120 Labour councillors: why we’re supporting Yvette Cooper for leader

We believe Yvette is the only candidate who can reach out to all corners of the country

Today, council and Labour group leaders from across the country will get the chance to put questions to our four party leadership contenders at the local government hustings in Harrogate.

Ahead of this, as representatives of nations and regions across the UK, we wanted to set out why we believe Yvette Cooper is the only choice to lead Labour into the 2020 General Election.

The scale of our defeat on 7 May left all of us reeling. As councillors, many of us lost respected, talented colleagues as voters turned away from Labour. They felt unable to put their trust in us.

And turning things around, so we can make a real difference to people’s lives once again and return to government in five years’ time, is not going to be an easy task.

Firstly, we need a leader who can reach out to every corner of the country – someone who is as comfortable at a meeting with businesses as they are at the school gate, community centre or in a working men’s club.

As happy reading stories and playing with children at a primary school in Manchester as she is discussing small business growth in Rugby, or holding meetings with people on immigration in Thurrock.

Yvette was born in Scotland, but brought up in Hampshire. She represents a constituency in Yorkshire, her family is from the northern coalfields and her children go to school in London.

She is the candidate that can best reach out and appeal to those communities in every region who did not feel they could support Labour at the last election.

Yvette is also a great friend of Labour in local government and is well aware it is now the first line of defence for the communities we represent. We’ve been impressed and enthused by Yvette’s vision for and commitment to local government and greater powers at a local level.

Secondly, we need someone with strength and experience, who can take the Tories on from Day 1. Yvette led a £100 billion government department when she was secretary of state for Work and Pensions.
She was one of the ministers who helped roll out Sure Start centres, which have benefited so many children in every part of the country. And she put in place new programmes to help young people into work in the Treasury.
We’ve all seen her tear strips off Theresa May, the home secretary, over the last five years – on her record on violence against women and girls, the support offered to refugees, their failed net migration target and their devastating police cuts. And we know she could make mincemeat of David Cameron and George Osborne too.

Thirdly, we need someone with fresh ideas that meet the modern challenges we face. Yvette is the only candidate with plans to create the jobs of the future and harness the strength of the digital revolution for Britain.

She has called for a revolution in childcare, with universal free childcare for young children to give parents more choice about when to go back to work. And she has committed to making tackling child poverty a core mission of the Labour Party in the next decade.

Yvette has the determination and strength to rebuild business and bring opportunities to develop start-ups and new technology enterprises not just to our major cities, but to our towns too.

As well as demonstrating her clear vision for the future, she is not afraid to stand up and shout about our achievements as a Labour Party – and is the clear choice to lead us back to a place where we can continue to build on those and make a difference to the lives of those who need a Labour government.


Muhammed Afzal
Syed Enam Ahammad
Uzma Ahmed
Mohammed Aikhlaq
Azhar Ali
Mohammed Amran
Gurdial Atwal
Gurpal Atwal
George Ayre
Caroline Badley
Ralph Barker Barker
Christopher Baron
Sohail Bashir
Christine Bennett
John Bevan
Judi Billing
Elaine Blezard
Peter Box
Philip Brightmore
Ryan Case
Daniel Chapman
Tristan chatfield
Adam Clarke
Virginia Cleaver
Jon Clempner
John Clough
Jackie Connal
Alex Crawford
Yvonne Crewe
Nosheen Dad
Basharat Dad
Matthew Daniel
Mohammed Darwood
Len Davies
Deborah Davies
Angela Davies
Neil Dawson
Alex Diner
Kevin Duffy
Jayne Dunn
Gwynfor Edwards
Jennifer Evans
Adam Farrell
Richard Ferris
Julian Fulbrook
Emma Garland
Joy Garner
Martin Garner
Arthur Geary
Preet Gill
Barrie Grunewald
Inderjit Gugnani Singh
Danny Hassell
Joanne Hepworth
Cindy Hinds
Helen Hollis
Adam Hug
Mahmood Hussain
Mohammed Idrees
Zafar Iqbal
Ziaul Islam
Yvonne Jardine
Adam Jogee
Chris Kennedy
Mariam Khan
Ansar Ali Khan
James Lewis
Keith Linnecor
Adrian Lowe
Tim Lunnon
Vijay Luthra
Pat McFall
Liz McShane
Kim McGuiness
David Mellen
Jewel Miah
Peter Mitchell
Bernadette Mooney
Lyn Moore
Steve Munby
Lana Orr
John O’Shea
Lian Pate
Matthew Patrick
Mark Pengelly
Barry Phillipson
Jonathan Pryor
Marie Pye
Jennifer Raynor
Leon Reefe
Lorna Reith
Karen Rowling
Paul Sandars
Kath Scott
Rosalind Scott
Shafique Shah
Mark Shurmer
Alice Smart
Emily Spurrell
Graham Stokes
Danielle Stone
Sam Stopp
June Tandy
Sharon Taylor
Aminur Thalukdar
Alun Thomas
Ben Thomas
Phil Tye
Graham Vickery
Christopher Vobe
Neil Walshaw
Alan Wassell
Brian White
Paul Williams
Jill Wright
Charles Wright
Jonas Yonga
Julie Young
Tim Young
John Tanner

