He thinks feminists are ‘obnoxious bigots’: meet the new justice minister

Dominic Raab is no more keen on the Equality Act than he is on the Human Rights Act


Esher and Walton MP Dominic Raab has just been made justice minister alongside Michael Gove.

Raab is a longtime critic of the Human Rights Act – this appointment looks like David Cameron’s way of saying he is serious about scrapping it. In January 2014 Raab voted to allow human rights grounds to be used to prevent a foreign criminal being deported only in cases where there would be a breach of right to life or the right not to be tortured.

In 2013, he voted to remove the duty on the Commission for Equality and Human Rights to work to support the development of a society in which people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination.

And in 2013 he also voted against making it illegal to discriminate on grounds of caste.

Raab also took an unusual stance on gender equality in 2011, when he expressed his fears that ‘from the cradle to the grave, men are getting a raw deal’. He attacked the ‘obnoxious bigotry’ of feminists and complained that men work longer hours than women (no mention of pay gap etc).

“While we have some of the toughest anti-discrimination laws in the world, we are blind to some of the most flagrant discrimination – against men.”

Seeming to have fallen at the first hurdle – assuming that feminism is anti-men  – Raab also suggested that men start ‘burning their briefs’, presumably as a long- overdue retaliation against the feminists of the sixties (who did not, in fact, burn their bras.)

Raab’s diatribe continued:

“Britain’s not perfect, and we will never eradicate all human prejudice.”

This is especially true when we do not understand that prejudice. Another interesting choice from David Cameron.

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398 Responses to “He thinks feminists are ‘obnoxious bigots’: meet the new justice minister”

  1. janlog

    Toss pot! The downward spiral into the surreal world of Toryism has begun.

  2. Rex Duis

    He is right though, from cradle to grave, men have less legal rights and fair treatment than women. I know this goes against the very loud Feminist voice, but it’s the truth. I don’t however think his appointment is a good thing though despite sharing that ideology with him as he doesn’t seem keen on the Human Rights Act.

  3. Gerschwin

    Hodge Hill.

  4. TN

    Some (not all) feminists are obnoxious. Particularly the Laurie Penny’s of this world – white, privileged, middle class, university educated, far left and dollops of cultural relativism. The same types of feminists who deliberately remain deaf and blind to issues affecting women belonging to non-western cultures and are victims of forced marriage, honour killing and FGM.

  5. Lucinde

    “He is right though, from cradle to grave, men have less legal rights and fair treatment than women.”

    With all due respect, this is completely false.

    I have lived a male life. I now live a female life. The male life was vastly easier. I was afforded vastly more respect. People made space for me, listened when I spoke, and generally acted like I was a full part of society. They do not do that any more, even when they don’t notice I’m trans.

    Also, you could check some stats. Wealth, happiness, mental health problems… women are worse off.

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