Cage: I hate to say we told you so

Many who should know better have coddled Cage in recent years


Earlier this week I found myself in a debate with a volunteer from Amnesty International over the charity’s promotion of Cage and specifically the former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg. The discussion revolved around the suitability of Cage – a shady Salafi PR outfit – as a partner for Amnesty in the latter’s campaign for the right to a fair trial.

The argument was put to me that, whilst Amnesty might not agree with all of the views espoused by Cage, they do share common ground  on the right to justice and against the disgrace that is Guantanamo Bay.

My own argument was simply to ask whether it would be acceptable to partner with an organisation of the British far-right in a similar fashion. Would it really be kosher to share a platform with Nick Griffin simply because of ‘common ground’ over his and  our opposition to, say, the war in Iraq?

Of course not, and I suspect my interlocutor now realises this – ever since Cage’s unsavoury nature became undeniable yesterday afternoon, his tweets defending the group have mysteriously disappeared. Or not so mysteriously; for who really wants to be on the record publicly defending a group which referred to Mohammed Emwazi (aka Jihadi John) as a ‘beautiful man’?

Nor can yesterday’s Cage press conference be defended on the basis of putting Mohammed Emwazi’s actions in their proper ‘context’. Contemplate for a second how silly (and how sinister) it would have been to talk about the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik in a similar fashion – not as a ruthless killer but as a misunderstood victim of the system. As a friend put it this morning, the ‘MI5 made me do it’ narrative is also an insult to all of those who fall foul of the immigration system yet do not resort to beheading people.

Many who ought to have known better have coddled Cage in recent years and will no doubt feign surprise at news that the group isn’t so much a human rights group as an Islamist activist outfit. Well I’m sorry to say this but: we told you so. As Noor Elahi wrote on these pages back in October 2014:

“Even though CAGE say they knew Britons were being held hostage in Syria, at a time the wider public did not, they argued that the UK had nothing to fear from Muslims travelling to Syria to fight. As the crimes of Britons in ISIS and the Al-Nusra front became clear, this analysis was quietly dropped, replaced by the claim that British Muslims were being criminalised collectively, or that particular excesses of the Islamic State’s actions were incompatible with sharia.”

One hopes that after yesterday’s grim spectacle Amnesty will distance itself from Cage, just as it would any other group that was so closely aligned with (and so ready to make excuses for) dangerous extremists.

Similarly, the left should draw a clear line of separation between itself and groups like Cage when campaigning for human rights. As Noor put it in her piece:

“[While] It is entirely correct that the ethical abomination of Guantanamo Bay be campaigned against…What the left should never do is whitewash the ideas and beliefs of people like CAGE and Moazzam Begg. Their agenda is to be an advocacy group for Islamic fundamentalism in British society, and to use the left as the soap powder for that washing.”

After yesterday, that seems a fairly uncontroversial point. But what a shame it’s taken so long to get here; some of us have been cautioning against Cage for years.

James Bloodworth is the editor of Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter

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    Keep screaming that as I am not just like you and don’t hold your hate, I am automagically “mad” – again, the same old Lord Blagger argument, one which is totalitarian, far right, social darwinist and indeed pro-censorship.

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  6. Matthew Blott

    You are actually quite amusing.

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    Yea, I’m sure you routinely cackle at those idiots with other views, who bother with facts. So limiting!

  9. Matthew Blott

    Your fantasies are not facts.

  10. Guest

    So, another dig at both left wing views in general and my religion. *claps*

    The fantasy which isn’t fact, LB, is your demand not to pay pensions on spurious grounds.

  11. Matthew Blott

    Again, you lost me.

  12. KBPlayer

    That “Guest” comment was mine, which I tried to delete, when I realised it looked as if I was taking you to task. In fact I agreed with what you said. It looks like if you delete a comment it shows as “Guest” – which might explain the plethora of “Guests” on this thread.

  13. Leon Wolfeson

    Yea, np – I really do feel the article wasn’t really clear enough on it.

  14. Guest

    Take more ESOL lessons then.

    (Yes, your non-answers and refusal to read posts have lead me to a factual insult)

  15. Max

    I’m afraid I left Amnesty with a heavy heart at the time of the Gita Sahgal affair. In a conversation with an Amnesty employee I questioned their choosing to address me as a ‘supporter’ and not as previously, a member. I left with the impression of a very tyrannical top-down organisation. Sad really as I first joined in the sixties when we used to send 3 postcards a month to support real prisoners of conscience.

  16. GhostofJimMorisson

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  17. Guest

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  26. Lesmond Nyjacks

    “Penny isn’t a Muslim name.”, but it is your name Laurie, you screeching hateful harpy.

    John neither stated or implied that he wanted people to “drop” or that anyone would “have to push them” off the “White Cliffs”.

    Your vile insinuation, or perhaps your vile projection, you hateful marxist.

  27. Lamia

    Ah, Leon Wolfeson trying to run cover for his misogynist, homophobic, violent, illiberal and anti-democratic Islamist heroes and their apologists.

  28. Lamia

    Very good post, James. Thanks.

    And this isn’t to take any credit away from LFF, but actually a number of blogs, activists and journalists have been saying this about Cage for a long time. JRCT and Amnesty were warned about this years ago. They persisted in their delusion – whether through simple boneheadness or something worse, I don’t know.

    But it is good that they are now being publicly held to inspection for their inexcusable behaviour. I doubt if they will apologise but I hope that they will learn: dubious tactics like supporting Cage and other Islamists despite the evidence of whom and what they support (which goes way beyond supporting detainees without trial) can only harm the credibility of human rights NGOs.

  29. Lamia

    Yes, John Rees, of the Stop the War (unless it’s Russians or Islamists waging it) Coalition, and formerly of the SWP. His partner Lindsey German was one of the people who helped set the ‘progressive’ left down this disastrous road when in 2004 she announced that she wouldn’t make a ‘shibboleth’ of gay rights because it could be construed as Islamophobic. Ever since then the ‘progressive’ left have been shoving all sorts of groups under the bus in order to support their Islamist friends.

    They are an odious minority who unfortunately occupy some very influential positions in our institutions, NGOs and media. They are a blight on the democratic left and on society as a whole.

  30. Lamia

    The article was perfectly clear, you moron.

  31. Lamia

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  42. ronmurp

    Mohammed Emwazi (aka Jihadi John) as a ‘beautiful man’?

    Well, if he was then this speaks volumes about how easy it is to turn beautiful and decent people to sinister murderers with a few passages from a holy book and its supporting texts.

    If he wasn’t then CAGE is an apologist organisation for murderers.

    Either way, none of this is painting a good picture for Islam.

  43. Lesmond Nyjacks

    Leon. you truly are a disgusting marxist.

  44. jools1986

    when britain becomes part of the caliphate, they will be pushing gays off the white cliffs, and you won’t hear a wimper from cage.

  45. jools1986

    moazzam begg’s wife is fat.

  46. Patrick Nelson

    Are we talking about UKIP, Scientology or Evangelical Christianity here?

  47. Patrick Nelson

    So you want to push Muslims off cliffs?

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