UKIP policies: dangerous, costly and yes, racist

We don’t need to go trawling through old manifestos and historic statements; it’s right there on their website.

We don’t need to go trawling through old manifestos and historic statements; it’s right there on their website

The establishment’s UKIP strategy is failing, and failing badly.

Gaffe after gaffe have done nothing to dampen the party’s appeal, and the latest musical travesty won’t either.

You can expect to hear the phrase ‘more Tory than the Tories’ more and more over the next few months, and this has some value for Labour as a UKIP strategy.

It will work up to a point, but UKIP are likely to offer some lefty-sounding policies in their manifesto to defend themselves when campaigning in traditionally Labour seats.

The evidence base for ‘more Tory than the Tories’ is largely UKIP’s 2010 manifesto, historic statements from senior Kippers, as well as ad hominem attacks on members and donors.

This is a legitimate line of attack, but will be superseded when UKIP releases its next manifesto, which will undoubtedly be less obviously ‘Tory’ than the last.

However, hope is not lost. Instead of (or at least alongside) attacking UKIP for things they’ve disowned, Labour can attack UKIP’s current policies – and there is more ammunition here than you might think.

Making a positive case for immigration or EU membership is difficult to put on a leaflet or turn into a sound bite, but attacking these is simple enough:

1) ‘Locally-elected County Health Boards to inspect hospitals – to avoid another Stafford Hospital crisis’

UKIP want to create a whole new layer of politicians? I thought they were ‘anti-politics’? No. In fact, UKIP want to repeat the disaster of elected Police & Crime Commissioners, except rather than just one new politician for each area, they want a whole board. If we guess that these boards would be made up of around five to 10 people in each of over 80 counties/unitary authorities, that’s between 400 and 800 more politicians.

A vote for UKIP is a vote for more top-down reorganisation of the NHS and more taxpayer money spent on politicians’ salaries.

2) ‘Immigrants must financially support themselves and their dependents for 5 years. This means private health insurance (except emergency medical care), private education and private housing – they should pay into the pot before they take out of it’

So UKIP want to starve the NHS of the millions it receives every year from charges to patients from overseas? In 2010-11, Great Ormond Street hospital alone took in in over £20 million in charges to foreign patients. Under UKIP, all of that money would go into private hands.

What else would it mean? Clogged up A&E departments, ambulance services put under even more strain and millions wasted as EU migrants wait until they need emergency care to get treatment. Worse still, for all Farage’s fears about immigrants bringing in HIV, exemptions for communicable diseases would be scrapped. Vote UKIP, get ebola.

3) ‘Prioritise social housing for people whose parents and grandparents were born locally’

Yep, I’m going to use that word. This is a racist policy and a new spin on a longstanding BNP commitment. Discriminating against someone because their grandparents weren’t born locally means discriminating against the vast, vast majority of black people in this country, and the vast majority of people of Asian descent. Grandparents were Jewish refugees? No housing for you.

It would affect many people identifying as ‘White British’ too, causing huge damage to the economy as people in settled jobs in one part of the country have to quit and move to another area to access housing.

Skin colour doesn’t have to be in the wording of the law for it to be racist: if the reality is that virtually all BME citizens are discriminated against in access to housing, there’s no doubt in my mind. I don’t think the vast majority of UKIP supporters are racist. I don’t even think Nigel Farage is a racist, despite those comments about Romanians. But this is a racist policy, and we should let people know.


These aren’t the typical left-wing attacks that UKIP is used to brushing off, or the hubristic dismissals we are used to hearing from the right. These are calm responses to ridiculous policies that voters of all persuasions will want to hear. They shatter the illusion of UKIP as the party of ‘common sense’. They are the party of extra politicians, communicable disease, private healthcare, private education and discrimination.

Charlie Cadywould is currently completing an MSc in Public Policy at UCL focusing on labour markets and regulation

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134 Responses to “UKIP policies: dangerous, costly and yes, racist”

  1. fubar_saunders

    Interesting about the line below is that no one makes even the slightest attempt to answer the question, do they George? Far too busy slinging mud at each other.

    And they wonder how people get driven to UKIP….

  2. Roy Stockdill

    The Labour Party long ago ceased to be what I used to regard as old-fashioned socialists, decent men and women who genuinely cared about the poor and under-privileged and the working classes. I once was a member but long ago saw the error of my ways! Today’s Labour politicians are nothing more than cloned apparatchiks brought up in the political goldfish bowl who’ve never had a proper job in their lives or lived in the same world as ordinary people. They live in million pound houses, sometimes owning several of them, and send their kids to private schools while trumpeting the virtues of state education for everybody else. That horrendous woman Harriet Harperson is about as upper class as they come! The Labour elite actually want to keep people down because they know perfectly well that anyone who aspires to better themselves will cease to vote Labour. They also want unfettered immigration because they hope the majority of unsophisticated immigrants will vote for them and keep them in power.

  3. fubar_saunders

    Exactly Roy. Thats why social mobility slows to a crawl under the Labour party and has done since the 1960s. If the drum you keep banging as a party is inequality, then by deduction, equality is a goal to be strived for. QED, if that is the case, if everyone is to be equal, why should there be any social mobility?

