Labour pledges a more equal society for LGBT people

LGBT manifesto promises to improve mental health services for young people


This evening Labour will launch their LGBT manifesto in Brighton. ‘A Better Future for Britain’s LGBT Community’ sets out a number of pledges aimed at tackling discrimination and providing better mental health and support services for LGBT people.

Angela Eagle, the shadow leader of the House of Commons, will say that the UK’s progress on lesbian and gay rights over the past 20 years is one of the Labour party’s proudest achievements, but that more still needs to be done.

In particular, Eagle will highlight disturbing figures showing that nearly a quarter of LGB people, and half of trans people, have attempted suicide. Half of young LGBT people say they have self harmed. This indicates that despite progress in equal marriage rights and an increased number of out public figures, something is still very wrong in our society.

Tonight Labour will pledge to prioritise access to mental health services for young people, including those who are being bullied because of their sexuality or gender identity. The new plans will also ensure that teachers are better equipped to identify problems early and link children to appropriate support services.

Angela Eagle, who was the UK’s first openly lesbian MP, will say:

“Too many LGBT young people are growing up scared and alone because they are bullied at school and don’t have sufficient support when their mental health suffers. In government Labour will finish the job we started and ensure every LGBT person has the chance to achieve their ambitions free from prejudice and discrimination.”

The five key pledges from the manifesto are:

Tackle discrimination in society and at work 

Including strengthening the law on LGBT hate crime, undertaking a review of gender identity law and policy and implementing ‘Turing’s Law’ (offering posthumous pardons to gay men convicted for homosexuality.)

Provide an education free from homophobia, biphobia and transphobia

Age-appropriate compulsory sex and relationship education will be introduced in all state-supported schools so that young people ‘learn to respect each other’s relationships’.

Lead on LGBT rights around the world

Including the appointment of the UK’s first international envoy on LGBT rights to promote respect on LGBT rights globally. A review will also be undertaken into the procedures for asylum seekers fleeing persecution for their sexuality or gender identity, to ensure the rules are being upheld.

Provide accessible and supportive health services

Creating equal access to mental health treatment including talking therapies, and working with the trans community to improve access to gender care services.

Ensure fairer and more diverse representation in public life

Including working to improve LGBT representation in parliament, and challenging narrow representations of LGBT people in all walks of public life.

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38 Responses to “Labour pledges a more equal society for LGBT people”

  1. damon

    ”Provide an education free from homophobia, biphobia and transphobia”

    These terms a a bit stupid imo. You don’t have to be phobic to not think every last aspect or homosexuality is fantastic.

  2. Jack

    The suffix ‘-phobic’ has been misappropriated by the Left. For instance, someone who suffers from arachnophobia has an irrational fear of spiders. A person may disapprove of the act of homosexuality, possibly because it’s against their faith, without bring frightened of gay people. It’s an incorrect use of language, and the ironic aspect is that that those who coined it were attempting to create a homogenous label for people they oppose (those who don’t approve of homosexuality) whilst on the other hand trying to individualise those people they support.

  3. billericaydickie

    This is an article for the sake of writing articles. There is no discrimination against, whatever the current trendy description is at the moment, of anyone in this country. It is the destination of choice for just about everyone who can get in including Gay people who claim asylum.

  4. damon

    Yep, I agree with that. Maybe the best thing I could say about that kind of PC is that it has actually moved society forward. Even though it’s dishonest and annoying.
    You teach this to school kids and make it mainstream, and ten years later it’s had an effect.

    Its still bloody annoying though. All this gay equality stuff is quite unscrupulous, because it doesn’t allow people to cross examine it or say things that are contrary. You’ll just get called a hater.
    I’ve been in gay clubs and bars. There’s something definitely different about them. There must be, otherwise gay people wouldn’t frequent them. But what is it that’s different?
    What’s different about gay holiday towns like Provincetown Cape Cod, which is full of gay people and gay hotels, restaurants, saunas and all the rest? Why is it popular with gay people?
    When you’re on holiday in the Canary Islands and you see some of the gay hotels, or see the gay nightlife there.
    If you were to try to describe accurately what they were about, some PC equality person should tell you to stop because you were being homophobic.

  5. Leon Wolfeson

    No surprise you deny the rising tide of hate crime, and the routine discrimination which occurs.

  6. Guest

    No surprise you want to keep your moral bigotry in education.
    You try and hide it behind talking about positive discrimination, which is not what was called for.

  7. Guest

    So you’re engaged in an orwellian attempt to redefine words, to make your bigotry acceptable again. Right.

  8. Guest

    Of course you agree with legitimatising your bigotry again.

    It’s so “unscrupulous” that you can’t discriminate based on people’s sexuality, OH NO!

    How dare, too, gay-friendly spaces exist, where your sort of bigotry is simply not welcome. And private business can do what it likes in terms of positive discrimination, it’s negative discrimination against protected characteristics which is illegal, after all. It’s *business*.

    Amazing how you turn on the market when it does not suit your big state morality.

