An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn

As the most left-wing candidate you should get my vote. But you won't. And here's why.



By securing a place on the ballot to become the next Labour leader you have put a spring in the step of many party members and trade unionists who feel that you embody their values better than any other candidate. (You embody only some of mine, trampling on some others, but I will get to that.)

You represent a clear alternative to the suffocating consensus that says there is no alternative to neoliberalism: marketisation, deregulation, privatisation, financialisation, an assault on the bargaining power of labor, regressive tax regimes, and cuts to welfare.

You will not tell us to be ‘intensely relaxed’ about people getting ‘filthy rich’ and you will not sneer at the trade union movement.

You are acutely aware that the transformation of European social democracy into a political force pursuing only a slightly kinder and a slightly gentler neoliberalism has caused the erosion of the emotional connection between the party and the working-class.

And you know that neoliberalism has eroded local democracy and the public realm, pushing aside actors other than those at the center, and then micro-managing Britain through a grim and relentless bureaucratising cult of quasi-government bodies.

On that basis you will secure the votes of many party members and trade unionists.

But you won’t get my vote.

You won’t get it because Labour’s best traditions also include anti-fascism and internationalism while your support – to me, inexplicable and shameful –  for the fascistic and antisemitic forces of Hezbollah and Hamas flies in the face of those traditions. In particular, your full-throated cheer-leading for the vicious antisemitic Islamist Raed Salah is a deal-breaker.

Why did you lend your support to Raed Salah? No, he is not a ‘critic of Israel’, but a straight-up Jew hater.

You said in 2012, ‘Salah is far from a dangerous man’, even though the left-wing, anti-Netanyahu Israeli newspaper of record, Ha’aretz, reported that Salah was first charged with inciting anti-Jewish racism and violence in January 2008.

You said ‘Salah is a very honoured citizen’, even though Salah was found guilty of spreading the blood libel – the classic antisemitic slander that Jews use the blood of gentile children to make their bread. He did so during a speech on 16 February 2007 in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Wadi Joz.

I mean, just listen to Salah: ‘We have never allowed ourselves to knead [the dough for] the bread that breaks the fast in the holy month of Ramadan with children’s blood’, he said. ‘Whoever wants a more thorough explanation, let him ask what used to happen to some children in Europe, whose blood was mixed in with the dough of the holy bread.’ (The UK Appeal Court decided that ‘We do not find this comment could be taken to be anything other than a reference to the blood libel against Jews.’ It also decided that this would ‘offend and distress Israeli Jews and the wider Jewish community.’)

You said: ‘Salah represents his people extremely well’, even though after the 9/11 terrorist attacks Salah wrote this in the October 5, 2001 issue of the weekly Sawt al-Haq w’al-Huriyya (Voice of Justice and Freedom): ‘A suitable way was found to warn the 4,000 Jews who work every day at the Twin Towers to be absent from their work on September 11, 2001, and this is really what happened! Were 4,000 Jewish clerks absent [from their jobs] by chance, or was there another reason? At the same time, no such warning reached the 2,000 Muslims who worked every day in the Twin Towers, and therefore there were hundreds of Muslim victims.’

You said ‘Salah’s is a voice that must be heard’ even though he has called homosexuality a ‘great crime’ and recently [preached that ‘Jerusalem will soon become the capital of the global caliphate’ which will ‘spread justice throughout the land after it was filled with injustice by America, the Zionist enterprise, the Batiniyya, reactionism, Paganism and the Crusaders.’ i.e. everyone who does not follow his brand of Sunni Islam.

You said ‘I look forward to giving you tea on the terrace because you deserve it!’, even though the Islamic Movement [the northern branch of which Salah heads] has eulogised Osama bin Laden and Salah has incited Muslims against Jews by writing incendiary lies such as this: ‘The unique mover wanted to carry out the bombings in Washington and New York in order to provide the Israeli establishment with a way out of its entanglements.’ Who do you think he meant by ‘the unique mover’?

Why is that kind of conspiratorial antisemitism, dripping with threat and menace, worthy of tea on the terrace?

