Another day, another grim Scotland poll for Miliband

Labour are set to lose all but five of their 40 Scottish MPs in the General Election, making it all but impossible to oust David Cameron from Downing Street, according to a new poll.

Labour are set to lose all but five of their 40 Scottish MPs in the General Election, making it all but impossible to oust David Cameron from Downing Street, according to a new poll.

The Poll by Survation for the Daily Record also found that just 2 per cent of voters completely trust Ed Miliband.

In contrast to Labour’s woes, the poll has the Scottish National Party riding high and going from six seats to 52 next year.

According to the poll of 1001 Scots, the SNP would win 45.8 per cent of the popular vote in Scotland, compared to Labour’s 23.9 per cent. The Conservatives would finish on 16.7 per cent and the Lib Dems on 6.1 per cent.

If this were replicated at the General Election it would mean the SNP winning 52 seats, Labour five, and the Conservatives and Lib Dems one each.

Further evidence suggests that Labour’s support for the No vote in the recent Scottish independence referendum has damaged their standing with Yes voters.

In more bad news for the Labour leader, Ed Miliband now has a worse personal rating in Scotland than David Cameron. Only 2 per cent of those polled completely trust Miliband, while a further 7 per cent mostly trust him and 20 per cent slightly trust him. In contrast, 59 per cent of Scots either mostly or completely distrust him.

Two per cent completely trust Cameron but 12 per cent mostly trust him.


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58 Responses to “Another day, another grim Scotland poll for Miliband”

  1. Ian Brannan

    In case you hadn’t noticed the photo’s are from respected publications such as the Heral. Guardian and Russia Today. Wings merely uploaded them to his website as part of an article.

  2. Ian Brannan


    “Well, there were Scottish people on TV who related how they were scared to say they were against the SNP – which has a history of supporting fascism (Arthur Donaldson) – for fear of reprisals.”

    What “Scottish” people care to post a link? There is NOT ONE single shred of evidence produced to support to these claims. For the record Arthur Donaldson did NOT support the fascists that is a lie, indeed the ONLY MP to be interned for fascist sympathies during the war was Archibauld Ramsay a Scottish Unionist (the precursor to the current Tory Party).

    “The Nazi salutes were from No supporters mocking the SNP stormtroopers who were the ones that were threatening people.”

    No the nazi salutes were from the fascist and bigoted thugs that comprise the vast bulk of Unionists. Indeed the NO Campaign ACTIVELY RECUITED these bigots to their cause, for example Holocaust Denier Alistair McConnachie who was thrown out of UKIP for his extremist views was a “permitted participant” on behalf of the NO campaign see here –

    In addition:

    The woman on the left is the Labour MP for Aberdeen South, Dame Anne Begg. She received her DBE in 2011 “for services to disabled people and to equal opportunities”. But who’s her No-campaigning pal? –

    Here he is, the same day. He’s slightly less keen on equal opportunities. – He’s Dave MacDonald, leader of National Front Scotland. He’s not a new face in the area – he was the NF’s candidate for the Aberdeen Donside by-election last year, and he’s been politically involved with the NF in the Aberdeen area since at least 2003. It would be absolutely absurd to suggest that Anne Begg didn’t know who he was.
    Still, as long as he’s not one of those awful nationalists, eh?

    “The comments re Scotland having to apply to join the EU, and use the euro, came from Barroso, Juncker, Rajoy and others.”

    No the comments about joining the EU came from as the article states Prime Minister David Cameron, while simulataneously his fellow MP Alistair Darling was contradicting him by stating that EU law would apply to Scotland meaning we would be in the EU.

  3. Stephen Wigmore

    That would be why you have the Scottish Parliament. And have done since 1997. So what are you going on about?

  4. Ian Brannan

    Stephen Wigmore

    The Scottish parliament has NO say over “reserved” matters which include particular areas of social and economic policy which are reserved to Westminster, listed under 11 ‘heads’:[6]

    Head A – Financial and Economic Matters

    fiscal, economic and monetary policy


    financial services

    financial markets

    money laundering

    Head B – Home Affairs

    drug abuse

    data protection and access to information



    film classification

    immigration and nationality

    scientific procedures on live animals

    national security and counter-terrorism

    betting, gaming and lotteries

    emergency powers



    Head C – Trade and Industry

    business associations



    intellectual property

    import and export control

    sea fishing outside the Scottish zone

    customer protection

    product standards, safety and liability

    weights and measures


    postal services

    research councils

    Head D – Energy


    oil and gas


    nuclear energy

    energy efficiency

    Head E – Transport

    road transport

    rail transport

    marine transport

    air transport

    Head F – Social Security

    social security schemes

    child support


    Head G – Regulation of the Professions


    health professions


    Head H – Employment

    employment and industrial relations

    health and safety

    Head J – Health and Medicines



    embryology, surrogacy and human genetics

    medicines, medical supplies and poisons

    welfare foods

    Head K – Media and Culture


    public lending right

    Head L – Miscellaneous

    judicial salaries

    equal opportunities

    control of weapons of mass destruction

    Ordnance Survey


    outer space

  5. robertcp

    Fair enough. It is strange that Blairites seem to have the same attitude towards coalitions as dogmatic Marxists in the early twentieth century.

  6. uglyfatbloke

    Barroso was sucking up to Cameron, Rajoy has his own nationalist problem to consider and Juncker said that the Scotland would be viewed ‘sympathetically’ as a unique situation.

  7. Hettie

    Who said coalition? More like supporting a minority government as and when.

  8. Hettie

    Red Tories is a complement. more like Pink Tories…lol

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