    And rather than bring everyone up to the standard of the highest, as these are the hated toffs, millionaires, aristos, etc – far easier to bring everyone down to the level of the poorest.

    That way everyone is equal. Equally poor. Except for those who have ended up replacing one despised, self serving elite with their own. After all, nothing is too good for the representatives of the people.

    And the more that the masses are dumbed down and kept remote and denied the opportunities for social mobility, the less of a real threat they are politically and intellectually to the governing elite.

  4. Roy Stockdill

    This was precisely the whole thrust of George Orwell’s superb novel, 1984. Orwell cast the ruling elite as all-powerful who controlled everything and changed history and language as they wished, and the Proles as the ignorant masses who were kept in subjection with a constant diet of rubbishy pop songs etc. Orwell knew what he was about!

  5. Leon Wolfeson

    Look, Waster Dave, I’m sure you see participation in discussion as waste, since you’re here to disrupt the conversation.

  6. James Cockburn

    Personally, from a Ukipper I still think you are way off the mark attacking those policies. You miss the point by a long margin.

    People want change, and there are only two parties that have MPs that are not something we have already tried and ergo offer “change”.

    Green or UKIP.

    You need to be asking why public opinion doesn’t flock to the alternative left party and in fact aligns itself with UKIP.

    Attacking UKIPs policies will do nothing, because they cant be any worse than what we already have is what is in the minds of many.

    Now, if the left could drum up a decent party that could convey their message in any way half as decent as Farage has you guys might have somewhere to go. But after years of leftist rules that have gone to far, and created division in so many places, I’m afraid you are reaping what you sow.

    The UKIP genie is well and truly out of the bottle, and there is literally nothing that you can do at this stage but try and stem the tide, because it wont recede.

  7. George Laird

    Dear Fubar

    The reason for that is that while they want to ‘start a fight’ with other parties, they then don’t have any time to fight for the people.

    In politics the ‘act’ of the phoney fight is well known as a tactic to divert.

    I voted tactically in the Euro 2014 in Scotland to return a Ukip MEP, the reason was to ensure that Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh who has been in more parties than some girl bands didn’t get elected.

    I also did some articles to support Ukip on my blog read by the main parties because the SNP had to be denied the third seat.

    It worked.

    Now, Ukip needs to address some policy issues and presentation to tighten up, if they do that they could do well in 2015 but the change needs to start now.

    I am not surprised working class people leaving behind the Labour Party, however it seems a complete mystery to them especially in Scotland.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  8. John Smith

    and that is why UKIP are so popular in the North
    Heywood was not an aberration
    This is the end of Labour’s fiefdom & hegemony

  9. John Smith

    Unfettered immigration is in there. Their Cash in Hand philosophy has hammered employment & wages

  10. John Smith


    which country is that?

  11. John

    All labour want to do is keep people on benefits, and conservatives wants to kick them off it, Neither of them have any plans to help them get work.

    If they can’t find work because of lack of education and skills there is no option but for them to go out a steal, which will cost the tax payers even more money, The only solution is to help them with education and training so they can get work and start paying back into the system.

    If UKIP is the only party that are willing to put an end to benefit britian and has a solution to prevent them going back on benefits then they will get my vote.

  12. TruthHurts2013

    You make racism sound like a bad thing. I call it god given freedom of speech. Yes it is not a good thing …… but it’s a RIGHT that each of us are born with. You don’t have to like it. But don’t forget that throughout history the ‘LEFT’ has been responsible for far more deaths that the ‘RIGHT’.

  13. slan

    The Labour party and the left in general have done great harm to this country.
    The greats of the Labour party who gave us the NHS and workers rights are gone replaced by Islington liberals and PC zealots .
    Working people have been let down by Blair’s open door policies that has forced down wages and made sure wealth has flowed to the top few.
    Conservatives are no better and maybe even worse …I will be leaving Labour and voting UKIP

  14. Tony Paul Duncan

    You’ve flogged the dead racist horse to death, leave it alone for gods sake.

  15. UKIP

    You’ve got the wrong end of the stick, wj is on your side Doh!

  16. Chris

    Lots of name calling and unsupported logically flawed opinion. Fantastic writing. Congrats Charlie

  17. Angus McCoatup

    So what’s racist about the reality of UKIP policy that they supposedly don’t have?

  18. NigelCE

    Labour can blame themselves and their Tory sparring partners for the rise of UKIP. Simply shouting rude names like ‘racist’ at UKIP will not make them go away. Why is it racist to want to limit the population growth of an overcrowded country? Why is it racist to limit the rate of cultural change?
    It is obvious from Charlie Cadywould’s words that Labour are only interested in discrediting UKIP and getting Labour voted in. What the people of the UK want is way down the list. It is the same old pattern of Tory and Labour politicians who think they know better than we do what is good for us and they are damn well going to give it to us whether we like it or not.
    They have got away for too long with this punch and judy show which limits our choices between a suit with a red rosette and one with a blue rosette. They are currently squabbling over the same square at the centre ground of British politics – and for centre ground read – NO CHANGE.
    I’m trying to encourage everyone I know to vote for any party they fancy other than the Tory/Labour axis of disempowerment. UKIP? fine, Greens? great, Socialist Workers? who cares… just take the mandate away from Cameron and Miliband.