  9. damon

    I didn’t say I want to discriminate. I don’t. But I don’t want to be told how to think or how to view things either. If I want to look over at the gay Tea dance on the deck of a gay hotel in Cape Cod and think it looks rather silly, it doesn’t mean I dislike those people for being gay. I may just think the culture is a bit GAY.


    Islamaphobia is probably the latest leftie word. The left have been sloganising for decades. It is all they have.

  11. Guest

    And you jump into PC bigotry against the left, demanding they be limited to your world.

  12. Guest

    No, you just go ahead and discriminate, right. Nobody is telling you how to think or view things, the law is about your actions.

    You then demonstrate your bigotry as usual. Free speach means I can do so.

  13. Leon Wolfeson

    And there we have it, many of the right would rather have young people suffer because of their sexuality than help them.

  14. damon

    I haven’t discriminated against anyone Leon.
    Why can’t I find this about amusing though?×615.jpg

    It’s a Tea dance in Cape Cod. I think it’s fine and maybe fun, but in lots of parts of the world they don’t really get that subculture.
    Saying that doesn’t mean I hate them fool.

  15. Guest

    You have right here, so your claim is nonsense.

    And you’re making excuses as usual.

  16. damon

    I have right here?? What does that mean?

    When kids in school say to each other ”that’s a bit gay” they may be talking this kind of cultural phenomenon. The common male gay culture like shown in that photo. It doesn’t mean anyone hates anyone, but people like you try to close all discussion and ideas you don’t like down and start accusing people of hating. Because you’re a trolling fundamentalist Leon.

  17. The Guest Chick

    We should just be able to enjoy Brighton for its goodness, the one spoken of here: the one that’s positive for all


    LGBT people are more likely to be Tories.

  19. Guest


    Then you make excuses for casual bigotry. As you stereotype people based on said bigotry. YOU hate them, I’m not generalising, as you try and close discussion because I dare say that, as you try and frantically prevent my talking about your raging, ravening hatreds, over and over.

  20. Leon Wolfeson

    So you reply to a post about your post, with a lie. Right.

  21. billericaydickie

    Got any evidence for your claims?

  22. billericaydickie

    You must take your medication Leon.

  23. billericaydickie

    They were until The High Court decision about Tower Hamlets yesterday. The left are silent on that one.

  24. damon

    Leon, you are so intolerant you’re basically a bigot.

    Like the ”on the rates” official anti-racism and LBGT politics, you deny people the right to put things their own way or have their own views with out being slated.

    Have a look at the website images for this gay hotel resort in Cape Cod.

    That looks pretty much a mainstream part of gay culture.
    Pools and parties, lounging about in the sunshine with a load of other gay men.
    Fine – nothing wrong with that. It is a bit gay though? Of course it is.
    And I know quite a few men who would not ”get that” at all.
    They wouldn’t understand the culture.
    But that doesn’t mean they hate. It’s just different cultures.


    What is strange is that Islam detests socialism. Strange bedfellows indeed.

  26. Leon Wolfeson

    You mean except the police figures?

  27. Guest

    Those meds? You see? They’re yours. Sorry to point this out.

  28. Guest

    “UR LIKE ME”

    No, I don’t share your views, get over it. You are making up nonsense and stereotyping people to suit your bigotry, then using “gay” offensively.

    You are saying that gay people have a completely different culture, you’re rejecting any claim they have to be British, etc.

  29. Guest

    No – I’m very pleased a bigot got what was coming to him.
    You must be unhappy.

  30. Guest

    Magical socialism again, lol.

  31. damon

    I’m not saying black people have a totally different culture. You’re just saying I’m saying that. But maybe you are denying people’s right to be different and to have a distinct culture. Are you unaware of the Africanist perspective? Have a look at the film ”Hidden Colors” on YouTube, where African Americans paint a picture of a society so racist that there is need for separation.

    Or have a look at one of the hottest rappers of the moment, Kendrick Lamar (I have his latest album). It’s saturated with N words, even though hardly any white people use that term any more.

  32. Guest

    No, just an inferior one, right. You’re the one who is a monoculturalist and is afraid of other cultures here. As you take a single film and demand it speaks for everyone of a culture, right.

    And then you criticise art. Sigh.

  33. damon

    Leon, straight questions. Have you ever seen any of Hidden Colors?

    It’s about your level (very poor). Unfortunately I have a family member who has these DVDs and I borrowed them. They believe that conspiracy stuff.
    Those views are mainstream in the black communities of the US and Britain.
    The kind of thing that Lee Jasper would support.

    Secondly, have you heard Kendrick? He’s pretty good, while at the same time being a load of crap. I like the songs and play the CD in my trucks at work.
    But it’s ”fake consciousness” at the end of the day imo.
    Do you disagree?

  34. Leon Wolfeson

    LB, straight question, have you ever knowing been within 3ft of a gay person?

    Of course you borrow from yourself all the time, as you go on about how black period are inferior and must share your views, at the same time.

    Then you talk about nonsense psychobabble.

  35. damon

    Yes Leon I have. I’ve even dabbled in a bit of gay sex – just a little though.

  36. Leon Wolfeson

    …and are they alive today?

  37. damon

    I have no idea.

  38. Leon Wolfeson


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