And it isn’t just a problem with Salah, is it? You said it was ‘my pleasure and my honour’ to host ‘our friends from Hezbollah and our friends from Hamas’ in the Commons.


Why do you not care that the Hamas Charter states that ‘Islam will obliterate Israel’ and enjoins all good Muslims to kill Jews, whom it blames for all the wars and revolutions in classic antisemitic fashion?

Why don’t you challenge your ‘friends in Hamas’ about the inclusion in their Charter of this canonical Hadith: ‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’

And why are Hezbollah your friends? They are an antisemitic Islamist goose-stepping ‘Party of God’ who persecute (and assassinate) liberals and democrats in Lebanon whenever they can. The Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said ‘If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.’ (NY Times, May 23, 2004, p. 15, section 2, column 1.)  Your ‘friends’ were enthusiastically slaughtering Syrian civilians on behalf of the Assad regime long before ISIS or Jabhat Al-Nusra joined the fray.

Yes, you will say I am part of the Israel lobby and people should pay no heed. Yes, I work at the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre. But here’s the thing. I have the same views now about the Israel-Palestine conflict as I did when I was a member of the Socialist Organiser Editorial Board and you were with Labour Briefing back in the 1980s. (I think our two organisations may have even ‘fused’ at some point, though those days are a bit hazy now.)

My views have not changed since I was a member of the editorial board of Historical Materialism. They are the same views I had when we debated each other at Birmingham University some years ago: I believe in two states for two people, a secure Israel and a viable Palestine, a democratic solution to an unresolved national question based on mutual recognition and support for the right to national self-determination of both peoples.

I edit a journal, Fathom, which publishes many voices critical of the current Israeli government, from the Israeli left, from Israel’s Arab citizens, and from Palestinians.

I just do not understand how you can support so unthinkingly those political forces which oppose to their dying breath everything  – literally, everything – the labour movement has ever stood for: trade union rights, freedom of speech and organisation, women’s equality, gay and lesbian rights, anti-racism, the enlightenment, and reason.

But as long as you do support those forces you will not get my vote. As long as you do, I will just have to remain politically homeless. Which is a pity, because there you are on the TV screen, talking with élan like a proper social democrat about full employment.

I want to cheer you on. Can you respond in such a way that I can?

Alan Johnson is the editor of Fathom – For a deeper understanding of Israel and the region, and works for the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM)

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505 Responses to “An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. tazbuckfaster

    An apartheid-normalising, ethno-nationalism supporting socialist? I think there’s a word for those.

  2. john oakes

    Well done, Mr Johnson, for noticing that, in spite of his sweet reason on topics like the invasion of Iraq, Jeremy actually supports good old-fashioned, violent class war -witness his careful grooming of fellow union-member Bernie Grant MP, whose anti-police policy as Leader of Haringey Council did so much to encourage the bloody Broadwater Farm Riot.

  3. cpncook1

    I feel articles like this, will do a lot of damage to the left. You really should be behind Corbyn…. there isn’t a left wing narrative in UK politics, it’s moving further and further to the right. We are in danger of completely loosing its principles, the amount of people who don’t even know what socialism is…. It’s really upsetting to see people nitpick at certain comments made. You do not know Jeremy Corbyn, you do not know what he thinks about these things. Why he has my vote, is because he demonstrates that in order to help improve everyones lives….we need to be patient and understanding. Even if we completely disagree with everything the other (lets call it) party believes, we have to allow them to hold them. We can challenge them… and hopefully pursuade. But we can’t beat it out of them by force. Otherwise what is the point in OUR value system. Please don’t contribute anti-left articles to this site. (and thats what this is IMO) Please.

  4. Pelo Nord

    “And why are all the non-Jews in Gaza denied a vote?”
    That’s actually quite a funny comment. Did you realise that?

  5. ....

    There is a big difference between someone siding with ones argument and those that present facts and ask intelligent questions on the rout to trying to dispell discrimination and bring about debate that could lead to peace. Just throwing that out there. Your comment that you can judge s society totally on what you consider to be your own societys values is farcical, you have to take it to account what was the norm, we may not like it. It may make us feel somewhat sick to think of a man with a child. However, you cannot dismiss that at times in history that this was considered far more acceptable than today. As for your views on Islam it seems that the media has taught you well, with what to think and what to say. Please go away and look at the religion in depth speak to different Muslims and it may surprise you to learn that they are humans rather similar to many you know.

