Prefer Miliband to Cameron on economics? The Sun says you need a psychiatrist

The real 'insult to voters' intelligence' is committed every day by the Sun


The party bias of the Sun newspaper in this election has today moved from attacking Ed Miliband to attacking voters who might like his policies.

Its leader column today starts like this:

Labour’s sham manifesto is an insult to voters’ intelligence.

“We shouldn’t be surprised. For years they have treated the public as fools.

“Yesterday Ed Miliband took this contempt to a new level.”

It goes on like that, running with the Tory line that Labour’s pledge to cut the deficit on the current budget every year should not be believed. But the remarkable twist comes in the conclusion, as the Sun likens Labour to “an incurable drunk claiming to be teetotal while slurring his words through a job interview to manage the off-licence”:

“We can’t currently think of any reason to vote Labour on May 7.

“But if your motivation is that Miliband will run the economy more sensibly than David Cameron, you should Google psychiatrists in your area as soon as possible.

This studied insult to a big chunk of the electorate, (as well as to anyone with psychiatric problems), is of a piece with the Sun’s political coverage today.

In a two-page spread, themed around the cartoon The Simpsons, (on loan from Sun-owner Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV), the paper equates opposition to George Osborne’s mad push to clear the entire deficit – for both day-to-day and capital spending – and run a surplus by 2020, with being the class dunce.

The spread also ‘rates’ some of Labour’s policies – while leaving out others, like the rail-price freeze and expansion of childcare services – presenting them in a polemical form that effectively tells readers what to think.

I’m always amused when I see the leader columns in the Sun’s stable-mate paper the Times headed as ‘leading articles’, since it calls to mind ‘leading questions’ in court, and well suits columns like this one that seek to drag their readers to a certain opinion like cattle.

The real ‘insult to voters’ intelligence’ is committed every day by the Sun newspaper.

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22 Responses to “Prefer Miliband to Cameron on economics? The Sun says you need a psychiatrist”

  1. Kevin Barry

    The forthcoming general election will be an interesting test as to whether or not the print media has any sway in influencing the outcome. The hacks at the Sun obediently reproduce what their billionaire, non-dom proprietor expects of them. A few weeks ago the Sun was going to headline that they were about to back Labour. “Labour” is a greyhound, and this was an April Fools’ joke. However, some bright spark at the paper thought that if they did have such a headline their readers might see the headline, not read the accompanying article, and think that the Sun would be supporting the Labour party. This betrays what these people really think of their readership, and as Adam Barnett has shown in his piece the Sun is simply a conduit of Tory propaganda.

  2. Kryten2k35

    It’s beyond me how newspapers are allowed to take sides like this and spread disinformation and lies. Are we in 2015, or is it 1933?

  3. Rachael

    This is so so wrong. They say on their complaints page about the ethical boundaries they must abide by, do they hell. I don’t understand why this paper even still exists.

  4. Theresa

    This is very bad we don’t bloody need this paper telling us who we should vote for at the next election. The Sun should be told about those who commited suicide because of Cameron’s cruel reforms. What about the woman who committed suicide over the bedroom tax?

  5. Cole

    So there’s an Australan running the Tory election campaign and an Australian/American presiding over this crap (and telling us how to vote) in The Sun and Times…

  6. Dr Gary Burn

    Sun readers voting Tory makes turkeys voting for Christmas a very shrewd move!

  7. Ros

    What a nasty paper The Sun is! Run by Murdoch of course, with Camoran’s say so no doubt. The Sun has always been a Tory paper but this is taking things too far! We all know it was a Tory lie about the debt when they got in 2010 and announced ‘austerity’ from the Tory Lies! Causing thousands of deaths, people becoming homeless, children getting scurvy, food banks, bedroom tax, zero hours jobs, removing all the Remploy staff as soon as they got in when they said they wouldn’t! The first thing they did was bring in austerity and give themselves a tax cut and a pay rise! Showed us exactly what they were going to be like in gvmt. Time to get the greedy toffs out! They’ve ruined OUR NHS! More people dying not enough doctors nurses ambulances. Did they care – not a jot!!
    They just carried on lying the whole way through, while the people were suffering they were quaffing thousands of pounds worth of champagne and having black and white ball’s! The most selfish, nastiest evil party I have EVER known! Get them out!! If anyone is daft enough to believe The Sun there is no hope for them!

