Poll shows that Conservatives are now considered more right wing than UKIP

The ComRes survey suggests that Labour could lose centre-ground votes to Farage.

The ComRes survey suggests that Labour could lose centre-ground votes to Farage

A shocking poll published in the Independent yesterday showed that voters view the Conservatives as more right wing than UKIP.

The poll, carried out by ComRes for the Sunday Mirror and the Independent on Sunday, asked people to position themselves on a political spectrum from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning ‘very left wing’ and 10 meaning ‘very right wing’.

On this scale, UKIP’s average score was 6.6, while the Conservatives’  was 6.9. The Liberal Democrats were placed at 4.9, and Labour at 4.1.

There were some interesting disparities between the positioning of parties and their leaders;  David Cameron’s average score was 6.8 and Nick Clegg’s 5.1, showing how the coalition government has compromised the standing of both leaders with their respective supporters.

Ed Miliband scored 4.1 along with his party, and Nigel Farage scored 6.6. The Green Party is viewed as the most left wing, with an average score of 4.06.

Interestingly, Conservative voters consider the Conservatives more right-wing than UKIP voters consider UKIP. Conservatives also view themselves as more right wing than UKIP voters consider themselves.

This suggests that there are shifting perspectives about the definition of right wing. The perceived elitism of the Tories and the perceived racism of UKIP seem to be equal contenders for what it means to be right wing in modern Britain.

The average voter placed themselves at 5.3, just right of centre.

The poll shows that the Labour party are perceived as being closer to the average person than the Conservatives, who are considered more right wing than Prince Charles. However the poll could still spell bad news for Milband’s party, as it suggests that UKIP are beginning to encroach on centre-left voters.

When given a choice of Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Farage and Boris Johnson, 43 per cent of those questioned said they would choose to have a meal with Boris Johnson, compared to 15 per cent who chose Miliband. Boris was also the most popular choice to have on a pub quiz team, and to have as a contestant on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. 

29 per cent said that they would choose David Cameron to give them first aid in an emergency, compared with 21 per cent who chose Ed Miliband and 25 per cent who chose Nick Clegg.

Ed Miliband scored better on social issues, with 26 per cent of those questioned choosing the Labour leader to give advice to the poor on how to feed themselves, and 33 per cent choosing him to improve standards for working people.

Only three per cent of people who intend to vote for the Conservatives would most like to have a meal with Ed Miliband, and four per cent of Labour voters would choose to dine with Cameron.

A huge 44 per cent of people questioned said they would choose to spend Christmas with Boris Johnson, but only 15 per cent would choose him to administer first aid in an emergency.

The poll highlights the fact that being popular and being trusted do not always go hand in hand, and shows how unpredictable the election results remain.

Ruby Stockham is a staff writer at Left Foot Forward. Follow her on Twitter

22 Responses to “Poll shows that Conservatives are now considered more right wing than UKIP”

  1. Selohesra

    Hardly a great revelation there as UKIP don’t claim to be right wing – that is just demonization by Labour & their broadcasting arm at BBC. Traditional Labour voters are switching to UKIP in the same way as they once did to BNP. Fortunately though UKIP is not racist and also attacts people from across the political spectrum.

  2. Blakenburg

    When all the myth calling slogans from the Tories, Labour/Greens and the once Liberal Democrats are taken away. You see that UKIP Policies that should have been adopted by the former parties, are really what the people want and will be voting accordantly !

  3. JoeDM

    EU exit and control over immigration are issues that cover the entire Left / Right spectrum.

  4. Guest

    Keep pumping out the lies, as you make unbacked claims about the left.

    UKIP has many racist members, and is of the far right. Facts. That you lash out against those facts shows your hate, as you make up lies about the BBC.

    Thanks for doing good work to undo your party’s propaganda with your obvious nonsense. Anyone left wing who hung out with UKIP members would be taking their life into their hands.

  5. Leon Wolfeson

    Nope, your isolationist views are of the right.

    The people on the left who want reform are not standing with you.

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