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20 Responses to “120 Labour councillors: why we’re supporting Yvette Cooper for leader”

  1. Selohesra

    Definitely go for a women this time – makes Dave’s Flashman routine go down badly at PMQs. I don’t think any of the candidates are credible PMs though but she could certainly hold the fort until someone better came along

  2. Jacko

    Do you really think voters will see her as Prime Minister, will mentally place her on the doorstep of No 10, shaking hands with the US president, hosting G7 talks, etc?

    A Prime Minister called Yvette. Yeah, right.

  3. LesThompson

    i have no doubt yvette Cooper his a very capable woman, and weill in time become a labour leader, but not to day, for me she as. Failed the test i set at the start of the campaign; and in this extensive CV she hasn’t mentioned the word Council Housing once or the need for re establishing the revenue streams of our past; utility’s we have lost as a nation we need desperately to rebuild their revenue stream. This we our to once again develop. NO” I do not mean revitalizing old national industries unless we can sustain them. no that which has gone; but invest in new greener one’s , break the cycle of capitalist greed and oppression yes, Council housing was the test if the next leader can’t even speak the words, then she isn’t going to deliver it revenue streams thay offer this is why i will be backing jeremy Corbyn for leader of the labour party

  4. Judi Billing

    I genuinely don’t understand what points are being made here. Are there particular names suitable for his political office and others not? I have no difficulty picturing Yvette in any high political office debating and shaking hands with anyone, so please do explain if there are serious considerations here. Many thanks

  5. Judi Billing

    I meant high political office. Apologies for the typo.

  6. Torybushhug

    ‘Committed to child poverty’, in other words more endemic welfare that causes people not to raise their horizons, that steadily become conditioned to dependency. The more careless and irresponsible you behave. the greater your state rewards.
    Y’up that’s gonna transform society.

  7. Torybushhug

    What revenue streams are you on about?

  8. swat

    I’ve got a feeling that JC may surprise us all, even me!
    OMOV may well work in his favour. Its likely to be close, close between him and Andy.

  9. Eddy Boyband

    The trouble with having cooper as leader is getting balls by the back door, which would be painful.

  10. Selohesra

    Israel had a PM called Sharon so its possible

  11. Terry Crow

    My hometown So’ton has seen 2 Labour councillors resign as they couldn’t support the cuts the Labour council were carrying out. They came up for re-election this year and last (Coxford ward), standing as independents against cuts and linked to TUSC, and both won easily, pushing Labour in to 2nd place.

    This sort of demonstrates the huge potential for Labour to become viable once more going back to its roots and as an anti-austerity party.

    There are tens of thousands joining Labour in the hope that we get a new leader that isn’t the same old broken record, to give us a fresh start – Jeremy Corbyn represents that hope, being the only one who is tried and tested sticking to principles.

    The others will be interminable disappointment, either too left for the right and too right for the left (Burnham, possibly Cooper)) or just too right, full stop (Kendall).

  12. dnspncr

    It is this simplistic idea that unemployment benefit is used by swathes of claimants to fund a slumberous lifestyle that has allowed the government to make its cuts unchallenged. Every cherry-picked fraudster that is splashed across tabloid front pages has succeeded in creating a climate of distrust; A climate in which any person dressed a certain way, if they live or work or are just passing through a working class area, will be viewed as being part of the legion of scroungers that are bleeding taxpayers dry… night workers, shift workers, home workers, part-timers, suffers of chronic illness, students, apprentices, they all help to reinforce the myth that benefit fraud is so great, so epidemic, that it is bringing the country to its knees.

    And now the brainwashed public have got what they have been told they wanted. Benefits are being cut. No more handouts for these parasitical scumbags… Except it isn’t that simple is it. Hard working taxpayers whose wages do not cover the basic cost of living will also be effected. The current climate has allowed the government to end financial support for the severely disabled and go virtually unchallenged. And now we hear that the financial assistance given to cancer suffers may be slashed. Well done everyone.

