Surge in Scottish Green membership

Membership of the Scottish Green Party has seen a staggering increase of over 600 per cent since January.

Membership of the Scottish Green Party has seen a staggering increase of over 600 per cent since January, according to new figures.

The details, contained within a press release from the UK Green Party show that membership of the party north of the border has increased from 1,200 on 1st January to 7,500 today – an increase of 625 per cent.

The figures show also that there are now twice as many Scottish Young Greens as there were Scottish Green party members at the start of the year.

With the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party due to be announced tomorrow, the figures will heap yet more pressure on whoever wins ahead of the general election next year, who will already face an SNP that has seen membership  increase from the 25,000 seen on referendum day to over 92,000 today.

In October, polling conducted by Ipsos Mori put the Scottish Greens on six per cent when voters north of the border were asked how they would vote in the General Election, level with the Liberal Democrats.

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4 Responses to “Surge in Scottish Green membership”

  1. swat

    wow! scots greens prepare for govt, powersharing with snp

  2. Josiah M

    Latest figures from the Scottish Greens (provided on request) put the current number at just under 7,800 actually – it’s likely they’ll hit 8,000 within the next month.

  3. uglyfatbloke

    Very possibly. The gnats may not actually need them for Holyrood, but a surge in the Green vote may well be more damaging to the prospects of Labour candidates in 2015; the Scottish glib-dumbs are finished anyway – their only really safe best are Kennedy and of course Carmichael in Ork & Shet.

  4. littleoddsandpieces

    The Englisha nd Welsh Green parties could grow and get the 303 seats being predicted for Labour and Lib Dems in 2015 in England and Wales, if only they would tell the pensioners deprived state pension since 2013 about the total loss of any state pension forever coming with the flat rate pension

    And then inform on billboards through towns and cities of The Greens new and unique policies from their 2014 Spring Conference, that The Greens will not tell us all about it:

    – Replace the cruel benefits regime that has risen national debt to 93 per cent since 2010 by its billions in admin and IT costs, with:

    – universal and automatic Citizen Income, non-withdrawable

    to the level of the basic tax allowance

    – Full State Pension, to same amount and bettered of Citizen Income,

    irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history

    mostly lost due to benefit rule changes and early retirement in lieu of redundancy

    under the massive austerity job cuts leaving women and men with 30 years NI contribution history, when the flat rate pension required 35 years contribuiton.

    Then The Greens would get the over 50s as members and voters, who are the most prolific voters by age group.

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