The BNP returns to its roots: Nazi-style antisemitism

The BNP has now fully returned to its old Nazi-style antisemitic heritage: and the torch is passing to BNP Youth.

This is not neo-Nazism, it is old original Nazism, echoing Mein Kampf and Der Steurmer

The BNP seems set for a whitewashing in today’s European and local elections, but as the ballot box recedes, so the party has now fully returned to its old Nazi-style antisemitic heritage: and the torch is passing to BNP Youth, a new generation of great white hopes, destined for the same old futile, stupid, antisemitic dead end.

At times the language and targets, “Zionists“, “neo-Cons“, “capitalists“, “globalisation”, resemble the modern extremes of far-Left, Islamist and (especially) New Age ideology.

There is, however, nothing modern about BNP antisemitism, not even when they swap the word “Zionist” for the word “Jew“ (as advised here by party leader, Nick Griffin).

It is a very serious antisemitism that blames Jews for nothing less than the destruction of European nations. This is not neo-Nazism, it is old original Nazism, echoing Mein Kampf and Der Steurmer.

In public broadcasts the party still targets Muslims for ugly racism, but within its own circles the deeper antisemitic ideology is resurrected. Nick Griffin shows the way in this BNP TV video, entitled ‘Europe Rises Again’ (note that wording,rises again’). It was filmed in March at a far-Right conference in Rome. From about 55 seconds to 2 min 08 seconds, Griffin warns against globalisation and (from 1.20) “another Zionist war” that wants the “blood” of Europe’s young men. Then (from 1.40), it is Europe’s nations being:

“murdered…cold-blooded, calculated and deliberate by the Zionists, the neo-Cons and the capitalists”.

References follow to “vampire banks” and (7.44) how European “elites” are “not politicians, they are banksters’ puppets”. This is old Nazi territory and Griffin’s imagery of “banksters’ puppets” and “vampire banks” fits it snugly, like a Hugo Boss SS tunic.

Where Griffin leads, BNP Youth follows. Their recent video, ‘BNP Youth Fight Back’ has been understandably ridiculed, but is no laughing matter. It is under three minutes long and begins with BNP Youth Organiser Jack Renshaw decrying the enforced “bastardisation” of the British people. Other young faces follow, demanding to know who is responsible for a range of crimes, from national debt to poor education.

The answers come next, beginning at 1.14 with “the banksters” (yes, “banksters” again). Then, at 1.20, an especially well-worn scapegoat:

“The heartless Zionists, who’s interests are foreign interests, who send our soldiers to fight and die for private profit of greedy politicians.”

In another BNP TV film ‘Spreading Truth To Youth, Jack Renshaw is simply bizarre (see 10.10 to 11.15), moving from “anti-bankster” (that word again!), to attacking the Rothschilds, to denying antisemitism, and even claiming “Talmudic” Jews are regarded by other Jews as “Satanists” (Judaism has no such concept.)

Later, at 14.07, Renshaw denies the BNP is:

“racist, fascist, or whatever…eh…Talmudic word you want to throw at us”.

It would, like the BNP Youth Fight Back film, be funny were it not so serious. As an absolute minimum, you have young men and women who care deeply about their country, but are being led into a futile life of stupidity, hate and anger, railing against invisible enemies and rendering themselves less employable every time they feature in one of these films.

For Jack Renshaw, the damage may already be done. It can be seen in yet another short BNP TV film, ‘Nationalism not Globalism’, in which he claims (1.15) that the European Union can only be explained as the first stage of a “global New World Order”, wrought by “cultural Marxists” and “capitalists”. Again, (2.20 to 2.47) it is about “the banksters” and specifically the Rothschilds who allegedly want to enslave the world with trillions of pounds of debt.

Returning to unspecified “cultural Marxists” and “financial institutions”, Renshaw (3.52) claims they are:

“trying to mongrelise the races of the planet”.

This is plain old fashioned racism, it fits National Front templates from the 70s and sounds like older Nazism. Sure enough, Renshaw strikes upon a lesson from history. He says the BNP should stand for elections so as there is (5.05) “a lion among the lying treasonous traitorous bastards”. Then (5.14):

“Eventually when nationalists get to power, because it will happen, its inevitable, we’ll be able to hang those treasonous”.

At this point he stops and the applause takes over. Never mind their election broadcasts, this is what the BNP is really about: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Mark Gardner is the director of communications at Community Security Trust (CST)

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244 Responses to “The BNP returns to its roots: Nazi-style antisemitism”

  1. Captain America

    Why does Israel turn away Africans who would create jobs in Israel?
    Israel has constructed a long fence across the Sinai so Africans cannot enter Israel, even though they wish to work there.
    Why is Israel such a racist country?

  2. Captain America

    Why has Israel built a wall cutting off the West Bank, denying Palestinians the right to enter Israel and work and live there?
    Israel is a racist country.

