Left Foot Forward poll: 34 per cent want a Labour majority

Last week we asked Left Foot Forward readers what outcome they'd most like to see at the General Election. We had 471 responses, and here's what we found out


34.4 per cent of you said you’d like an outright Labour majority,┬ácompared to 10.6 per cent who’d like a Conservative majority. Only 13 of you (2.8 per cent) would like things to stay as they are with another Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

Seven per cent would like to see a Labour-led coalition with the Lib Dems, but 10.8 would like Labour to lead a coalition with the SNP, and 19.3 per cent (91 of you) would like to see Labour lead a coalition with the Greens.

The second most popular choice after a Labour majority was a three-party coalition with Labour, the Greens and the SNP, which 27.6 per cent of you are hoping for. The least popular choice was a Tory/SNP coalition, which only two of you would like to see.

25 of you would like a Tory/UKIP coalition – half the number who are hoping for an outright Tory majority. Adding the Lib Dems into that coalition sees popularity fall to 1.06 per cent.

General Election 2


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60 Responses to “Left Foot Forward poll: 34 per cent want a Labour majority”

  1. Guest

    Your posts still exist, right. And you oppose holding principles, right.
    You’re always thus be a lot, politically.

  2. Guest

    Keep demanding others follow your fetishes.

  3. Guest

    So you say your posts don’t exist, as you admit you make excuses since you’re the troll. Okay!

    Keep demanding I play your silly little trolling game, as you try and deny your clear political affiliation. And…oh, right, you’re a Stalinist. My bad!

  4. JustAnotherNumber


    I’m really struggling to make any sense of most of what you’re saying here. It’s mostly gibberish. What I can make linguistic sense of, appears to be the opposite of the truth. Even if you’re trolling, you’re really not very good at it.

    I have not said any posts don’t exist.
    I have not made any excuses.
    I have not admitted making any excuses.
    I have not revealed my political affiliation, in terms of a party or political theory, other than to state that I’m a moderate progressive centre-leftist, and your guesses so far as to my political affiliation have all been wrong.

    This exchange is at once frustrating and fascinating. I honestly don’t know what you’re going to come up with next. It’s bewildering and quite hilarious.

  5. JustAnotherNumber

    I’ll respond to these three statements one at a time, as best I can.

    “Your posts still exist, right.”

    “And you oppose holding principles, right.”

    “You’re always thus be a lot, politically.”
    This makes no sense in terms of the grammar, morphology or syntax of English.

  6. Guest

    Then take more ESOL lessons, it’s called “English”. You said something very clearly, and are now frantically trying to deny it.

    You “honestly” can’t see how your determination to lie about your clear statement that you do not believe in principles – which your lying makes utterly clear.

    You’re the other kind of funny.

  7. JustAnotherNumber

    Do you know how to take a screenshot and post the image into a discussion?

    If so, I’d really appreciate it if you were to take a screenshot of the comment where I said I do not believe in principles, and then post the image here.

  8. JustAnotherNumber

  9. ForeignRedTory

    as you demand that governments not be sovereign

    In other words,Goverments are NOT obliged to stick to their commitments made and national sovereignty overrides international law and order. You’d fit in just fine with the Kippers.

    And as I insult the heck out of Trots and SWeePers, you have admitted for the record that I am moderate. Thanks!
    LOL. That MIGHT cut some wods if only we saw a commitment on your side to completely,utterly,and totally stampout ANY variety of Marxism -Trotter or Mao or otherwise. Which means zero-toleration towards Syriza.
    To be to the point,and I am sure you are capable of understanding it( if not,we can switch to Iwrit)you smell of Mapam rather than Mapai. Nachon, putz?

  10. ForeignRedTory

    Has it ever struckyou that the Greens might be right,and that we should de-grow? If so,we must REDISTRIBUTE resources rather than lift the tide and raise CO2.

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