Salmond would be ‘hanging from a lamppost’ if Scots had voted yes, argues UKIP MEP

David Coburn MEP accuses SNP of being a racist party in comments that spell more controversy for UKIP


UKIP are once against in hot water this morning, following comments by one of their MEP’s that Alex Salmond would be ‘hanging from a lamppost’ if Scotland had voted for independence.

The comments were made by David Coburn who, in 2014, was surprisingly elected a UKIP MEP for Scotland.

In remarks outlined in the Daily Record he also accuses the SNP of being a ‘racist party’, outlines UKIP’s opposition to the Smith Commission proposals for further powers to be handed to Holyrood and dubs first minister Sturgeon ‘Helmet Hairdo’.

The SNP’s plans for independence had been based on a barrel of North Sea oil being worth around $110. That figure has now fallen to below $50 , leading Coburn to argue that had Scotland voted for independence, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon would have been strung up.

Coburn explained:

“If we had all voted Yes, Scotland would have its begging bowl out to England.

“I am a proud Scot and the last thing I want to see is my country with a begging bowl out to anybody because of a bunch of economic numpties who don’t know anything about finance.

“Nobody can base an economy on a commodity price, it is insanity.

“And if it had happened – if Scotland had voted Yes – they’d be hanging Salmond and Helmet Hairdo and all her silly friends.

“They’d be stringing them up from lampposts in Charlotte Square by now.”

Adding to the fiery remarks, he went on to conclude that the SNP has such a hatred of the English that it is, in his words, a ‘racist’ party. He expanded in his interview:

“They just hate the English. They loathe the English, they are racist and anti-English.”

Meanwhile, with the UK Government expected tomorrow to publish legislation to provide further powers to Holyrood, Coburn has explained that UKIP would seek to undo the proposals contained within the Smith Commission report. Calling for the proposals to be shredded he continued:

“It forms the same purpose that I use Alex Salmond’s Neverendum manifesto, the White Paper.

“Shred it. Stick it on a nail on the back of the privy door, that’s all it’s fit for.”

The comments have attracted considerable dismay from UKIP’s opponents. A spokesperson for the SNP has said:

“These comments are offensive and totally unbefitting of any elected representative – but they are unfortunately the kind of remarks we have come to expect from UKIP’s David Coburn.

“Mr Coburn and his UKIP party are Euro-hostile and have distasteful views on many subjects – it is no wonder they are going nowhere in Scotland.”

For Scottish Labour, it’s deputy leader Kezia Dugdale, added:

“There is no place for this kind of outrageous language in modern Scottish politics.

“UKIP’s language of division and grievance should be a thing of the past. All of Scotland must come together to take our country forward.”

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8 Responses to “Salmond would be ‘hanging from a lamppost’ if Scots had voted yes, argues UKIP MEP”

  1. ForeignRedTory

    Oh – the irony. He is describing my sentiments about the Kip.

  2. Oldmanmackie

    When UKIP are accusing others of racism, there’s a real danger the universe will fold into itself.

  3. robertcp

    The language is unfortunate but he is right about independence for Scotland.

  4. JoeDM

    Some good old-fashioned plain speaking !!!

    Telling it like it is. Well done that man.

  5. Guest

    Ah yes, murder them all, which you support at all costs!

  6. swat

    If UKIP ever get hold of the balance of power, the British people will not be ringing the bells, but their necks.
    Why? because UKIP is now the ‘Nasty Party’.

  7. Keith M

    Yet more fruit fakery from the kippers.

  8. Native Rellion

    racist???? And the English media and recent UKIP remarks arent???? Talking thru his A-hole as always!!

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