Demonstration against ISIS this Saturday

Organised by the Kurdish People’s Assembly UK.

Organised by the Kurdish People’s Assembly UK

On Saturday the 16 of August, a large demonstration will take place in central London calling for urgent action to protect the people of Sinjar and the surrounding region from attacks by the group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

ISIS represent a new and unprecedented threat to the lives and way of life of millions of people in Iraq and Syria. Furthermore, this is a threat we in the West cannot afford to ignore since it could potentially jeopardise our own national security.

The demonstrators will be calling on the UK government to make more effort in assisting the Yezidi people and put diplomatic pressure on states such as Turkey and Qatar for their policy of supporting jihadism in the region.

ISIS linked terrorists are carrying out a wholesale massacre against the Kurdish people and other ethnic and religious groups including members of the Shia, Sufi, Christian and Yezidi communities.

In the meantime, thousands of Yezidi Kurds are still stranded in the Jabal Mountains area of Sengal and with temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius during the day, the civilians are suffering from thirst and hunger whilst living under the constant threat of extermination.

We at Quilliam believe such a demonstration is vital at this critical juncture because, unopposed, ISIS will continue to take territory, kill innocent civilians, take women as slaves and create conditions in which many children will die of starvation.

Quilliam Chairman Maajid Nawaz said:

“I hope as many people as possible turn up in order to express the outrage we all feel towards ISIS and their barbaric actions. I also hope our government does all it can to support the victims of ISIS as well as those on the ground who are fighting against them.”

Further Details:
Date and time: Saturday 16 August 2014, 13:00
Venue: Gathering at BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, W1A 1AA; marching towards the US embassy and later to Marble Arch

Organised by: The Kurdish People’s Assembly UK.

For more information or media inquiries contact: [email protected] / 07540 156019

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14 Responses to “Demonstration against ISIS this Saturday”

  1. Guest

    Street demonstrations are a complete waste of time. Remember the Don’t Attack Iraq demo? Useless. The Student Loans demo? Useless. Waving placards and shouting in the street achieves absolutely nothing. And yet people continue to flock to then in the belief they are ‘mobilising people power’ in some sort of positive way. The only people who can influence policy are parliamentarians and big business.

  2. la catholic state

    They actually boost confidence and morale. Also a show of strength….no matter if small.

  3. dave furioso

    Why are they marching to the US Embassy? Surely a better idea to either go to the Qatari or Saudi embassy, or the Houses of Parliament…?

  4. Chris

    But the Student Loan sale was subsequently abandoned…you should choose better examples!

  5. Cole

    Which is why ‘people power’ needs to put pressure on politicians and big business through any means possible.

  6. Guest

    It’s an out-of-date method. It was useful in previous eras when people had little means of mass communication both with each other and with politicians and business, but in the days of the internet, there are far easier and much more effective ways of creating a lobbing group that achieves results.

    Secondly, I remember back in the 80s Michael Heseltine saying “I’m a duly elected member of Parliament. I don’t debate with mobs on the street.” Like it or not, that is the attitude of politicians. They don’t take notice of mobs on the street. To change anything, you have to have credibility. You have to know the facts, you have to create compelling argument, you have to present well.

    Shouting out “What do want? xxxx! When do we want it? Now!” has no leverage or credibility with the people that matter. All it achieves is making the people in the demo feel good about themselves.

  7. swat

    I wasn’t going to comment on LFF again, but had to in this instance, because the power of demonstration needs to be more effective.
    I will be going into London, originally to Support a Demo againt the S African Govt’s complicity in the Marikana Mines incident in which 32 people lost their lives; protest outside the Embassy at 2pm.
    I will also be joining the protest against the Egyptian Embassy at 12 and a March down to Downing Street against its repressive Regime,
    And thanks to LFF for alerting me to this Demo against ISIS by the Kurdish Peoples which I hope to attend towards the end at Marble Arch. Its the first time we’ve had a Demo against Islamofacists and it is to be applauded. Last week I did the march from BH to the USA Emmbassy. There was criticism from some quarters that there were no anti islamofacist Demos and I think this answers their point.
    So this also answers those who say that protest has no effect. It does, if we stick together in solidarity, and force the powers that be and Big Money to rethink their ways.

  8. swat

    Lets hope we’ll be out protesting outside these 2 Embassies next week.
    And the UN has said that anyone aiding and abetting islamofacists will be punished. I think that should include S Arabia and Quatar, both are a disgrace for fueling and stokeing up Shiite/Sunnie grievancies. Saudi Arabia has been funding terrorism and its a disgarace that we are selling them weapons.

  9. swat

    Yes the Gaza demo outside the Israeli Embassy in High St Ken.
    A great turn out and Demo showing the concern of ordinary people aginst the massacre of 2000 Gazans by the Israeli’s.

  10. swat

    Public expression of opinion by Demos and Marches do have an effect; they make these politicians sit up and listen. The more people that turn out the more worried they get.

  11. Guest

    Politicians and business leaders aren’t even in town on Saturday. But it’s a day out with like-minded people.

  12. la catholic state

    And the one 3 weeks ago to save the Iraqi Christians….which I was at. Great.

  13. LeoSun75

    I have two words for you: Countryside Alliance.

  14. Guest

    Ah yes, of course you need to protest against fighting terrorism whey they’re targeting Jews. Showing your “normal” fanatics, who want body parts…

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