It’s spin season: a note from the Editor

Can you give just £2 a week to help us push back against Tory spin?


The Tories have shown their strategy – spin. They are skewing data and with the General Election approaching it’s all to play for. Will we let the Tories fool people into voting for them, or will we try to stop them?

Someone needs to stand up to Tory spin doctors – and Left Foot Forward is gearing up to do just that.

We have already demonstrated that we can make limited resources go far. We’ve challenged the coalition government’s benefit cuts and held them to account for the privatisation of the Royal Mail (important to me personally as a former postman).

The government and the right-wing press have even spun immigration facts – hoping to use fear to cement their victory in 2015. Left Foot Forward has powerfully pushed back against myths of this sort and has stood up to the right-wing press.

By providing accurate evidence-based analysis of British politics and current affairs, Left Foot Forward has become the UK’s number-one policy blog.

To be ready for the spin the Tories are going to throw at us, however, we need your support. We want to expand the topics we cover and devote more time to running campaigns on important issues. We’d like to redesign the site and, most importantly, we want to increase our readership and influence policy debates even more.

We can make sure people aren’t swayed by rhetoric and misinformation, but to do that we need your help.

Can you give just £2 a week to help us push back against Tory spin?

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If all our readers chip in just a small amount we can take on Tory spin together.

Thank you,

James Bloodworth, Editor of Left Foot Forward

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2 Responses to “It’s spin season: a note from the Editor”

  1. JD

    The Tories and their media pals will no doubt try to fool people into following them again. But even more this time than last, social media has outflanked them and their Stone Age (by comparison) news techniques.

    Consider the recent hilarious Dave-on-the-phone ridicule. Would a daily paper (of whatever political stripe) have conceived and printed that? I don’t think so.

    A hashtag has become more powerful than a front-page splash and those making the weather on these platforms are, in the main, left-thinking and progressive people. In a recent Sun editorial (I read my dad’s copy, merely as an exercise to make me feel better about myself) they complained about the fact that ‘their’ people get an ‘unfair’ crack of the whip on Twitter. Rubbish of course. They deserve every crack they get.

    The Conservatives and their scummy pals are ripe for ridicule because they’re so static and rigid and stuck in the past that they didn’t embrace web-based change until it was too late. And their pathetic attempts to catch up (again seen with Dopey Dave’s recent difficulties as well as the ‘LOL’ Rebekah Brooks fiasco) have been pointed out mercilessly and laughed at by the rest of us. And boy do the Tories hate being laughed at.

    It’s up to Labour to use this medium to their advantage in the run-up to the election. And they’ll have plenty of help. This could also be useful in encouraging younger people to vote and to get involved with politics.

  2. Sparky

    Because, of course, the Left never indulges in spin, misinformation or skewing facts. I mean, the previous Labour government was known for never doing any of that.

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