Event: Jonathan Portes versus David Goodhart: Have liberals got it wrong on immigration?

The event will be the first Left Foot Forward's 'Versus' event - a series of head-to-head debates on contemporary issues in British politics.

Have liberals got it wrong on immigration?

Wednesday 9th April

Palace of Westminster room 12, London, SW1A 2PW

6.30 for 7PM

Speaking for the motion is David Goodhart – journalist, commentator, author and editor-in-chief of Demos. He is also the founder and former editor of Prospect magazine.

Speaking against the motion is Jonathan Portes – the director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) and the former chief economist at the cabinet office.

Jonathan Portesj

The debate will be moderated by Left Foot Forward editor James Bloodworth.

The event will be the first Left Foot Forward ‘Versus’ event – a series of head-to-head debates on contemporary political issues.

Space is limited and you will need to book a place here.

Email: events@leftfootforward.org

5 Responses to “Event: Jonathan Portes versus David Goodhart: Have liberals got it wrong on immigration?”

  1. Dave Roberts

    Having had the the pleasure of reading David Goodhart’s book “The British Dream” I will certainly try and attend. It is always interesting to read the usual liberal article in Comment is Free and then see it being taken apart by commentators. This is simply a extension of that process. Liberal opinion on immigration has consistently got it wrong and we are paying the price.

    The crisis in housing is certainly more to do with the pressure from immigration than foreign investors speculating. It has also contributed to the pressure on all of our social services. The only people arguing for the same levels of immigration or more are the far left, guilt tripped white liberals and industry because it drives down wage levels.

    What is interesting is how Goodhart’s position is now mainstream and accepted across the political spectrum. What, twenty or thirty years ago would have been a far right position is now accepted fact and it is the unlimited immigration lobby that is in retreat.

  2. wattys123

    the bizarre thing about the argument is how the Left/establishment/business lobby have got away with blatant lies that immigration has been of finatial benefit to the UK Both UCL and migration watch have produced studies in recent weeks that show immigration has been of massive financial cost, UCL had £98billion deficit Migration watch £140 billion, between 1997-2007. Immigration still continues on a massive scale despite the fact t that it makes us all poorer.

  3. wattys123

    i can see why Goodhart would be worth listening to as he is shaping public opinion, Portes is a joke – he predicted 15,000 Poles and is a paid EU stooge to promote mass immigration.

  4. ArgieBee

    I think it was Dustmann not Portes that predicted ~15,000.
    Portes was behind the report over a dozen years ago that promoted the governments open immigration approach.

  5. Liam Fairley

    Any chance of a debate up North? I know you intellectual types get nosebleeds should you venture north of Watford, but I’d appreciate it if you made the effort. Don’t forget your passport and get your jabs done before you set off 🙂

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