POLL: What should be the priority of the next Labour government?


The latest YouGov poll has Labour and the Conservatives neck and neck on 34 per cent, with UKIP on 12 per cent followed by the Lib Dems on 8 per cent and the Greens on 6 per cent.

A hung parliament looks the most likely outcome in May; but there is still time for the polls to change considerably. With or without the support of one of the smaller parties, Labour could edge it.

And so we want to hear from you: what should the next Labour government prioritise in office? Reducing inequality? Improving the NHS? Building more homes? Nationalising the railways? The environment?

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80 Responses to “POLL: What should be the priority of the next Labour government?”

  1. Guest

    Then stop yelling it out.

  2. Leon Wolfeson

    Renationalisation isn’t always the best option. I’d suggest looking at the NEF’s study as to options such as mutual and non-profit status – not least because it’s harder for future governments to tinker.

  3. Guest

    You contradict yourself. It’s harder to have business and generate cash with anti-business moves, which wouldn’t even work. No, we should tax in a progressive fashion, not tell people “there is a roof” – and the rich will just earn from shares etc., get paid abroad, etc.

    Those who’d be impacted would be those playing by the rules.

  4. Guest

    Keep using that PC bigotry, as you smear the left with Labour’s right wing views. Labour are not right wing *enough* for you, as you support rising inequality.

    Keep attacking those “wasteful” nurses and teachers, the evils of the NHS and universal schooling. The satanism of keeping the poor alive, of helping the British.

    No – you might run away, but your lies that only the rich generate wealth and “strive” (collect your corporate welfare cheques), that leeching off the taxpayer is good…when the evidence is that you’d not move your business.

    We’re Better Off Without You. Go, run, as you threaten. Off! Stop meddling with Britain.

  5. Guest

    We’re in deflation. We need inflation.

    To you, NOT crashing the economy is to sink it. As the deficit will require ever-more radical measures, ever more poverty and inequality not to rise again as we have a bubble in the city, the only place “growing”.

  6. Guest

    And your family problems are relevant why?

  7. Guest

    About how you need to trash your family, how it’s not “nuts” to hate Britain, where you came from?

  8. Guest

    You put your feet up, rich man, and collect your non-wage income anyway. So stop whining.
    This is talking about wages.

    Still a bad idea, but not relevant to you.

  9. Guest

    I get you want to stab me. I’m not interested in your excuses for Jewhate.

  10. Leon Wolfeson

    I’ll say what I’ve said before –

    A wage cap, a message Britain is closed for business, is not the way to improve standards of living. Firstly, it won’t work (they’ll be paid abroad). Second, we’ll have less business done here. Third, it opens up a morass of new types of law.

    No, just adjust the normal tax rates so that high earners have a higher marginal tax rate. Simple, effective.And introduce things which really will help people – building council houses and a Basic Income.

    Moreover, a wage cap would instantly be repealed by right wingers. It’s an easy target. Council houses and a basic income which benefits everyone are far, far harder targets,

  11. Castilian

    Hey, if I don’t work, I don’t eat. What makes you think I’m rich like the ‘millionaire Millibands’? I can only dream of having two kitchens.

  12. Castilian

    What you have just posted is total gibberish. Try it again in the morning when you’ve sobered up.

  13. Castilian

    What family problems? Our family has always been stable and respectable.

  14. Castilian

    That’s what I’ve been telling the millionaire Millibands. But they won’t listen.

  15. Castilian

    Just find another evil to combat, I guess.

  16. Castilian

    “a basic income which benefits everyone”

    They problem there is that everyone doesn’t deserve to benefit. Some people are just outright wasters, scumbags and morons. People don’t want to bust their gut working to fund the stupid and lazy.

  17. Leon Wolfeson

    Yea, you keep hating on the 99%.

    And right, I don’t want to support you via your corporate welfare and leeching off workers. I’d rather ensure everyone has a reasonable standard of living rather than your few having it all, while everyone else suffers.

    And you know what? The 99% have more votes than you.

  18. Guest

    You’re claiming to be David Milliband’s mirror?

  19. Guest

    No, you’re doing a fairly good job of fighting your own cause as it is.

  20. Guest

    You just said you spent half your life trying to escape your family.
    And then you listed why.

    Not my fault you’re unstable and disreputable.

  21. Guest

    Aww, I obviously was 100% correct by your panic.
    And no, I don’t have your alcohol abuse problems.

  22. Guest

    Because of your repeated claims to be a 1%er, with the 1%’s attitude. Your bitter hatred of your family, workers, Britain and the British, Council houses, the NHS, teachers, etc.

    As you highlight that you’d need to lose massively to only have two kitchens left. Dream-land to think you’d be that poorly off, right.

    And no, collecting corporate welfare cheques isn’t “work”, incidentally.

  23. Castilian

    Oh dear…

  24. Castilian

    “And no, I don’t have your alcohol abuse problems.”

    Well, if you were not drunk that is even more worrying.

  25. Castilian

    Escape my family? I never said anything about my family. You just made that up. I said I wanted to escape from social housing. Here are my exact words –

    “Screw social housing – I spent half my life trying to get away from it!”

    Your delusions indicate some kind of mental disorder. Can’t you see that?

  26. Guest

    “UR MAD”

    Nope, I can see you’re a far right, social darwinist totalitarian who is lashing out because I’m not following your party line. That’s exactly what falsely accusing people of mental illness in a conversation is, after all.

    I’m reading between your lines, that’s your issue here. You dish it out but can’t take it, wimp.

  27. Castilian

    “That’s exactly what falsely accusing people of mental illness in a conversation is, after all.”

    But what if they are mad?

  28. ForeignRedTory

    I’d say it is brilliantly clear that you do not understand Iwrit at all.
    My oh my, how you have been shown up, putz.

  29. Guest

    “But what if there’s a flying Godzilla outside my window”.

    Same sort of question. You remain a wimp.

  30. Castilian

    I’m happy as I am – but you seem troubled?

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