Poll results: large majority of Left Foot Forward readers opposed to fracking

83 per cent of you are against fracking, according to our poll.

83 per cent of you are against fracking, according to our poll

On Monday we asked you, on the back of a poll showing that most Brits seemed to support at least some fracking, whether you, as readers of this blog, did too.

I assumed, judging by much of our coverage of the issue, as well as based on some of the ‘below the line’ comments here, that you wouldn’t. What I didn’t expect was such a large majority against fracking.

According to our poll, which received 476 responses, almost 83 per cent of you are against fracking, compared to just under 16 per cent who support it. 16 respondents (1 per cent of the total) said they didn’t know.

Frack pollj

frack 1j

Interestingly, the research that came out earlier this week which showed majority public support for fracking now looks less certain. According to the latest public opinion polling from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, 24 per cent support fracking and 24 per cent are opposed. Almost half of respondents said they were neutral on the issue.

But a closer look at previous polling – which appeared to show majority support for fracking – reveals a possible explanation as to why, for a moment at least, it looked as if the public had been won over for shale. The wording of the question appears only to extol the potential benefits of fracking, failing to inform participants of the potential pitfalls. It also, curiously, only uses the word ‘fracking’ once (click to zoom):

Fracking supportj

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6 Responses to “Poll results: large majority of Left Foot Forward readers opposed to fracking”

  1. Cole

    Opinion will shift more when people realise the impact that fracking in their area will have on the value of their home…

  2. Silvia Vousden

    That and the fact that insurance companies will not renew the house insurance of homes near fracking sites. These companies always use the latest evidence to make risk assessments, what do they know that we should too?

  3. littleoddsandpieces

    The Greens offer against fracking, as well as Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) that has anti-fracking campaigners as candidates.

    Is Labour anti-fracking?

    What I heard from a friend in Oklahoma, is that took out anti-earthquake insurance on her home, as her house was being shaken by a great many small earthquakes on a daily basis.

    That is why the insurance companies will not insure a home with fracking beneath it. A house cannot withstand such an continual onslaught on its structure.

    How Labour could gain a landslide victory to form a majority government, is on my personal website about what the Greens and TUSC offer for the 2015 general election.

  4. Leon Wolfeson

    Yea, amazing that.

    Insurance companies are the arch small-c conservatives, when they’re sounding the alarm…

  5. Selohesra

    LFF poll result not really surprising given its target audience – what it really shows is how unrepresentative of the majority of population they are

  6. Guest

    Oh yes, of course you claim the population is all made up of people like you, since you can’t understand any other viewpoint.

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