20 reasons you should never trust the Tories on the NHS

Thinking of trusting the Conservatives on the NHS in light of David Cameron's promises on the health service? If so, perhaps you ought to think again.

Thinking of trusting the Conservatives on the NHS in light of David Cameron’s latest promises?

If so, perhaps you ought to think again.

Here are 20 reasons why those who value the National Health Service should sooner drink poison than trust Dave to look after it.

1) The establishment of the NHS was strongly opposed by the Conservative Party. As Labour health minister Nye Bevan put it,” the Conservatives voted against the National Health Act, not only on the second but on the third reading. I do not see why we should forget this”.

2) In 2009, health secretary Jeremy Hunt co-authored a book which called for the NHS to be dismantled, calling it “no longer relevant”.

3) The Conservative Party manifesto of 2010 said (p47):
“We will stop the forced closure of A&E and maternity wards, so that people have better access to local services, and give mothers a real choice over where to have their baby, with NHS funding following their decisions.”

In 2012 the coalition tried to close the A&E ward at Lewisham Hospital but was defeated in the courts.

4) Before the 2010 General Election, the Conservatives promised “no more top down reorganisations” of the NHS. David Cameron said that “With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.”

Upon taking office, the coalition embarked on the biggest reorganisation of the NHS in its 62 year history at a cost of a cool £3bn (remember, too, that the government was at the time saying there was “no more money left”).

5) The Tory-led coalition is making £20 billion worth of cuts to the health service which they have dressed up as efficiency savings.

6) Real-terms spending on cancer declined from a record high of £5.9bn in 2009-10 to £5.7bn in 2012-13.

7) Under the coalition waiting times have risen to their worst level for six years, with 3.2m people now waiting for treatment.

8) 50 million patients will be turned away from GP surgeries next year because of government underfunding, according to the Royal College OF General Practitioners.

9) The NHS has been forced to axe 4,000 senior nurses since the Tory-led coalition came to power.

10) Operations to replace hips, knees and cataracts are being rationed in certain areas of the country, with elderly people having to either go without or pay.

11) 62 Tory MPs and 63 Tory Lords have links to companies involved in the provision of private healthcare.

12) NHS hospitals are now so short staffed on public holidays they are paying £150 an hour for nurses to work.

13) Under the coalition the number of family doctors per 100,000 people has fallen to 66.5 – down from 70 in 2010.

14) The coalition put £400m less into GP services in 2012 than Labour did in its final year in office, according to research by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

15) The Health & Social Care Act 2012 removed the government’s duty to provide comprehensive health care. It now only has to promote healthcare and the health secretary is no longer responsible.

16) According to an investigation by the Sunday Post, 23,000 overnight beds have disappeared from NHS wards in the past four years.

17) In May, it was reported the NHS had breached a cancer waiting times target for the first time since they were introduced in 2009.

18) The number of overdue smear tests has rocketed under the coalition, with 360,000 more women overdue cervical cancer screening compared to three years ago.

19) In the week ending June 15, 297,527 people attended major A&Es – the highest number in any week since records began four years ago.

20) The NHS inevitably faces a ruinous financial crisis by 2015/16 unless it receives a significant financial injection, according to a report from The King’s Fund. “It is now a question of when, not if, the NHS runs out of money,” said John Appleby, chief economist at The King’s Fund and lead author of the report. “Without significant additional funding, this will lead to rising waiting times, cuts in staff and deteriorating quality of care.”

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23 Responses to “20 reasons you should never trust the Tories on the NHS”

  1. Theduckman

    The Labour Party has a latex fetish with the NHS. Yes people love it, but so what? Its a flawed institution. There needs to be reform. There again at least the latex fetish is not as bad as the SDSM fetish that the Tories inflict on the poor

  2. Kryten2k35

    Yes, reform taking it further away from privatisation.

  3. Jim

    It was only recently found to be the best healthcare system in the world, despite the Tories best efforts to ruin it. Give them another 5 years in power however and they will either kill it off or sell it off.

  4. Godfrey Paul

    Mid Staffs happened under a Labour Government !!!!

  5. Teddy7

    The article is why we shouldn’t trust the tories not why we should trust labour. Mid staffs happened because of cut backs and privatisation, if the tories win there will be a lot more mid staffs.

    I’m afraid the way our electoral system is set up means picking the lesser of 2 evils. Which from the point of view of a medical student is labour.