  19. Bob Dawkins

    Wouldn’t it be nice if just for once, Miliband and his cronies could stop making up propaganda nonsense, and discuss live on TV… You know debate? 🙂 Of course this is not possible, because all of Labour including Miliband, know that the truth would come out. THAT is why Miliband keeps on saying some time before, “YES I LOOK FORWARDS TO THE DEBATE WITH NIGEL”, and every time it comes close to that date…. Miliband may as well say, “Oh sorry I’m washing my hair”. Miliband is a failed leader, he has brought nothing to this county, and he has nothing to give either. If there were any truth in Labours words, they would have their leader stand up with Nigel Farage and speak truthfully, honestly and LIVE in front of all the public to witness. Nigel’s waiting for you Miliband, you absolute disgraceful coward. STOP your name calling and hiding behind your corrupt establishment. STOP spreading rumours about good people, JUST because you will lose that big salary you clearly don’t deserve. GET UP and start doing your job properly, or get the hell out of our countries political system!!! VOTE UKIP!

  20. Bob Dawkins

    Very reasonable and sensible comment. What you expressed, are the exact reasons I could never vote for Labour. Labour simply dismiss any and everyone who is not them, accusing them of racism when it’s clearly not, and many other ridiculous rhetoric accusations they promote to their delusional, stuck dead fast without reason supporters. Now I’ve studied politics every single day over the last year and a half, and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind I will be voting proudly for UKIP. There is no question about this having met a good handful of councillors across the country, speaking with Nigel himself, and debating with many very respectable and honest caring people in the UKIP community. No party is perfect, but UKIP is the closest party to this description, and I will be doing all in my power to promote UKIPS success, and transmute this into power. Thankyou.

  21. Ron

    Ukip the only party, that will look after the poeple of this country and not just the rest of the world…

  22. Ron

    The unwashed leftys that has been said in the comments will not vote UKIP, because they love the word racist, as soon as they think anyone love this country….

  23. andrew

    I have read ukip polices. Still can not find any racist intent. So can people who call them racist please enlighten me. What evidence is there to back up your statement.

  24. summer

    Ukip are not racist, they are Britain’s last and only help…. WAKE UP

  25. host

    London is now full of foreigners (British culture and traditions dismantled) and it is a very dangerous place to have to live and work..Ukip must win the next General Election to stop unprecedented, mass emigration into this country.

  26. C

    It would be helpful if you could provide links to UKIP website when quoting policy, as a floating voter I am leaning towards UKIP, but as yet unsure. You say above about prioritising social housing, I cannot find any reference to this on the UKIP website?

  27. C

    Apologies, just found it. Agree and not comfortable with that.

  28. mike

    What the hell. your counter arguements are fucking ridiculas. I don’t see how its racist that you want to live in the same area as your family. The current system is more retarded for example if I want a house in Gloucester I have to live in dursley, a tiny little fucking town miles away from anyone I know with hardly any employment. Tell me how that’s fair it says people get priority to live in an area where they have family ties not “you need family ties in an area” you fucking liberals live in the clouds I swear to god. The funny thing is I don’t even vote you ukip. I’m a labour man but it drives me mad when I see asinine comments in an echo chamber where everyone laps it up. Use your head, think for yourself. If your a lefty and really believe it can work then fair play but those that just repeat what they’ve heard drive me mad

  29. mike

    I meant to put that about the main article not your comment sorry bro

  30. Jules

    UKIPs policies look much the same as other nations. We are the stupid county and that is why they all try to come here.

  31. Sam

    The title is misleading. There is only one reference to ‘racism’ in the third comment and it is on a small-time policy. It’s unfair to propagate that UKIP is outright racist. This policy is not outright racist, though it is discriminatory and needs to be addressed. The fact you are attributing it to race, however, is faulted and you are not allowing debate to open up. Constantly referring to UKIP as a racist party is a leftist tool to beat down UKIP, and it hasn’t worked!

  32. Voonnoon

    research does show that immigration hasn’t had too much of an effect on employment – unfortunately we have used it as an excuse for labour market imperfections

  33. Dante

    You’ve made a mistake, Prioritise social housing for people whose parents and grandparents were born locally. Doesn’t mean you’ll be housed in an area local to your parents or grandparents. (I’m not sure where you got that from, it doesn’t make a lick of sense.)
    It means that if your family was not born locally (meaning in Britain) that you will be given the lowest possible priority for social housing. Even if you, yourself and your parents were born in Britain.

    They are in effect saying that if you, or even just your family, are foreign you will be treated as a second-class citizen.

  34. A Doug McGovern Cronin

    No, they are. In fact saying that if you, or your family are foreign you will be treated like a guest.

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