VOTE: Was Ed Miliband right to rule out any formal deal with the SNP?

Miliband told the audience he 'couldn't be clearer' that there would be no deal between the two parties


There will be no Labour government if it involves a coalition or a deal with SNP, Ed Miliband said during last night’s special edition of leaders’ Question Time.

Miliband told the audience he “couldn’t be clearer” there would be no deal between the two parties.

But was he right to do so? Does this see off Tory attacks about the SNP ‘holding the country to ransom’? Or will it just make governing in the likely event of a hung parliament even harder?

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27 Responses to “VOTE: Was Ed Miliband right to rule out any formal deal with the SNP?”

  1. Mason

    I don’t think he had much choice.

    The Tories seem to have decided that breaking the union is worth short term electoral advantage and have succeeded in making Scotland, and it’s people, toxic in the eyes of most English people.

    Holding faith with the Scots in that climate, at a time when Labour are being removed from the Scottish electoral map could cost Ed many seats he can’t afford to lose.

    So, sad as it is to say, he had little option but to rule it out.

    The irony is that bringing the SNP into the fold of Westminster is actually the most effective way of blunting the independence sword and repairing the union.

    It seems that our Westminster politicians will not be satisfied until, this once great nation, has been converted to rubble.

  2. James Chilton

    The SNP is a left of centre party. It would make political sense for Miliband to make an alliance with it and defy the Tories.

  3. Mike Shepherd

    You know, the SNP has been in government in Scotland for eight years and very little has changed in terms of poverty and inequality and now we hear that standards of literacy have declined on their watch. Not very progressive and this idea that Sturgeon has moved the party to the
    Left requires more scrutiny over time.

  4. Gerschwin

    Chum, this great nation became rubble the moment it embraced the welfare state, you goons over at Labour HQ have been facilitating the decline ever since so don’t come whining to me.

  5. Leon Wolfeson

    Labour are right of centre, so why is that?

  6. Leon Wolfeson

    Oh right, back in 1945,,,as you whine that inequality is too low and income too high.

    And why would he go to Monaco?

  7. Leon Wolfeson

    Well, the Tories long-term interest is breaking up the union.

    And it would depend if the SNP were interested in seeking advantage only for Scotland, or if they were willing to consider a federal structure. Unfortunately, all signs point to the former.

  8. James Chilton

    I don’t understand your question. I didn’t say Labour was right of centre. If an alliance between Labour and the SNP was on the cards, it would be a left of centre combination. (Which is what I was suggesting).

  9. uglyfatbloke

    Actually, I think they might, though it would be a turkey/christmas thing for their party. They’d see it as a stepping stone to independence, but if it was the real deal – FFA etc – it would strip away a huge amount of SNP support in short order.

  10. Leon Wolfeson

    No, I am saying that.

    I am disagreeing with the idea that Labour are leftist, which is why there’s an issue working with at least parts of the SNP.

  11. Leon Wolfeson

    Oh sure, proper federalism would strip a lot of SNP support away.
    That’s why I’m sure, sadly, they’d oppose it.

  12. uglyfatbloke

    I expect you’re right.

  13. Janet T-Tremaine

    Wish more people would see the SNP for what it is @Mike Shepherd. They keep banging on about poverty and inequality and do nothing constructive about it in Scotland since they have been in power – hypocrites!

  14. Janet T-Tremaine

    Barking up the wrong tree there, Mason. The SNP want to cause chaos in Westminster with sole purpose of realising Sturgeon’s ambition of seeing Scotland independent. She said as much on many occsions during this election campaign and she was sorely disappointed that Ed Miliband did not fall in with her plans. I don’t like the man and won’t vote Labour, but give him his due for not wanting to break up the country or expose the UK to attack by removing Trident by submitting to the SNPs sneaky raiding party tactics.

  15. Janet T-Tremaine

    The Tories are only saying English votes for English laws – NOT independence for Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England as you seem to imply (not clear on how you can state the Tories want to break up the union).

  16. Janet T-Tremaine

    Hit the nail on the head !!! Good on you…

  17. Leon Wolfeson

    I said it was in their long term interests. And it is.

    Which is demonstrated by their two-tier MP scheme, which divides.


    Labour and the SNP are capitalist parties. Right, left or centre hardly apply.


    It is the same old story with the SNP. They go on about poverty and food banks but you never see them actually visiting foodbanks and the so called impoverished. It is all a farce and they get away with it. They could use tax powers to alleviate foodbanks but will not. They are not interested in the poor and never have been. Independence is their one and only aim even if it means real poverty and mass unemployment. Shared misery in independence. England should really consider protecting its border sooner than later.

  20. Leon Wolfeson

    …If you want to hide that information.

  21. Leon Wolfeson

    Yes yes, we need to give the SNP what they want, break the Union, give you what you want here – which you also blame the SNP for.

  22. Leon Wolfeson

    Nails into skulls, right.


    What do I want Leon? Try saying it in simple terms. You are not in Cambridge now.

  24. Leon Wolfeson

    I can only comment on your posts, of course, as you now lash out at education.


    Try simple terms Leon. Remove the ice pick from yer heid. Spit out the pages.

  26. Leon Wolfeson

    No, you’ve not managed to kill me yet, so sorry.
    And I’ll stick with English, yer Ned.

  27. Matthew Young

    If you think the SNP is in this to secure a radical left wing government for the UK, you’re either stupid or hopelessly ill-informed. Their aim is independence, and they will do anything to get it. They’ve signed up to a strategy designed to minimise Labour votes in Scotland which means they’ve backed themselves into a corner as far as a Labour led administration is concerned. So they are pulling in two directions at once. We’ll find out soon if that tension explodes.

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