  6. BenM_Kent

    “There needs to be reform.”
    Why do people say this without saying why?

  7. treborc1

    That may be so but if we cannot trust the Tories which we of course cannot, but Progress would not be the answer either.

  8. Guest

    You are ignoring the fact that far worse will happen with less funding, of course.

  9. Guest

    Bad fetishes?

    Both parties are after you, the UK has passed some nasty and restrictive laws which mean that as much as talking about them in a private chat with someone is illegal.

    (I am, sadly, not joking. Caselaw is R v GS [2012] )

    I don’t think we can nail the Tories for that one though. Sadly. Law of the land ain’t equally applied.

  10. Leon Wolfeson

    Except they’ve gone to great efforts to persuade me they’re not a lesser evil.

    I see nothing in the Labour platform which would encourage me on this topic.

  11. countrysuppers

    It is just a mantra chanted by the Tories that is meaningliess. What the NHS needs is care, investment and commitment. The Labour party founded the NHS and have at every opportunity helped it flourish into the wonderful thing it is today. The Tories have hated the concept of equality in healthcare since long before the NHS and the one big project they have is to see this symbol of British equality and care for each other torn down and replaced with a private service. Cameron is a stranger to the truth and anything he says must be discounted. He lied during the election campaign of 2010 when he promised not to reorganize the NHS. I cannot think of a more gross deception than that, it was even worse then Cleggs signed pledge on tuition fees.

  12. Just Visiting

    > Caselaw is R v GS [2012]

    you have to quote a better source than that – it’s just initials, so none of us can look it up! Give us a URL please, or else withdraw your claim.

  13. Just Visiting

    do you know anyone who works in the NHS?
    Everyone I know who does, hates the top-down changes that happen every 5 years.
    But they also can tell story after story of crazy inefficiencies and wasted hours each week. And managers who are focused on passing more paperwork down the tree, to avoid problems if the team ever get sued; whilst changes the hands-on staff want, to get more done per day with less hassle – managers can’t seem to get those initiatives going.

    The last example I heard, this week – in 2014 the century of digital internet – mobile internet; community nurses in Kent do their on-the-road work with no technology except a mobile phone! Even the contractors who do the low tech/manual work of cutting hedges and mowing lawns for the council have android tablets on the move: work paper free and have no need to fill in paper forms at the end of the shift, listing the work they did and where!
    The nurses each lose an hour a day minimum: that’s what, 15% inefficiency for starters.

  14. Teddy7

    Labour are promising to repeal the health and social care bill and at least put some sort of increase in funding in place (not enough), also the combining of health and social care funding is very sensible. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a patient medically fit but not able to leave hospital because no social care is in place, wastes money and often they end up getting a hospital acquired pneumonia.

    The tories however would bring about the end of the NHS (other than the logo). Whilst I would prefer an increase in tax/NI to fund a total renationalisation, it is clear to me which is the better option of the two available. I’ve already promised myself I would never work privately as a doctor so if the tories do win I would have to work elsewhere, which would suck. This will be the first time I vote labour, I vote green most of the time.

  15. Leon Wolfeson

    If you’re focusing so heavily on one issue, perhaps it makes sense to you. But I don’t think that way – I look at the whole package, much of which is massively unattractive and indeed some of it is potentially worse than the Tories.

  16. Guest

    Facts can’t be withdrawn, no matter how much you dislike them. That is a fully valid reference.

  17. Tezza

    The NHS is not a wodnerful thing. It is broken and economically unviable.

  18. franks

    Nurses dont do their jobs anymore because they all have ‘degrees’ and view traditional nursing jobs as beneath them. Therefore a new layer of health care assistants is hired whilst nurses do admin. This is all Tony Blair’s work.

  19. Keith M

    A good article but let’s not forget that Labour colluded in the privatisation and were keen proponents of PPI, which has saddled Trusts with astronomical interest costs well into the future.

  20. Keith M

    The problem is the management style – if NHS workers were on the Trust boards we might see some common sense emerging.

  21. Keith M

    Well said – time for nurses to realise that it is about the patient and looking after their needs, if they want to practice medicine let them become doctors. Nursing is a proud vocation.

  22. Keith M

    Well said. Unfortunately the Blairites couldn’t stop interfering whilst at the same time underfunding.

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