  6. -TC-

    I think that’s an unfair characterisation. He is and has always been a peace advocate. He was openly talking to Sinn Fein when the Blair government was talking to them in secret. I have no doubt that he has contacts within the Israeli peace movement too, and he’d probably have talked to Sharon and Netanyahu if either of them had deigned to give him the time of day.

    According to the article he said ‘Salah is far from a dangerous man’, ‘Salah is a very honoured citizen’, ‘Salah represents his people extremely well’ and ‘Salah’s is a voice that must be heard’. JC is *very* careful in his use of language usually, and if you read between the lines, he’s saying that Salah is very popular amongst his people and if you’re going to deal with him you’re going to have to listen to what he says and work around that. JC has never at any point been quoted as saying that he agrees with Salah or likes him as a person. If you continue to read between the lines, JC is also heavily implying that because of Salah’s popularity, if he were to be assassinated then those behind the killing would likely make a popular martyr of him and make the problem worse.

  7. Jon Stone

    God, reading this, it’s clear people you are as fanatical as the ISIS lot. I have no doubt you’d be out ripping the place up if you didn’t think you had a massive army to hide behind.

  8. Daz K

    Care to expand?

  9. patrick

    You are so obviously a shill, that i feel tainted just replying. Scuttle back to the titty of your paymasters you pathetic coward.

  10. Sammy Dellou

    Just want to say one thing. Though Hamas have some very unsavory beliefs – so do Likud, so do most of US political establishment, so do most of the UK political establishment, so do most of the Saudi Arabian political establishment and don’t forget Hamas were elected in the only independently and internationally recognised free election in the history of the Arab world! They only then took over Gaza in response to a well documented plotted coup organised by Israel and the US to punish the people of Gaza for voting the wrong way! – Just another another example of the ‘democratic’ and ‘peaceful’ measures taken by Israel and the US who have deliberately blocked a peaceful settlement for decades and in doing so have created Hamas and Hezbollah!

  11. radicalmoselem

    At least pretend that you googled Raed Salah’s statements and have an explanation for all the claims of outright forgery and lies. If you’re going to quote mine articles saying he was ‘charged’ with x, y and z at least provide a link so some of your readers can read the rest of those very same articles clearly saying ‘and those charges were thrown out’, which you have a good habit of neglecting. Shamelessness coupled with incompetence is a dangerous mix, especially for an ideological apartheid-Israel supporter. If recent history is anything to go by, you’re on the wrong side of it.

  12. Abernsmate

    To the site editors.

    Please take this post down immediately.
    Alan Johnson, as he admits above, was a member of the Editorial Board of Socialist Organiser aka the International Communist League. The ICL held a number of disgusting positions eg “every bullet in a British soldier is a nail in the coffin of British imperialism”. I am shocked that Left Foot Forward would want to be associated with anybody with this sort of political history.I guess its possible, though negligent, that the editorial staff were unaware of Johnson’s unpleasant backstory. In any event, please take this post down now that you are aware of this. Not to do so would make you complicit in the psycopathic politics Johnson has previously been associated with.

  13. Kevin

    Why is any criticism of Israeli fascism met with an accusation of anti-Semitism? Oh that’s right, because there’s actually no justification at all for the appalling behaviour of Israel in the Middle East. Why do we have global Islamic terrorism? Erm – support for Israel? It’s not anti-Semitic, it’s anti-Zionist.

  14. Kevin

    What sort of argument against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the 100 and whatever UN resolutions AGAINST Israel involves talking about the origins of some competing religion? Do we base international law on religious origins? Shall we take apart the Book of Revelations and see how that fits in with current liberal thinking?

  15. François-p Lussier

    In 1945, the jews were in great distress. Now its seems to be the palestinians. Nobody’ fault. But if someone wishes to find somebody faulty, it will always be easy to find.