  13. Cole

    And the Americans have a Prez called Barack Hussein Obama. Got elected twice and has done a pretty good job.

  14. JuliaLarden

    Interesting. 14 comments so far, and only two could really be described as pro-Cooper. Maybe the Labour councillors have got it wrong? Maybe they need to listen a bit hard to us lot: the ordinary voter who is paying our three quid to help pick the leader? What’s so special about Cooper? More of the same if you ask me. Reading these comments suggests she ain’t ‘reaching out and appealing to those who didn’t vote Labour last time.’ And as for tackling child poverty … I think that should win the nauseating hypocrisy of the year award1 Apart from a bit of nervous prevaricating over London, Lovely caring Yvette is backing the Tories in cutting the Benefit cap from 26K to 23K. This Benefit cap could drop 140K children into poverty http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/may/29/household-benefit-cap-plunge-40000-kids-poverty-memo. What else is the lovely Yvette doing to help the economy, well, again she’s voting with her favourite people, the Tories, for four Trident subs at an estimated cost of 100 billion.

    Who’s best for leader, who really cares about poverty, who’s NOT running after the Tories, supporting their pro-austerity, pro-poverty stance, which is destroying this country: ‘Look, look I’m nearly a Tory, won’t you vote for me now?’ Jeremy Corbyn, that’s who. As for experience, Jeremy Corbyn has worked tirelessly for genuine Labour Party, genuine left-wing causes for over thirty years, and he is very well informed on the real problems facing this country. He’s old, he’s a dinosaur? Cooper’s a dinosaur in her outdated new-Labour lovin’ stance. Corbyn just might turn out to be the tyrannosaurus rex that eats these other useless, ideas-bankrupt, anodyne right-wing Labour leader candidates up! So come on people, tell these yesterday’s people Labour councillors where they get off: Sign up and back Corbyn now: https://www.facebook.com/JeremyCorbyn4Leader

  15. Cole

    And Cooper is clearly more competent than the untested and opportunist Kendall. And it’s always difficult to see opposition leaders as PMs till they get into No 10.

  16. stevep

    Post-war British society was doing ok thanks to the post-war consensus. Then came Thatcher.
    Mass unemployment and thus the reliance on vast numbers of people on benefits, was her creed and her doing. Her Tory government destroyed British manufacturing and industry and encouraged foreign industries to replace them.
    So when you talk of carelessness and irresponsibility, all I see is Margaret Thatcher.

  17. stevep

    It`s not the leader that matters. It`s the politics.
    If Labour had had a firmer, more progressive vision of what a Labour government could do for Britain, Ed Miliband would be prime minister now.
    Never mind the SunMail attack hyenas the establishment are going to unleash on the next Leader, they`re slavering at their vile mouths and are going to rip apart anyone to the left of Thatcher anyway.
    Labour should concentrate on the Politics of reclaiming Britain for the many, not the few and choose a leader best able to deliver the message.
    Never forget, in 1945 British voters rejected the great national hero and war leader, Winston Churchill and his Tories and Ushered in that most unassuming of politicians, Clement Attlee. Who led a great, radical, reforming Labour government dedicated to improving the lot of the vast majority of the people in Britain.

  18. grace issagaro

    Yvette Cooper has become too much of the career politician for me. Maybe there was a time when she represented working people and knew what their concerns were but that time has long passed. She voted against an investigation into the Iraq War and for that reason alone I could not support her. The Iraq War was and is, a shameful blot on Labour Party history and the fall out from that dreadful war continues on and on and brings so much suffering and instability to the Middle East. Obviously Cooper could not be closer to Ed Balls and you don’t have to dig very deep to learn just how removed he is from any sort of connection or affiliation with working people. As far as I can see, Cooper’s voting record in Parliament is identical to that of Balls. She may be capable and confident of High Office but I don’t think she is capable of representing the interests of working people. She is part of the New Labour elite and is well schooled in presenting herself, but I am fed up to the teeth with the American style politics (and policies). Corbyn is popular because he does not come across as manufactured or marketed and I believe that it’s sincerity that will get the Labour Party back on track, not something called ‘electability’. We have just lost an election and it is time for the Labour Party to revaluate what it is about and who it represents. It can not be all things to all people and the wealthy and the selfish have got their own party. The one thing that can win the working people back over is someone who is honest, steadfast and sincere in their beliefs and principles. It will take time and be a hard road but that and that alone will break the Tory spell.

  19. DonaldSNelson

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  20. Patrick Nelson

    Yes you would like one called Enoch Powell.

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