  3. Captain America

    Israel has recently murdered 500 Palestinian children in Gaza by bombing civilian areas. The Hague Tribunal is needed.

  4. Captain America

    Why do you keep deleting all coments while spouting your hate agaoinst people.

  5. Captain America

    You are someone who hates British People, you keep calling all British People “satanists”, insulting British people on account of being British, and deleting their replies to your insults.
    You keep calling Christians “satanists” for being Christians.
    You are a sick person. Mentally sick.

  6. Captain America

    Stop calling British people “satanists”.
    Stop insulting British people. Right!

  7. Captain America

    This is a criminal statement that causes distress to British people in our own Couintry. This is a race-hate statement.
    You are insulting British people and trying to depict us as criminals and haters of our own Country. You are sick. Mentally sick

  8. Captain America

    You are a mentally sick person.

  9. Captain America

    America is getting fed-up with the Israel government, and high-placed people in the Administration have called them “chickenshit”.
    America is waking up.
    And now bye-bye. Things are changing.
    America will not listen toi you!
    it’s over!

  10. Leon Wolfeson

    Thanks for that Hamas commercial, as you call for the end of Jews.

  11. Leon Wolfeson

    Keep spewing hate at me for being Jewish.

  12. Leon Wolfeson

    “This is a criminal statement that causes distress to British people in our own Couintry. This is a race-hate statement.”

    Yes, your post is. Then you spew nonsense about the British and start calling Jewish people mentally sick.

  13. Leon Wolfeson

    I’m not using your blanket tactics. I’m talking about individuals. You’re the PC bigot calling Jews mentally ill.

  14. Leon Wolfeson

    Keep screaming I must be like you, as you try and make up nonsense about personal statements being general, as you spew against Jews, as you attack British people like me…

  15. Leon Wolfeson

    I don’t spout off against “people”, I point out the truth. And why don’t I want your crap stinking up my history, Jewhater…

  16. Leon Wolfeson

    Ah yes, gotta make up figures to defend Hamas, of course, as you call for Jews to have no right of self-defence. Dead Jews, your goal.

  17. Leon Wolfeson

    Keep accusing Israel of being like you.

    The reality is it’s to stop terrorists, and plenty of Palestinians work in Israel.
    Your goal is free access for terrorists to Jews.

  18. Leon Wolfeson

    Keep screaming the myth. And you assume everyone supports the government, of course.

    Because it suits you to paint all Jews as being like you, racist.

  19. Leon Wolfeson

    Keep blaming Israel for Hamas, as you make up crap, and defend the terror tunnels. You’d rather murder all Jews, right, no surprise there.

  20. Captain America

    Why can’t Africans live and work in Israel?
    Many people from Africa wish to go to Israel, to work there.

  21. Captain America

    There are many Africans wishing to go to Israel to live and work.
    Why are they being turned away at a fence spanning the Sinai?
    Perhaps the Jewish European Congress could answer this question. They are silent on this issue.

  22. Captain America

    Are you stating that all Palestinians in the West Bank are terrorists?
    They are not allowed to work in Israel.
    Those Palestinians that do work in Israel do so, because they live there and are citizens of Israel. But what about those in the West Bank and Gaza? They are not allowed entry to live and work.

  23. Captain America

    I would compare tunnels from Gaza to tunnels from the Warsaw Ghetto.
    People want to leave a concentrated area and barter with a surrounding population in order to acquire goods they otherwise have no access to.
    If it wasn’t for international aid, the Palestinians of Gaza would starve.

  24. Captain America

    “Making figures up”?!
    So you dispute that 500 Palestinian children were recently killed in Gaza? What was their guilt? Being Palestinian?

  25. Captain America

    You claim to point out the thruth.
    I have pointed out to you that Israel has built high walls and fences along its borders to keep out Palestinians and Africans who want to work in Israel.
    These people want to work in order to set up home for their family.
    Israel is keeping them out, even though they want to work in Israel.

  26. Captain America

    I’m refering to your calling people “satanists” for being Christian, and/or British.

  27. Captain America

    It seems to be the end of America looking the other way while Palestinians are concentrated in confined areas, boycotted from trade with militarily enforced embargos, and driven into desperation.
    And then bombed to smithereens.

  28. The Bird

    Thats because they are racist.
    But on the other hand Zion wants open borders for everyone else.

  29. Captain America

    Israel should open its borders to the many Africans trying to find work in Israel, not place fences along the Sinai to keep them out.
    If the European Jewish Congress starts now to campaign for open borders in Israel and freedon of movement of Africans to Israel, then I may change my views on Israel being a racist state.
    Africans should have the right to settle in Israel.
    Then we will know that this is not all hypocrisy coming from many Jews preaching open borders in other countries.
    I don’t like hypocrisy.

