubble.
    If elected as leader Corbyn may not win the next Election or even the one after that but at least I know what he stands for which cannot be said for any of the other cowardly win at any cost Tory lite candidates

  14. lcfcsr

    They’ve still gone with the sub heading of “Labour researchers rubbish YouGov claim that Jeremy Corbyn is set to win the leadership contest”, which is completely false and a misleading statement

  15. Nick

    If Corbyn had become leader of the labour party before Blair,
    the Middle East would be a much safer place today

    As it is and forever more the worlds public will have to
    watch their back

    uk politics is not all about what the UK does its global and
    it needs above all else that special person that has a good solid grounding in
    the many faiths that there are in the world to be able to reach out and make a

    There is no one in the conservative party who could or has
    the ability to reach out to anyone and that on its own is the main reason why
    the conservatives should never be in power

    At least the labour party has a few principled mp’s and the
    next leader should come from that background only with the rest hoping over to
    the conservatives although they won’t be welcome it’s where they belong and
    that’s causing grief to many both at home and overseas

    All conservative governments worldwide are repressive and
    the UK government is no different

  16. John Farrar

    I dont think this would be a bad outcome to be honest might bring some stability , personally I feel that the party needs time to rediscover what it stands for and how to articulate that to the public so I would prefer that this election was not happening . Given that it is I will vote for Corbyn becuase at least he has articulated his beliefs in a clear understandable way and not resorted to the deeply dpressing soundbites of the other candidates . I think Yvette would prove the strongest leader out of the candidates but how the Labour Party would counter the abuse she would get in a campaign for being Mrs Ed Balls ( as wrong as that is ) needs thinking about after our feeble 2015 campaign . I just hope we dont end up following thenonsense peddled by the neo blairiites about some centre ground that sits just to the left of a very right wing Tory governemnt and develop a clear effective opposition that builds public trust for a clear labour alternative that has a good fair society at its core

  17. stevep

    The only criteria to be the next leader of the Labour party should be that they are able to communicate Labour`s policy to the electorate, simply and effectively.
    It is the policy that matters.

  18. stevep

    The only criteria to be the next leader of the Labour party should be that they are able to communicate Labour`s policy to the electorate, simply and effectively.
    It is the policy that matters.

  19. Matty

    Yes, you’re right. Didn’t this site use to have the strapline “Evidence-based policy”?


    Rubbish Islamists were spreading their poison in mosques and prisons in the UK and elsewhere long before 9/11 and Iraq. Blair took them on and well done to him. Saddam should have been finished off 1991.

  21. johnmclarke

    Thanks for pointing out the change Matty. When it comes to blogs its perfectly fine for people to put forward opinions which people will disagree with. But when a staff writer drafts a very misleading headline for clickbait you have to worry about the ethics and quality standards of the site.

  22. Franklin_Percival

    To get at the truth of the matter we shall have to conduct a poll of all mps called Yvette Cooper who are standing for leadership of the tory party.

  23. jeffreylmcnabb

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  24. Esmee Phillips

    This all reads pretty funnily now.

    LFF seems so paralysed with shock that it has not said anything about the actual result as of Saturday 8pm. Still trying to find a positive spin from your standpoint, my dears?

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