#AskGalloway backfires spectacularly

Twitter Q&As remind the Bradford MP of some uncomfortable truths


Yesterday George Galloway made a unique offer to his Twitter followers: if they all sent him a question, he would choose ‘the best one’ and donate his own time to answering it.

Inevitably, Twitter users chose to ask Galloway about his infamous friendship with Saddam Hussein; in 2002 he coyly told the Guardian how the Iraqi dictator had complimented him on his weight loss.

He has also flirted with other repressive regimes, describing President Assad as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and saying it was ‘not true’ that Iran executed homosexuals.

Most recently he made headlines for refusing to debate with an Israeli student at Oxford, saying that he did not recognise or speak to Israelis. He has publicly declared Bradford an ‘Israel free zone’, but has also received criticism in his constituency for how little he is present there.

Here are some of the highlights of yesterday’s questions:


And finally:

Unsurprisingly, Galloway has ended up with a few less Twitter friends than before:

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