  16. david119

    Like Jeremy Corbyn I grew up in the shadow of the Holocaust and it has haunted me all my life. And it is precisely because of this that I feel such outrage at the “left’s” support for Israel.
    Jonathan Freedland says it is Anti Semitic to question Israel’s legitimacy, I say you are an outright racist if you don’t.
    Israel never has been a real democracy. 750,000 human beings were thrown out of their own country in 1948 because they came from the wrong race and to rig subsequent elections. Even if they left voluntarily to avoid armed conflict, they should have had a right of return and it is outrageous to suggest otherwise.
    If Britain threw out 750,000 of our own citizens to rig the next General Election, nobody would seriously call us a democracy and we would rightly be thrown out if the EU and sanctions applied. I am only asking for exactly the same test to be applied to Israel as I would apply to my own country.
    You can’t be a real Social Democrat and support Israel because support for Israel makes you a racist who condoms ethnic cleansing.
    If there had been no Israel, no occupation, no ethnic cleansing, no Jewish only settlements, then there would be no Hamas. I utterly condemn anti Semitism from whatever source including from Palestinians, but I understand the cause. Jews have stolen the land, their homes, their lives and their dignity as human beings and they are irrationally angry as you or I would be if we had suffered like they have.
    The Israeli government has announced that it intends to demolish an entire village on the West Bank simply because the villagers come from the wrong race. How can a Social Democrat be a friend of a country like that ?

  17. RaymondDance

    Objective ‘scholars and historians’ say nothing of the sort because there is no contemporaneous documentary evidence anywhere that Mohammed even existed. The whole thing was mostly invented two hundred years later and based on myths – many of which long predate the time when Mohammed was supposed to have lived. The life of the Persian mystic Zoroaster – also mostly mythical – is probably the template for most of it.

  18. tamimisledus

    The left turn a blind eye to the evil that is in the doctrine of islam because they see (illogically) a common ally in the destruction of Western democracy. What they fail to see (like the right wing who allied themselves with Hitler when he initially gained power) is that islam aims to see the destruction of the left just as much (and maybe even more so), as islam wishes to see the destruction of the rest of Western democracy. That is the naïve view that my enemy’s enemy is my friend.
    But don’t expect the simple minded left to be able to work that out for themselves. At least not until islam comes for them with the executioner’s sword.

  19. tamimisledus

    “…. Muslims [sic] … are humans ….”
    So were Adolf Hitler and his evil acolytes. So were Josef Stalin and his murderous supporters. So are those muslims who have carried out over 20,000 terrorist attacks, just since 2011. So are ISIS and their barbaric associates. And so was mohammad, the most evil man who ever trod the earth. mohammad, the man whom ALL muslims must seek to imitate. That ALL includes the “different” muslims you wish us to trust about the true nature of islam, These are the muslims who follow islam, the most evil doctrine that ever came out the mind of human beings.
    No, if I want to see islam in practice, I just have to look at ISIS who follow the way of mohammad, not at some muslims of your choosing whose behaviour (as opposed to their beliefs) is only partially representative of islam, the islam, that part which shows total absence of respect for non-muslims.
    And no, they are not at all similar to me. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  20. tamimisledus

    “…. Muslims [sic] … are humans ….”.

    So many fallacies involved in this suggestion.


    It is not up to you to determine how I, or anyone else, should decide how to find out the truth about muslims and islam, the evil doctrine they follow.
    If you want to try to show islam in a good light, you are obviously not going to suggest I contact a selection from the members of ISIS or their supporters. A source which actually best represents the beliefs within islam.

    No-one can tell from what a muslim is saying or doing at any one time, what they believe at that time.
    No-one can tell from what a muslim is saying or doing at any one time, what they intend to do in the future.
    No-one can tell from what any muslim is saying or doing at any one time what any other muslim will do.
    The word of muslims who are all enemies of non-muslims whose destruction is ordered by *allah*, cannot be trusted.
    The word of muslims who are ordered by *allah* not to be friends with non-muslims cannot be trusted,

    If I want to find out what a muslim believes I will not seek out his word which cannot be relied upon.
    If I want to find out what a muslim believes he should do, I will take him at his word that he follows the evil doctrine of islam, which is opposed to every decent character trait that humans can have.
    And I will judge him (or her) accordingly.

