#AskGalloway backfires spectacularly

Twitter Q&As remind the Bradford MP of some uncomfortable truths


Yesterday George Galloway made a unique offer to his Twitter followers: if they all sent him a question, he would choose ‘the best one’ and donate his own time to answering it.

Inevitably, Twitter users chose to ask Galloway about his infamous friendship with Saddam Hussein; in 2002 he coyly told the Guardian how the Iraqi dictator had complimented him on his weight loss.

He has also flirted with other repressive regimes, describing President Assad as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and saying it was ‘not true’ that Iran executed homosexuals.

Most recently he made headlines for refusing to debate with an Israeli student at Oxford, saying that he did not recognise or speak to Israelis. He has publicly declared Bradford an ‘Israel free zone’, but has also received criticism in his constituency for how little he is present there.

Here are some of the highlights of yesterday’s questions:


And finally:

Unsurprisingly, Galloway has ended up with a few less Twitter friends than before:

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34 Responses to “#AskGalloway backfires spectacularly”

  1. Asteri

    Can’t the Blairites ever get over this decades long “I really hate George Galloway” obsession? Galloway is a slippery bugger but lets remind ourselves that James Bloodworth (a big mate of Blair personality cultist John Rentoul) manages to denounce the fawning over the Saudi despot without ever managing to mention Blair was the biggest fawner of them all. And then there is the approving retweeting of convicted fraudster Denis MacShane, who did the opposite to Galloway by refusing to debate anyone of Arab background unless they apologized for Hamas.

  2. Gary Scott

    I agree with the sentiments. Mr Galloway’s priority is Mr Galloway. I do note that some of the twitterers are party activists, candidates and/or trolls. Anyone offering to answer questions will be reminded of their own foibles (and George has many) but if I didn’t know better I’d say this was a party political twittering by the usual suspects. They must be getting into practise for the election..

  3. 137point036

    If the point is that GG is a hypocrite, no problem. But we only have hypocrites to chose from. Who is less of a hypocrite than GG?.

  4. ForeignRedTory

    ‘nd then there is the approving retweeting of convicted fraudster Denis
    MacShane, who did the opposite to Galloway by refusing to debate anyone
    of Arab background unless they apologized for Hamas.’

    You mean that George offered to debate an Israeli if said Israeli apologised for this or that?

    It is time to make Britain an anti-Zionist-free zone.

  5. uglyfatbloke

    Will Galloway stand at the next election? If so, will it be for Bradford?

  6. Andy Bentley

    That’s HARDLY “backfires spectacularly” – just normal Twitter trolling as I’m sure Mr Galloway was expecting anyway.
    What scoundrel headlines just to get a few more hits. Gutter journalism.

  7. Guest

    The resemblance to Gary Glitter is uncanny.

    I heard that Mohammed had sex with a nine-year-old “wife”. Are Muslims expected to indulge in this sort of child abuse?

    Is this why Rotherham happened – the perpetratrors were just following their leader?

  8. Guest

    Anyone who doesn’t actively make excuses for Hamas, for starters.

  9. Guest

    What a surprise, you come here to show you’re worse than everyone else.

  10. 137point036

    First, your “anyone” is a big set. Does it include those who finds tanks, bombers and drones to be a more correct way to run a war against civilians. Are they better than GG? Second, how do you compare Hamas to the Warsaw ghetto fighters? Am I a hypocrite for even thinking that the Warsaw fighters may just have had a point?

  11. ForeignRedTory

    HARRUMPH. Have you forgotten that Hamas uses human shields?

    ‘Second, how do you compare Hamas to the Warsaw ghetto fighters?’

    That Warsaw fighters were fighting for goof, whereas the Islamist Terrorists of Hamas are fighting for what they, which is to say, unmitigated Evil.

    Don’t take my word for it, though, let Sam Haris explain.


    Any form of defense or excuse for Hamas is morally reprehensible.

  12. 137point036

    Hamas does nasty things. What military does not?

    The comparison is this: when you are invaded by a force that has more fire-power than you do, and it uses it against you, you either give in or you fight dirty.

    There are always two sides to an argument: one side is good the other is evil. Which is which depends on which side you are on. I tend to support those who have been invaded but it is not a hard and fast rule.

    I like Sam Harris but I would not rely on his opinion of Hamas or GG. And vice versa.

    There are GGs on all sides of this argument. We should not trust any of them more than we have to. And we shouldn’t just focus on those on one side.

    The fact that there are nasty men in the military on all sides is good for the news media but is also a distraction. Someone should spend more time working out why the millions of people in the middle east produce so many dedicated killers, on all sides. Just killing the killers is not sustainable.

