Does the Daily Express believe in alien abductions?

Its source doesn't


A story in the Daily Express today proclaims: ‘You’re more likely to be taken by aliens than win National Lottery jackpot’.

It goes on:

“New odds of 45 million to one for choosing six winning numbers out of 59 balls mean Britons are now ‘more likely to be abducted by aliens’ according to bookmakers Ladbrokes.”

MediaWatch has been unable to locate any evidence for this assertion.

In a similar way, our species has been unable to locate any aliens, or any evidence of alien abductions.

Can you have odds on being kidnapped by life forms that do not exist? The Daily Express appears to think so.

Thus we can add belief in aliens to the list of reasons the Express is not a newspaper. 

Ladbrokes, on the other hand, had a different take.

A Ladbrokes spokesman told MediaWatch:

“They are merely light-hearted, fun reference odds. However, if someone wanted to place their money on it then they would be more than welcome to do so.”

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