  8. sarntcrip

    who gives a toss what the sun saysonly the brain dead read ufor boobs the murdoch rag that creeps to cameron and has less influence every day

  9. sarntcrip

    the sun wouldn’t publish the truth about camwewrong’s cuts it doesn’t do truth remember their hillsborough coverage. however it is absorbent and cheaper than andrex

  10. Leon Wolfeson

    So complain to the regulator. It works that way – no complaints, no changes.

  11. littleoddsandpieces

    …“Labour’s sham manifesto is an insult to voters’ intelligence.“We shouldn’t be surprised. For years they have treated the public as fools. …

    Oh dear, the usual nasty electioneering, when negative campaigning never has worked in the UK.

    Labour has already lost and so have the Tories.

    Yougov predictions are:

    277 Labour

    264 Tories

    28 Lib Dems

    326 MPs minimum threshold for a single party or a couple of parties to form a UK parliament and rule.


    This is a severe hung parliament prediction so Tories can legally just squat in power for next 5 years, with Labour still stuck in opposition.


    Tories and Lib Dems could be radically cut in MPs numbers by:

    SNP 59 MPs

    Plaid Cymru 40 MPs

    Mebyon Kernow – 6 MPs in all of Cornwall

    TUSC – 113 MPs in England

    Class War – about 12 MPs

    Socialist GB – about 10 MPs

    The Left Unity Party – about 10 MPs

    400 MPs majority government is the result,
    which includes Labour and ensures austerity cuts do not happen.

    Tories and Lib Dems locked out of power, into a minority opposition in the UK parliament, unable to do all the massive cuts as not in government.

    Share my website and get a true left alliance in a majority government by bringing out the 75 per cent poor vote lost to all parties right now.

  12. casual agent

    The Sun is a national disgrace anyone reading it needs to look past it’s narrow minded blinkered view of the world and beg decent people for forgiveness.Murdoch is making a mug out of you or don’t you you mind that much?…There…that’s as polite as I’m getting

  13. JoeDM

    The Sun is quite right.

  14. JoeDM

    It’s called democracy !!!

  15. Leon Wolfeson

    Funny, most democracies don’t allow foreign ownership of important chunks of their media.

    it’s “democracy” when it suits YOU.

  16. Leon Wolfeson

    Problem is Labour are not shaping up to be any better.

  17. Leon Wolfeson

    Ah yes, everyone who doesn’t agree with you is mad.

    A lovely far right, totalitarian, social darwinist view.
    No democracy THERE of course.

    And selective support for democracy…is not support for democracy at all. It’s an excuse.

  18. Patrick Nelson

    The Sun exists because it provides a constant supply of big boobies, salacious stories and sports which are ideal for a people whose brains were ground into goo by a “just enough to work, but not enough to dare to think independently – education for proles” that is provided in so many British schools.

  19. Patrick Nelson

    … and neither should we. The obvious madness is in the current setup which has allowed one malevolent foreign national to distort British politics for three decades.

  20. Scani Poos


  21. Kryten2k35

    No, it’s not called democracy, you simpleton.

  22. Tim Spencer

    Ed has already promised to implement Levinson’s recommendations on the press and media (Chicken Dave was, um, too chicken?). The right wing press are shitting themselves over a labour win, which of course is why we aught to have one. I intend not only to vote Labour – put put my time and money into helping them into power. I am fortunate to live in a marginal constituency. Bye Bye Jane Ellison.

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