David Cameron comes clean: he’s secretly a Marxist

The Tories have tacitly made a very important concession


When back in 2013 Labour leader Ed Miliband announced a 20-month freeze on energy bills the Conservative Party went into paroxysms of rage. The announcement was a ‘con’ that would not be out of place on the pages of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, according to the Tories.

These were not the shrill cries of the party’s backbenches, either. No, they were the words of no less than the prime minister and the chancellor. Commenting on Labour’s 2013 price freeze announcement, they said at the time:

“We have to address the causes of prices, rather than effectively come up with what is a con.”

David Cameron, 10 October 2013.

“I know he wants to live in a Marxist universe. He needs a basic lesson in economics.”

David Cameron, PMQs, 9 October 2013.

Meanwhile the chancellor George Osborne described the energy freeze as something out of Das Kapital.

Conservative cheerleaders in the press didn’t hold back either. Here was Allister Heath in the right-wing newspaper City AM:

“…price controls have been tried thousands of times throughout history in hundreds of different markets and always fail“.

So what do we take from this? Well presumably that all price controls are nascent signs of Marxsim-Leninism that ought to be thoroughly opposed by all right-thinking people.

And yet what’s this we see coming over the horizon today? Only a Conservative party promise of a …rail fare price freeze.

There is already a restriction in place limiting increases in fares to RPI (retail prices index) inflation which has been in place for two years. However under today’s Conservative proposals this will be extended until 2020, saving, so the Tories claim, around £400 per rail commuter.

A price freeze in other words – and the sort of thing the Tories previously decried as an unfailing sign of incipient socialism.

It would be an exageration of course to claim that we are all Marxists now, but there is hope: the Tories have with this policy tacitly made a very important concession to the left: that market mechanisms by themselves do not – and cannot – solve all of our problems.

Welcome aboard, comrades – perhaps we’ll see you in Cuba over the summer…

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16 Responses to “David Cameron comes clean: he’s secretly a Marxist”

  1. James Chilton

    The rail fare price freeze, if it comes about, will mostly benefit affluent commuters in the South East who travel into London.

    In other words, a Tory client group has been promised a benefit that would be stigmatised as a ‘hand out’ if offered to people already on welfare.

  2. Leon Wolfeson

    It’s also not a “freeze” as most people understand it. It’s limiting the rises to RPI. For some fares. On average.

  3. nodbod

    Just been listening to the BBC news on this. Apparently a disproportionate number of the richest 20% of households stand to gain from this. Must look after the rich whilst claiming to benefit everybody

  4. Leon Wolfeson

    Well most people were priced off trains long ago. The entire thing needs a wholesale revision of the pricing model.

  5. nodbod

    You’re correct there. I live 50 miles from London and last year two of us wanted to go to London and back over three days. If we wanted to go Friday and return Sunday we were being quoted in excess of £60 each! By going late Friday and returning mid-morning Monday we got returns for about £15 each. Luckily I did not lose work over it but at £60 each it was cheaper to drive and pay parking. My opinion is that it is a service and should be in state control and priced to break even or just in profit.

  6. nodbod

    You’re correct there. I live 50 miles from London and last year two of us wanted to go to London and back over three days. If we wanted to go Friday and return Sunday we were being quoted in excess of £60 each! By going late Friday and returning mid-morning Monday we got returns for about £15 each. Luckily I did not lose work over it but at £60 each it was cheaper to drive and pay parking. My opinion is that it is a service and should be in state control and priced to break even or just in profit.

  7. Leon Wolfeson

    Well, railways here are heavily subsidised, as they are in other Western countries. In fact, that subsidy has gone up. But so have the prices, well above inflation.

    I travel maybe twice a year on the railways these days, and only then because National Express have cut back from ~fifteen coaches a day on that route to one (and higher priced), because they own the railway franchise and don’t want the competition!

  8. David Lindsay

    Miliband can and should trump Cameron immediately and obviously, by promising to bring each franchise back into public ownership as and when it came up for renewal.

    Moreover, he should undertake to act against one of the great scandals of Rip-Off Britain, namely the failure, to put it mildly, of the bus companies to pass on in fare reductions the fall in the price of oil.

  9. G.davis

    This male… So he calls him self a man should not run our country, he’s a disaster!!! Disgrace, n il refuse to live in this country if this man stays priminister!!!!!!!