  21. tamimisledus

    I can use any criteria I like on which to base my judgements. That applies to just as much as judgements on people who lived in other times or places, whatever the norms of those times, as to people who are now living on any part of this earth.
    Others can use criteria on which to base their judgement, as they see fit. If I think it worthwhile, I will call into question their judgements and we can debate as to which is the best judgement.
    You, on the other hand, as is taught by islam to muslims, seem to believe that only you (and those who make the same judgements) have a right to make judgements, and that any judgement with which you disagree is not worth attention (farcical, as you call it in this case).
    And, if you are talking about mohammad’s marriage to Aisha, we know that, according to islam, mohammad is the perfect muslim following islam which has to be followed by all muslims for all time. That is for all time, including now,
    Why did you not choose to bring that key fact to the attention of the readers of your comment?
    The answer is obvious. This fact doesn’t allow you to argue that this is only historical. Which in turn hides the true evil nature of islam, as it was then, as it is now, and always will be.

  22. tamimisledus

    “… the media has taught you well … ”

    That applies very well to those who read the guardian (and LFF) who have absolutely no understanding of true nature of islam and are blithely ignorant of the threat that it poses to the future of humanity.

    But I get my facts about islam from the texts of islam. Facts which not only left leaning media such as the Guardian and the BBC do not publish, but also which many other organisations, even on the right, seem to be ignorant of. [and I include in that category many of those organisations which claim to be, or might be seen as, anti-islam]

    Based on those facts, and the interpretations/implementation by muslims of those facts, it is abundantly clear that islam is a doctrine of evil, with absolutely no redeeming features.

  23. Barry Stephenson

    Most scholars do not, on the whole think that. More to the point, Middle Eastern Muslims do not. The only ones who try to deny it are Western Muslims who know it is an embarrassment. The Haditha certainly say it – what a pile of revisionary rubbish to say otherwise.

  24. Barry Stephenson

    Oh. To have a different view is to not know Islam? Why have the police just identified another 300 pedophile Muslims in Rotherham? Because their prophet was the perfect man who should be emulated. He showed them it is okay to have sex with children.

    It is not just about history. It impacts us NOW.

  25. John C

    Oh, dear. Shin Bet is not “Israeli Military intelligence”.
    The futility of negotiating with Hamas is clear from the fact that they violated something like 10 separate ‘agreed’ cease-fires last summer.

  26. John C

    Is there any sick lie you will NOT gleefully swallow, as long as it vilifies Israel?

  27. Duncan_McFarlane

    You’re right on Shin Bet, but the only difference that makes is that the head of Israel’s internal security intelligence agency said th3e preconditions on negotiating with Hamas should be dropped – still Shlomo Gazit. Google it – you’ll find the Forward article quoting him. Efraim Halevy, former head of Mossad, he’s an idiot for saying we should negotiate with Hamas too, and you’re better informed than the former head of Mossad?

  28. Duncan_McFarlane

    I’ve not told any lies. Here’s a link to a British reporter for Channel 4 news in Gaza during the war last year who saw Israeli forces targeting civilians with small arms and artillery during a ceasefire, as they tried to check on their homes and farms

  29. Duncan_McFarlane

    And here’s amnesty’s report on Israeli war crimes in the first strikes on Gaza in the same war

  30. Duncan_McFarlane

    And reports on the two unarmed Palestinian 16 year olds shot dead with live ammunition by Israeli forces in the West Bank before the war began

  31. Duncan_McFarlane

    Second report on it quoting Israeli human rights group B’TSelem

  32. John C

    C4??? Btselem???? Amnesty??????????
    All of them have been caught time and time and time again telling lies about Israel.
    You don’t actually know the first thing about Israel and the ME,do you?

  33. John C

    You don’t understand the difference between intelligence and political posturing.

  34. Duncan_McFarlane

    I not only understand it – i’ll explain it to you. When the Prime Minister of Israel makes a speech to the world claiming that Israeli intelligence’s assessment is that Iran is close to having a nuclear weapon for instance, that was political posturing and a lie – with Israeli intelligence’s actual assessment being the opposite – that Iran was not trying to develop nuclear weapons.