  13. Peep

    What would be their excuse for hanging homosexuals and throwing members of an opposition party off a roof? Is the difficulty of living under occupation the reason for that?

  14. ForeignRedTory

    Hamas preaches Genocide – the killing of Jews even if there was no Israel.
    Hamas practises Islamism, a wicked and vile ideology that no decent human being can possibly tolerate.

    ‘Which is which depends on which side you are on’

    If you are not completely on board with the total annihilation of Islamism, whether we find it in Gaza, or Mekka, or Cairo, or Ankara, or Karachi, or let us not forget Paris, you are part of the problem
    .Wether the Islamist is in the AKP, or in Hamas, or in Daash, or in AQ, or in the Brotherhood , or in Respect, is completely irrelevant.

  15. 137point036

    No excuse. But, who are we talking about? Did Hamas do that somewhere? In what country?

    What excuse is there for the good guys to do equivalent stuff? Torture people in Gitmo for being Muslim. Murder all the men of a village in the Balkans for being the wrong men. Disappear people in South America for complaining about the withdrawal of moxie?

    Can we move on – or, in fact, get back to the topic: the widespread contagion of hypocrisy?

  16. 137point036

    Goodnight, Vienna.

  17. ForeignRedTory

    No moving on until the very last vestige of Islamism has been wiped from the face of the Earth. And Chez Galloway would be an excellent place to start searching.

  18. ForeignRedTory

    Islamist stooge.

  19. Mother Nature

    I think I know why Galloway’s eyes always look teary: He drinks

  20. Mother Nature

    Hamas is an Islamic racist jihad org. Their charter, lifted entirely from the Koran, states as their primary goal to kill all Jews on earth. You might agree with them, 137, but most Gaza residents hate Hamas as the brutal dictatorship that they are. When they are found saying as much, they are immediately executed by Hamas. They may have voted in Hamas, but Hamas will never allow them to vote it out. If there were a “siege” against Gaza, everyone there would have starved to death long ago. There’s an embargo to keep out arms from Iran, Turkey and all the other Jew hating countries.

  21. 137point036

    This has strayed a long way from my original point: who is more reliable than GG?But here goes … History is written by the victors. Bad beginnings and bad methods (such as you attribute to Hamas) are all forgiven in the end. Haganah, Lehi, Irgun (Deir Yassin), Herut, Likud, Netanyahu. We will have to wait another 200 years to see if Haganah or Hamas are history’s good guys.

  22. Alex Talbot

    Ha ha you seem somehow offended?

  23. john lyttle

    That’s your takeaway from this? Peculiar. If you and George need to get a room, why don’t you just come out and say so?

  24. john lyttle

    Goodnight, juvenile political debater. I wouldn’t try using that moral compass to find your bed. You’ll end up in Narnia.

  25. Guest

    No surprise you slander the Warsaw fighters by comparing them to your beloved terrorists.

  26. Guest

    Er…no. If there’s Islamist elements in the party, it’s not for the authorities to meddle in the membership roster, it’s for the party to be banned if they won’t get rid of them themselves. The first is totalitarian, the second is appropriate.

  27. Guest

    You’re trying to call terrorists a military and excuse terrorism, as well as use moral relativism.

    Hamas has never targeted military bases with rockets, fancy that. Your friends!

  28. Guest

    Your pretend ignorance of what Hamas does..you’re the hypocrite.

  29. Mother Nature

    We live recognizing simple facts everyday (the sun is up.) Facts are facts. “History is written by the victors” is easily used to ignore facts on the ground. Are you a Holocaust denier as well?

  30. ForeignRedTory

    Would you simply wait for the EDL to be banned, before the Authorities may start looking for racist arses that are members of the EDL, thus turning the EDL into a temporary safe refuge for total wankers?

    There is nothing totalitarian about targeting extremists wherever they may be found. Do you think that the German authorities are being totalitarian if they look for neo-Nazis in Pegida?

    I don’t think Pegida is neonazi organisation, but I would certainly expect to find some neonazis in their midst!

  31. And the banned played on

    Could a twitter user drop this in the #askgalloway pile for me, “Now the muslim child prosititution and gangrape clubs are being dismantled, Are you about the detrimental impact on your sex life?”

    I’m banned, go figure.

  32. Al

    Are you serious? I mean- as in straight face and all that?

  33. Ruth

    ‘Mr’ Galloway? ha ha!! Aside from his ridiculous pandering to jihadists, he’s a laughing stock!!!

  34. Al

    Just watched the documentary about Jim Jones and the mass murder in Jonestown. Whatever Jim Jones suffered from, it does come across as very similar to GGs personal phsycological problems. Don’t drink the Cool aid people!!!!

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