Survey: European elections – who gets your vote?

Who will get your vote in next week's European elections?

Next Thursday (22 May), 46 million voters will go to the polls to decide who will sit in the European Parliament for the next five years.

The European Parliament is the only directly elected institution in the European Union and therefore it’s paramount that people actually vote. As the old argument goes, you can’t seriously complain about things if you don’t bother to do the one thing that can make a difference: i.e. cast a vote.

So who will get your vote next week?

We will publish the results of the poll next Wednesday.

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14 Responses to “Survey: European elections – who gets your vote?”

  1. failquail

    Green party certainly, it’s the only sane option left :/

  2. PoundInYourPocket

    Agreed – it’s the only party that talks sensiby about reforming the EU in a way that would benefit the people of the EU. Ed Balls has just given in to UKIP to bash the immigrants and is happy to leave the EU as an undemocratic free-market playground. Not even an adult dialogue on serious EU reform.

  3. Joshua Dixon

    Liberal Democrats xox

  4. Simon Wilson

    Lib dem as I am a federalist

  5. treborc1

    Well lets have a look I’m disabled I know because ATOS said so, but I’m not working or hard working which leaves Labour and the Tories out. I do not think I’m racist so that leaves the BNP out.

    UKIP well I may do but UKIP are not close enough to what I think or believe in,. so I’ll not bother.

    I’ll sit at home and let the Hard working vote.

  6. subtleknife666

    It is also the only countrywide progressive party currently represented at Westminster, since Labour has gone Thatcherite and the lying LibDem scoundrels joined the Tories.

  7. David Horton


  8. Sam

    Greens all day. shows that if based on policy alone (as politics should be), most people would vote Green.

  9. alan jones

    If voting made a difference they would ‘ban it’ don’t bother guy’s

  10. Clare Jordan


  11. Guest

    Labour. The Greens don’t stand a chance, the lib dens likewise plus they are dirty bunch of turncoat —–ards who sold their manifesto for a mess of pottage, the Tories who are exploiting the deficit. To put an end to the social services by selling them off to enrich themselves and their allies

  12. Mike Stallard

    Round here in the Fenland everybody used to be Conservative. But that was before Mr Cameron. Now every one seems to be Ukip. I shall certainly vote Ukip because it doesn’t matter who gets into the European Parliament (we only get 9.7% of the seats anyway) and I want to send a message to Mr Cameron…

  13. Helen Tapper

    Its frightening the amount of UKIP supporters there are in the Southwest. I wonder if the same people would have voted for Oswald Moseley in the 1930’s. Reading some of the newspapers and editorials of the time, I would say yes.

  14. Helen Tapper

    Its frightening the number of Ukip supporters there are in the South-west.I wonder if the same people would have voted for Oswald Moseley in the 1930’s. Judging by the newspaper comments that I’ve read of that time, I think they would. I think racism and nationalism are the most dreadful threats of our time.

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