  10. G.davis

    I’m all for ukip , I’m far from racist , it’s not about race , wen I was a child this world was safe, now it’s not u can’t let ur kids play out without worrying, bring back our own country wear we all stick by each other and defend one another …. Back to a safe place …. Any1 that shunt be here …… Go bk to ur own country n let the children of our days live there lives in there own country with out fear of being robbed or raped!!!!! UKIP send them all back!!!!!!!

  11. G.davis

    This so called person will do nudnik he says he will…. Labour promise but overall always make the place worse … Vote ukip n let’s take charge of our country n have real people take taxes off us for real things x

  12. G.davis

    UKIP will make sure rail travel isn’t a massive bill out of ur wage each month!! UKIP stand strong by all british citezens , make that vote and transport won’t cost wat it does at the minute!!!!! This country’s a mess good by ,,,,,labour let ukip clean ur act up!!!!!! N to prove there is no race issue , I have the most amazing friend. Who has spent 5 years in uni studding language, she’s 26 mixed race female , who. Was promised a degree after all her studying she spent day and night doing nothing but studying only to find out Mr camron… So called priminister…. Could not find her work in this country……….. Shame on him , she moved to Australia wear they adored and loved her and she now runs a ward In Perth Australia! Get labour out ……. Vote ukip x

  13. Leon Wolfeson

    In fact, per crime stats kids today are far safer than they were when you were a kid.

    “Go bk to ur own country”

    So, racism.

  14. Leon Wolfeson

    You, who wants to “send them all back”, would go to another country?

    You’re a hypocrite.

  15. Leon Wolfeson

    You’re talking nonsense. UKIP are committed to capitalism on this.

    “I have a mixed race friend”….oh, that excuse.

  16. Helenpat

    And like Stalin the Tories aren’t above fixing elections – especially in Rutland – see http://www.rutlandshire.blogspot.com for account of what happened in 2011 – the Returning Officer had a note attached to her file. But it’s 2015 and it seems we’re going to have fewer weapons to fight electoral fraud this time.

    Rutland had highly irregular actions and decision in 2011 on seven
    recounts for one seat.

    Having complained earlier this week to the Electoral Commissioner’s Office on a number of
    issues over the 2015 election namely:

    1. Candidates will only be able to attend the count for their own
    election. They will not be admitted before their count or permitted to
    stay in the chamber after their count has been completed.

    2. The Returning Officer usually insists that no one will be allowed to take photographs in the counting chamber.

    3, County Council and Parish Council Ballot boxes will be shipped to
    Melton for the General Election count at 10 pm on 7th May and then
    shipped back to Oakham for the 2 pm County Council count on 8th May in
    the Victoria Hall.

    4. Bloggers and social media will not be permitted into the counting
    chamber – only requests to attend from mainstream accredited media will
    be considered.

    5. 2011 local election was reported to the Electoral Commissioner –
    seven recounts which involved breaches of rules including removal of
    votes from the table before reconciliation and return of votes to the
    table with more in the piles than removed. Conservatives handled votes –
    reported on rutlandshire.blogspot.com

    I got this email back from the Commissioner’s Office – seems like
    a fix for the Tories to me with the collusion locally of press, police
    and judging by this reply from the Electoral Commissioner’s Office too!

    Sxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx
    17:04 (6 hours ago)

    to me
    Dear Ms Pender

    Thank you for your recent call to the Electoral Commission.

    law the proceedings at the count have to be kept secret and for that
    reason we strongly advise Returning Officers not to allow the use of
    photography or mobile phones at a count. The Returning Officer would
    have been acting in accordance with the law and our guidance in not
    allowing photography. An election count is not open to the general
    public and attendance is governed by legislation. Candidates and their
    agents can attend the count in which they are standing but they have no
    right to be present at other counts that may be taking place in the same
    venue. Indeed having people present who have no right to be there can
    impede the counting process and so we make it clear to Returning
    Officers that once a particular count has been concluded the Returning
    Officer can ask all those involved in that count to leave the count

    With regard to the count at the 2015 UK Parliamentary
    election we have looked at the plans prepared by Melton Borough Council
    for the count for the Melton and Rutland constituency and are happy with
    them . We have no reason to believe that the local Rutland count will
    be anything other than effective and carried out in accordance with the
    rules and our guidance.

    Kind regards,

    Sxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx
    Public Info Officer
    The Electoral Commission
    3 Bunhill Row
    EC1Y 8YZ
    Fax: 020 7271 0665

    So it appears there won’t be any pictures transmitted from any marginal seat by any TV station this election!

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