  30. Captain America

    If Africans were allowed to work in Israeli kibbuzim, they could cultivate land and spread this cultivation to the Negev desert, substantially increasing the financial income of Israel.
    They would be paying income tax to the Israeli treasury too, and investing their savings in buying houses in Israel, which would increase demand for labour in the house construction sector there.
    Public transport would increase, and African migrants could find work in the public transport sector.
    Israel’s GDP would increse, and factories would produce more to cater for the increased internal demand of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, more people living in Israel. African migrants could find work in these factories.
    Different and innovative cultures in Isael could have a positive effect on Israeli society. Listening to African music and seeing African people in the streets doing shopping, sitting in cafe’s and going to restaurants would help Israelis enlarge and enrich their cultural scope.
    Jewish men could marry African women, and Jewish women could marry African men, and perhaps the Israelis would start handing in their weapons and invite their Palestinian neighbours in the West Bank over to visit Israeli towns and country resorts.
    A new, multicultural society in Israel would open up horizons there, and the Israeli State could produce hoes and spades instead of tanks and warplanes.
    It’s just a matter of opening the borders and letting it come over them.
    Cultural enrichment would change israel and could make it into a multicultural experience.
    Multicultural Israel yes, and no more tanks and warplanes in Israel, and peoce between Israel and Lebanon.
    Tear down the Sinai fence and let in many people, and hopefully the Jewish European Congress will openly embrace this new enrichment.
    Let it come over israel.

  31. Captain America

    Why does Israel ONLY allow Jews to emigrate to Israel, but not people of other ethniciites? This is RACIAL discrimination.
    I want to see a multicultural Jerusalem in Israel with many people from all over Africa and Asia living there.
    It would be so nice to see this.
    Jewish schools should teach Jewish children that it is cool for a Jewish man to marry an African woman, and for an African man to marry a Jewish woman.
    Open up Tel Aviv to immigration form Pakistan, this would create many jobs in Israel. And the more jobs are created, all the more people could emigrate from Pakistan to Israel, thus creating even MORE jobs.
    So even more people could move to Israel, from all over Africa and Pakistan, indeed from many countries.
    Just like we have Jewish communtieis in other countries, so too should many countries have communtiies in Israel, thriving communities teeming with people.

  32. Captain America

    There are six million Jews living in the USA.
    Many of these occupy top jobs, such as in the Federal Reserve, in banks, even as advisers to the President.
    So you see, immigration to Israel from Africa and Asia could have extremely beneficial results for Israel, with Africans and Asians working in top places in the economy there and creating tremendous wealth.
    So six million people from Africa and Pakistan living in Israel could make the economy there even similar to that of the USA. Tremendous, and such a nice thought to contemplate.
    No more Jewish racism, just an open, multicultural and enriched society in Israel, and the right of Palestinians to go to Israel.
    Let it come over Israel.

  33. Captain America

    Did God not say He would hand over the land of Israel to many nations?
    So let multiculturalism into Israel.
    Jew and people from many a nation should live in Israel, in harmony, in a new, enriched society.

  34. Captain America

    Occupy West Bank doesn’t blame Jewish banker either. But blame Palestinian.

  35. Captain America

    I try to help Israel to become tollerant, multicultural, enriched society.
    It’s not my fault.

  36. Captain America

    Why Israel close down Al-Aqsa mosque?
    This no inter-faith. This not nice to Palestinians who go to the mount.

  37. Captain America

    Why you delete comment?
    Who you reply to? I no see what gentleman wrote.
    Why you accuse Mohammed? You hate Mohammed?
    You make religious hate-speech. Why?

  38. Captain America

    Jews run the BBC and the Federal Reserve. Did I say they were mentally ill?

  39. Captain America

    But he doen’t run the Federal Reserve, though. Or the BBC.

  40. Captain America

    I wish to introduce multiculturalism to Israel.
    Israel should open the borders to immigration and be enriched.

  41. Captain America

    Jews are not obliged into homosexual marriage.
    What prevents a Jewish woman marrying a Pakistani man?
    Unless it is Jewish teaching preventing it.

  42. Captain America

    I blame Jews for nothing – but facts are facts.
    That includes closing Israel’s borders to Africans and Asians and indeed to anyone who is not a Jew. Racism! Discrimination!
    I expect many Jews in Europe and Britain to bring to Israel the new era of multicultural enrichment. Let it come over Israel. Submit to it.
    Become submissive to immigration in Israel and be enriched. It would be nice to see.

  43. Captain America

    I call for open borders in Israel. For mass immigration to Israel for happy, new, enriched society.

  44. The Bird

    In Israels case they should just bust through the gates lol
    But i think African people need to work towards their own prosperity.
    Opening borders to thousands of migrants creates many problems for the indigenous populations, resources and jobs and leads to create many social issues.

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