This week’s most read: Boris Nemtsov, Islamophobia and Clarkson campaigners

The most read stories on Left Foot Forward this week


1. Not in my name: the ‘joint UK Muslim statement’ offers no progressive solutions – Jonathan Russell

2. More people signed a campaign to bring back Clarkson than to end FGM  Ruby Stockham

3. Projecting the Kremlin line – Pierre Vaux

4. Benefit cap breaches children’s rights, says Supreme Court  Ruby Stockham

5. The Extreme Centre versus posture politics James Bloodworth

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4 Responses to “This week’s most read: Boris Nemtsov, Islamophobia and Clarkson campaigners”

  1. Godfrey Paul

    Islamaphobia – A term used only by the supporters of islamofascism

  2. Guest

    Keep chanting about how you’re Islamist.

    You’re so afraid of discussion of your views it’s sad.

  3. TN

    Nothing you ever post on here makes sense, Leon/Guest. You sound bipolar and 99% of people can’t stand your nonsensical crap on here.

  4. Guest

    No Lord Blagger, you are not the 99%, as you trumpet once more you cannot read English while screaming “UR MAD JEW”.

    It’s always the same insults. Dead giveaway of whichever username you’re using today. The same far right, totalitatian, social darwinist spew.

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