  35. Duncan_McFarlane

    Actually the Israeli government and military have been caught out thousands of times lying about their own actions, by dozens and dozens of human rights groups and media outlets which have all proven their reliability over decades.

    Amnesty also investigates and condemns acts of terrorism and war crimes by Hezbollah and Hamas and Fatah’s armed wings. They have proven themselves reliable all across the world for 50 years.

    And they, unlike the Israeli government, have no motive to lie – ditto for Channel 4 news and B’T Selem.

    Only accepting reports that tell you what you want to hear is the definition of bias – and you seem heavily biased towards the Israeli government’s often distorted or even outright fictional version of events.

  36. Duncan_McFarlane

    Labelling amnesty, the most respected human rights group in the world, with an over 60 year old record of reliability as biased is a sure sign that the person making the claim is biased. It badly damages your credibility when you make such claims.

  37. John C

    Ignorant, delusional nonsense. Amnesty and C4 are deeply antisemitic, and certainly far from reliable. There are numerous documented, detailed examples of their lies at e.g. UK Media Watch, Elder of Zion and other blogs.
    Not only are you profoundly ignorant about this whole topic, but you yourself display exactly the bias you mention above. Your unhinged hatred is displayed in post after post.

  38. John C

    You don’t really understand the fallacy of appeal to authority, do you? Amnesty’s reputation is irrelevant. It has been exposed as biased and antisemitic time after time. These are the facts, as documented at e.g. Elder of Zion, with chapter and verse. It may be respected by useful idiots, but it’s factually antisemitic.
    You swallow its lies because you want to believe them.

  39. John C

    He is not interested in facts, only in exhibiting his hate.

  40. Duncan_McFarlane

    So basically your story is that pretty much every human rights group in the world and every mainstream media outlet that reports that the Israeli government or military have done anything wrong is part of a worldwide conspiracy against Israel? A conspiracy theory in other words.

  41. Ted

    Alan, I hope you’ve read the comments under here and seen the sort of fellow-travellers YOU’VE attracted.

  42. Duncan_McFarlane

    Bit of projection going on by you there to say the least. And ironic that you accuse me of appeal to authority, before appealing to a website as an authority, while dismissing an organisation with a proven record of reliability and impartiality going back 60 years.

  43. Duncan_McFarlane

    UK media watch has never once criticised any action of the Israeli government. It used to be ‘CIF watch’ and even denied reports by Breaking the Silence, which is an organisation of Israeli military veterans. Ignorant, delusional, nonsense would be a good summary of it – if you add in utterly biased. Amnesty and Channel 4 by contrast have criticised all the armed and political factions on both sides of the Israeli -Palestinian conflict repeatedly.

  44. Duncan_McFarlane

    And the idea that any criticism of the actions of the Israeli government or military is “anti-Semitic” is ludicrous, irrational nonsense. I’ve criticised war crimes by the British government’s forces in Iraq – e.g using cluster munitions in built up areas, involvement in the Bush administration’s torture programme. Does that make me “anti-British”? No – of course not – and pointing out facts from reliable, neutral sources about Israeli government and military actions is not anti-Semitic either.

  45. Duncan_McFarlane

    and oh look UK Media Watch claiming that anyone who disagrees with the Israeli government line, including Jews and Israelis, is an anti-semite / self-hating Jew. You couldn’t get much more blatant propaganda.

  46. Duncan_McFarlane

    The sites you’re relying on are about as unbiased as Electronic Intifada on the pro-Palestinian side – but you share their bias so much, you don’t want to see it.

  47. John C

    “And the idea that any criticism of the actions of the Israeli government or military
    is “anti-Semitic” is ludicrous, irrational nonsense” – and nobody is claiming so, you pathetic loser. You trot out all the most ignorant cliches of the common or garden hate-dripping bigot.

  48. John C

    What a loser. I am doing no such thing. They document each case with FACTS.
    Amnesty has been PROVEN to be lying, ditto C4. Youe spittle-flecked rants will not change that.

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